Hi, friends! My name is Kat Lee and I want to welcome you to the FOCUSed15 Video Series. In these short videos, Katie Orr and I (ahem…mostly Katie) explain the FOCUSed15 Inductive Bible Study method. It’s SO simple, but SO rich. You’re going to love it.

1. Overview Video

2. Foundation

3. Observation

4. Clarification

5. Utilization

6. Summary


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  • Janaina says:

    Hi Kat an Katie, thank you so much for this wonderful pack. I have a doubt. When you download the Blue Letter Bible app it gives us the option for downloading more than one Greek Version of the Scriptures.. Which one of them is the one you use? Thank you!
    Janaina AbrĂ£o

    • Katie says:

      Hi Janaina!
      What are the options? I’m not seeing in the app where to download the different versions.

      The SBL Greek New Testament is a good choice. Is that an option?

    • Katie says:

      OK, I think I see what you might be seeing. There are two choices I see: Textus Receptus (TR) and Morphological Greek New Testament (MGNT). Of the two, you’ll want the MGNT.

      • Janaina says:

        Hi Katie, first I want to thank you and Kat again. For a period of time I’ve been trying to spread the Word of God to mommas here in Brazil. I guess that’s what God has called me to… I’m amazed how he turns every bad thing thing we pass through in our lives to glorify Him! So.. He let me Know you girls through your podcasts… And You’ve been inspiring and encouraging me a lot on keep doing this job just here where I am. In fact I am a pediatrician and I love the kids but actually love the mommas even most.. It’s been hard to deal with all the things together but FOCUS surely will help me even more on my time with the Lord! And I thank you for that! But let’s then come to the question… Actually I found another Greek versions on the app which are: Wescott-Hort and Byzantine Greek. I was searching on the internet and found that Wescott-Hort must be the closest to the original, is that right? So do you recommend the MGNT? Thanks for answering.. And if you want to meet my small (but so loved) work inspired by you both go to http://www.doceescolha.blogspot.com.br (you can use the translator tool!) You are always in my prayers! Love you in Christ!

  • Becky says:

    This is so awesome and helpful! I’m a long time Christian and feel inspired and excited to get into this study. Thank you for this and for taking the time to instruct others! I love your hearts!!!!!

  • jessicabirthdoula says:

    Thanks so much for this! I am excited for this method and am eager to see how God will be moving through it <3