ITA #52 – Back To School Routines That Rock – with Amy McCready

Parenting expert Amy McCready gives us some fantastic tips on making life giving morning, after school and evening routines during the school year.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The power of the “When-Then” routine
  • How to use lists to eliminate nagging
  • How to empower your kids to get themselves ready on time
  • How 10 minutes can transform your child’s day

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ITA #51 – Getting Back To The Mom Essentials with Kasey Johnson

Today on the podcast we are asking one of the most important questions a mother can ask herself, “What are my essentials?” There are a thousand things vying for your attention at any moment, but how can we separate the “urgent-yet-unimportant” from the things that are actually vital for the well being of our hearts and homes?


Kasey Johnson, author of Mom Essentials, and I discuss these very questions in this episode of the Inspired To Action podcast.

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ITA #50 – Overcoming Comparison in Motherhood – with Elisa Pulliam

“Comparison is the great thief of Joy.” (Theodore Roosevelt) But it’s so common among mothers, how do we overcome it? That’s what we are talking about in today’s episode of the podcast with Elisa Pulliam.

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Dreaming Big…In Motherhood and Beyond


Note from Kat: This post is from my good friend and monthly contributor, Liz Griffin.

I was sorting through all the end of school papers that had come home with my daughter a few months ago when I got the call. A congressman was coming from DC to his district and he wanted us to brief him on human trafficking in his district. Well, not just us. The FBI was gonna be there too to brief him. Tomorrow. Gulp.

The most urgent thought would probably be, “What am I gonna say in that meeting???” but instead my mind went immediately to “What am I gonna wear???”.

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ITA #49 – How Moms Can Take Personal Retreats (…really) with Erin Odom


For most moms, a trip to the bathroom with a working lock is the only kind of retreat they’ve ever known. I hope to change that today. Erin Odom and I are chatting about how to take a personal retreat (even if you don’t have the time, help, or money) and what to do on a personal retreat to maximize the effectiveness of your time.

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ITA #48 – How to Have a Wardrobe You Love without Losing Your Money or Your Mind – with Hayley Morgan


If the idea of a simple, beautiful and intentional wardrobe sounds fantastic to you, you’ll love this episode of the podcast with Hayley Morgan.

Hayley wrote a book called The No Brainer Wardrobe and she shares some fantastic tips on how to feel good about what’s in your closet, what you wear and how much you spend on clothes.

She also talks about how to approach fashion as we get older and wear clothes that feel “honest” to us.

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The $300 Cookie – God sees the value in what we do


Note from Kat: This post is from my good friend and monthly contributor, Liz Griffin.

For nearly five years my husband and I have been in the process of adopting internationally. The whole story could be an entire summer-long series, so I will spare you too many details. The journey has included four different adoption agencies, three different state processes, and three international adoption programs. It’s been kind of insane at times.

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ITA #47 – How To Deal with Unexpected Turns and Help Our Children Follow Their Dreams – with Kate Battistelli

Most of the people I’ve interviewed for this podcast are in thick of parenting, but Kate Battistelli is on the other side of it. Her grown daughter loves God and has a beautiful family of her own.

Kate is the mother of (my daughter’s favorite singer) Francesca Battistelli. You’ll love her encouragement and insight no matter where you are in your parenting journey.

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ITA #46 Jen Murray – Raising Quadruplet Boys and How To Have Summer Fun With Kids

Having one child at a time is hard. Imagine having four at a time. Today’s guest, Jen Murray, doesn’t have to imagine, because she is the mother of quadruplet boys who are now the energetic age of 7. Join us today as she shares her dramatic motherhood story and some tips on how she keeps the boys entertained all summer long.


Listen as Jen Shares:

  • Why she wasn’t able to enjoy many of the typical pregnancy joys
  • What it was like to come home – and recover – with four boys & the team it took to make it happen
  • Why each milestone has made her more confident in God’s provision
  • …and the great eBook she’s written to help you plan simple, memorable outdoor activities for the summer
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ITA #45 – Our Top Tips for Summer Travel with Children

My friend Liz grew up in Siberia. No really, she did. She also herded goats in Mongolia as a teenager. And now she’s a hipster in Texas. The girl gets around and so do her kids. They have done (and are about to do) quite a bit of international travel.

I, on the other hand, grew up in Texas. And I still live in Texas. My kids have never been to another country.

Liz and I are what you might call…opposites.

But we’re also good friends and today we are joining forces to share our best tips for easy travel with kids. You might be thinking about summer vacations or traveling to Grandma’s. Liz brings her best “flying with kids” tips and I’m bringing my best “road trip with kids” tips.

For the past 3 years, my amazing husband has planned truly epic road trips for our family. We’ve hit just about every state on the West coast, all the southern coastal states and many of the mid East (is that a term or did I just make that up?) states.

We have literally spent hundreds of hours in the car…and our kids don’t hate us. In fact, these massive road trips are the highlight of their year.

So how do you keep a 4 year old happy on an international flight or a 72 hour road trip?

Grab your headphones, join us for a chat and find out!

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