Podcasting Schedule

Hi! I can’t wait to chat with you…I put together this form so that we don’t have to spend so much time going back and forth trying to find an ideal time. I hope you find it quick and helpful.

If you have any questions at all or if this doesn’t make it easier for you, just send me an email and we can figure out a time that way.

Thanks SO much and I can’t wait to connect with you.

Podcasting Details

Here are some helpful details about our interview:

inspiredtoaction-podcast1. TIME – The call will take approximately 45 minutes. We’ll chat for a minute before we officially start the podcast. At the end we’ll say a fake goodbye and then chat about any links or resources discussed.

2. SKYPE – the call will be an audio-only Skype call.

3. SOUND – it will help with the clarity of the call if you can wear headphones while we chat. We will be doing audio only (not video).

Make sure you have a strong wifi signal (landline internet connection is ideal but not mandatory) to ensure a quality recording.

4. TOPICS – Here are a few general questions I ask in almost every interview (if applicable). I typically prefer to be conversational rather than strictly follow a list of questions, yet at the same time keep a clear theme and focus for each episode.

General Questions:
– Your story – Tell us about you and your family
– How do you balance (or attempt to balance) work and home?
– What is one encouragement you’d give to moms listening?

Lightning round (optional):
– favorite parenting or faith book
– current favorite song, artist or album
– favorite movie to watch with your kids
– favorite book to read with your kids

5. QUESTIONS? SUGGESTIONS? Is there anything else you want to/don’t want to discuss or focus on? Any other angles you want to take?
NOTE: If you have any questions you want to be sure that I ask, please email those to me before the interview date.

Next Steps:

1. Schedule your interview.
2. Include Skype name
3. Communicate any theme or focus you would like the interview to have.
4. Fill out this SUPER short form.

Kat Lee