The “Maximize Your Mornings” ebook has been recommended by these wonderful blogs:

“I downloaded a free eBook called Maximize Your Mornings. This book shows you how to get up early, read your Bible and exercise before the day begins. Its practical tips are incredibly motivating.”

” Another friend of mine, Kat, has written an ebook called “Maximize Your Mornings” and you can download it free by clicking right here. It’s all about helping busy moms create an effective morning routine.”

“For more helpful tips for developing your morning routine, please check out Kat’s free e-book, Maximizing Your Mornings.”

“Inspired to Action blog and free ebook, Maximize Your Mornings – {you MUST click and look around. such good stuff.”

“It has been a huge encouragement to me this week! Thank you so much for putting it together for us.”


“This is a great ebook to read!”

Yes They’re All Ours

“If you need help with establishing a morning routine, you might want to read this series and even download this free e-book.”

Keepin’ The Sunny Side

“I found this ebook to be quite inspiring. She has a step by step to getting out of bed, even if it’s 5 minutes earlier each day for a few weeks till you reach your ultimate desired “awake” time. Devotional suggestions, reading of the word, (many ways to actually make this a real part of your morning) setting up a morning exercise routine, inspirational music, etc. Basically encouragement for waking up both literally, and figuratively and decide to take care of US, before we tackle our day taking care of everyone else.

The download includes workbook pages, charts, A daily
prayer, etc. to help you get started, and stay motivated.”



  • Lisa H says:

    This book is full of helpful ideas and practical ways to implement them. I’ve appreciated reading it and having it on my computer to refer back to whenever I like. Way to go, Kat!

  • Sharon says:

    LOVED loved loved the book! I woke up at 5:30 today for the first time and I feel great! I accomplished so much! I l so appeciated how you gave examples of music (downloaded and currently lisenting to your suggestions, thank you!) and the devotion ideas and exercise routine. So helpful. God bless you and your ministry.