Because Every Mom Needs A Monday Morning Multimedia Pep Talk

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It’s the start of another week. You may feel tired, discouraged and weary, but moms don’t get sick days…so you press on.

But one word of encouragement can transform the most difficult days and I found some of the best encouragers for you today. The first video, I’ve shared before. It’s from the amazing Sally Clarkson and I just think moms need to watch it at least once a week.

You are not alone. You can do this. You can thrive.

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The second video is from my friend Lisa Jo Baker who is an incredible encourager of moms. This video is based on her post entitled “You Are Mighty” and it’s going to make you grab your superhero cape and go rock this motherhood thing today.

Need more encouragement? Check out my podcast with Lisa Jo here.

Need even more encouragement? Here is what the Bible says:

“And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency[a] in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work.” – 2 Corinthians 9:8

God makes grace abound to you. You are not in this alone. What He is doing is so much bigger than anything you are not doing. Do not be discouraged. Hope in Him.

Love those little ones with everything in you and go be awesome…


The Beauty of Becoming

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A Night To Remember

If you’ve been reading this blog long, you know I love music.

Hmmm…Love is such an understatement. Let’s say it ranks above air, water and food.

Sunday night one of my favorite singers did a house concert for us. What?! That’s what I thought too when Jenny Simmons (formerly the lead singer of Addison Road) messaged me asking if I’d be interested.


My amazing friend Shannon hosted the event in her beautiful home and we were treated to some incredible songs from Jenny’s new album The Becoming as well as some Addison Road hits.

A Mama’s Dream

The best moment of the evening (for me) was actually after the performance had ended.

(That sounds so insulting…maybe I need a proofreader…)

You see my daughter LOVES the song Run and she’d asked Jenny to sing it. Jenny had wrapped up the set and suddenly remembered she didn’t sing it, so she sang it WITH my little girl.


My sweet girl was in heaven. What little girl doesn’t dream of singing a duet with one of her favorite singers? My eyes may have gotten a tad misty.

Want to know how to get on my “favorite person ever in the whole wide world times infinity plus one” list? Do something amazing for one of my children.

A Video For You

Jenny’s story was as captivating as her music and I LOVE how she spoke directly to my daughters and their friends and inspired them to pursue Jesus more than fitting in.


I wish all of you could have been there for the performance. But since that would have been a little crowded, I recorded a video for you. Here is Jenny singing the title track of her new album The Becoming – I’ve had this song on repeat all week. So, so good.

After the destruction
In the wake of every storm
The sun reveals the suffering
And all I’ve known is gone
Well I can take the rising waves
But when I’m washed up on the shore
Feeling just like driftwood
And nothing makes sense anymore

Jesus meet me
Be everything I need
In the waiting
In the in between
Jesus, hold me
And keep me from running
Cause I don’t want to miss
The beauty of becoming

Something new is growing
I can feel it come alive
In the dead of winter
Spring is on the other side

Jesus meet me
Be everything I need
In the waiting
In the in between
Jesus, hold me
Keep me from running
Cause I don’t want to miss
The beauty of becoming

Give me beauty in the ashes of this pain
Give me water in the wasteland, let it rain
As I wonder, in the darkness, be my guide
Oh Creator, oh Redeemer bring new life

And Jesus
Be everything that I need
In the waiting
In the in between
Jesus, hold me
Keep me from running
Cause I don’t want to miss
The beauty of becoming
No, I don’t want to miss
The beauty of becoming

You know a song is good when the lyrics alone make you cry. Wait until you hear her sing it (especially the bridge at 2:53):

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Check out Jenny’s blog (she’s hilarious too) and get her new album online or at your local Christian bookstore.

(Now I’m headed back to my speech prep cave. Excited to see some of you at MomHeart this weekend! Can’t wait to be back to regular blogging next week.)

A video that gives a whole new meaning to love being a choice…

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Hi friends! I watched a video a few weeks back that has haunted me—in the best way—ever since. I asked Kat if I could share it with you, and I hope you’ll take time today to watch it.

I recommend you have tissues handy.

If you can’t view the video, click here.

You can read more about Ian and Larissa and follow their journey at Pray for Ian.

Just about every post of Larissa’s makes me cry. Praising God for such a beautiful, beautiful couple.

In a world full of convenient, commitment-less, selfish marriages, thank you Larissa, for being a picture of Christ to each of us.


What are your thoughts on this video?

The book mentioned in the video, This Momentary Marriage, is available as a free download at

My Story – the Video Version

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I’ve shared my story on the blog before, but I thought I’d share it via video. Please forgive my sweats and my “I didn’t do my hair today” hat. If you know me, you know the hat. I wear it all. the. time.

That would be because I never “do” my hair. 🙂

Fight on, my friends.

Thoughts on Motherhood from Christy Nockels, Pt. 1

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Every morning I listen to the same song as I pray for my family. The song is called Invade and it is by a group named Watermark made up of Nathan and Christy Nockels. Christy has a ridiculously amazing voice and listening to that song is the perfect way for me to start my day.

Christy also has a heart for moms and shared this video a few months back. Honestly? I must have watched it 15 times. In one week. It was like water for my dry, cracked mothering heart. It left me so challenged and inspired.

I hope it does the same for you.

Being A Mom {Part 1} from christy nockels on Vimeo.

Watch Part 2 of the Christy Nockels video here.