Teaching your kids about justice and loving your neighbor just got easier. Meet the Glow Campaign

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Note From Kat: This post is from my very good friend, neighbor and monthly contributor, Liz Griffin.



Mamas, I’d like to tell you a story. And then invite you to join us.

Last spring my daughter Sophie and her friend Ana were celebrating a classmate’s birthday in school. A little boy in the class didn’t like cupcakes and became very vocal about how he would have preferred a different snack. Not sure what was wrong with him – I would have gladly taken that cupcake off his hands.

Mrs. Keltner, the teacher, mentioned to the kids they should be thankful to have a cupcake. She told them that there are kids all around the world who don’t get enough food to eat and would probably love to have a cupcake for a treat.

That struck a cord with Sophie and Ana. At recess they began to think about what life would be like if they lived in poverty, were orphans or didn’t have access to clean water.  It made them sad to recognize that was a reality for so many kids. Despite the fact that they were seven, they decided to do something about it.

Fueled with a passion to make lives better for kids around the world, their charity was born.

The Glow Campaign. Creating brighter futures for kids.

The Glow Crew in South Africa visiting a day care center and learning how we can help children there.

The Glow Crew in South Africa visiting a day care center and learning how we can help children there.

Our first project was this summer and the girls raised enough funds to provide medical testing for children in Burundi so they can begin to get access to proper medical care. These tests also assist in placing children into adoptive families.



The Glow Campaign decided this fall to focus on kids a little closer to home. We did a duffel drive to provide bags for children in foster care. Often times these kids have nothing to pack their belongings in when they move to a new home. Thanks to some generous kids in our area, we are working to change that.


That is Glow’s Story so far, but I’d like to invite you and your kids to become a part of it.

Sophie & Ana’s desire from the beginning was to start a movement of kids helping other kids. We have done some really great projects so far and have more lined up for the future, but in one of our Glow Meetings the girls talked about ways kids from all around the world could be a part of Glow.

lemonade stand fundraiser

lemonade stand fundraiser

Launching this fall is The Glow Crew. And this is where YOU come in!

I talk to moms often who mention how they wish they could get their kids involved in community service or social justice issues. But, let’s be honest. Most of us don’t have much time or knowledge of even where to begin. By joining the glow crew, we hope to give you easy tools to teach your kids how to make a practical impact on the world around them. Our heart for the Glow Crew is to raise up a generation of I Tim. 4:12 kids who understand what it looks like to express the love of Jesus to others.

“Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” – I Timothy 4:12


Excited to tell the Glow Crew that the fundraising goal for Burundi had been met.

What happens when your kids join the Glow Crew?

You will be emailed a “Secret Mission” every month to complete in your own community. These are simple, free ways to teach your kids how to impact their own neighborhood. Missions might taking cookies to an elderly neighbor or writing an encouraging note to a kid who gets picked on at school.

In addition to the Secret Missions, your kids can participate in some of our larger projects. What kid wouldn’t want to have a lemonade stand to raise money for a clean water well in Haiti?  It’s a movement of kids to help other kids. We’d love to invite you to be a part.


Also, feel free to follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Lastly, I want to encourage you mamas. It doesn’t matter if your kids are two or twenty. We are raising world changers, even on the messy days that feel like failures. Keep at it mamas. You are making a difference.

Any thoughts, ideas or questions? Join the conversation by clicking here!





Why Google Can Never be a Mom

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Note from Kat: This post is from my good friend and monthly contributor Liz Griffin.

Let’s be honest. Google is pretty great. It can give you directions, show you photos and sort through billions of facts to deliver the information you want. Its so awesome it is both a noun and a verb. There are nearly 6,000,000 Google searches a day. One of the most common questions people type into Google is “What is the meaning of life?”.

I’m not nearly as smart as Google, but I imagine what people are really asking is  “What is the meaning of my life?”. When you type it into Google all kinds of quotes, articles and opinion websites pop up. Data to sort through for days.  And yet, that doesn’t really answer the question people are asking.

Rewind a few weeks…


I recently returned from a trip to Burundi. This small country is nestled in the heart of Africa between Rwanda and Tanzania. Currently, my family is in the middle of adopting two children from there. One evening when I was organizing all the things I had to bring with me, I watched a film called Closure. (If you are interested in adoption, I highly recommend it.)

It is a documentary about a trans-racial adoptee, Angela,  who searches for her birth family. As someone who is adopting I was struck by her search for identity. Her adoptive family was incredible and joined her in the hunt for her biological family. There was one scene that stood out in particular.

Angela was using Google to hunt down information on her family. And Google was giving her answers, but she was looking for more than facts – she was looking for people.

Fast forward to last week in Africa…

I was sitting in a shelter surrounded by orphans. A little girl who was  5 shared my seat as I listened to the nun across the table talk about the kids who were in their care. She was sharing the facts and stats of all the children there – how old they were, their medical history, how many are available for adoption…

The children in the room were not very interested in the stats and data on their lives. They were focused on this one particular nun who tickled them, looked them straight in the eye and snuggled them while whispering something in their ears. I don’t know what she was whispering, but it sure made them all smile.

so happy to be in Africa

so happy to be in Africa

I couldn’t put my finger on it at the moment, but sitting in that room I started thinking of Angela from the documentary. Later that night I sat under my mosquito net and processed out the day. That is when I realized what the connection was.

The similarity between Angela and the children in those shelters is that they didn’t want facts or data. Angela could Google a million personality quizzes to help her shape her identity or search online for her missing family. These kids in Burundi have information in their files which gives a brief glimpse of where they have come from.

However, this information is not what these children are craving. I saw it watching them interact with the nuns. They want people to look into their eyes and really see them. They want a voice to speak their value out loud. Someone to tell them what they are great at and help them dream into what they could become.

For all the information that is out there – personality quizzes, scholarly articles, personal medical histories – there is no substitute for an actual person looking you in the eye and telling you why you matter. It is what everyone craves and I recognized it in the little eyes all around me.

While Google can spit out loads of resources and facts, it can never be a mom. It can never hold a hand, sing an original song or squeeze into a toddler bed to snuggle a sick kid. Google can never really answer the most asked question in the world, “What is the meaning of my life?“.

women in Burundi

women in Burundi

For the rest of my time in Africa, I thought about those children’s mothers. Many of them died from HIV or complications in childbirth. My imagination can’t comprehend how hard it must have been for them to realize that they would never have the chance to watch their babies grow up.

They would never get to tell them the story of how they were born, tell them the potential they see in them or share with them memories from their own childhood. Those mamas never got the chance to give their kids what they are longing for – identity.

I am reminded of the powerful privilege of motherhood. The ability we have to touch, speak and develop our kids is one not every woman is given. God has granted us the honor to speak identity into our kids. Who they are in Christ and who they are to us. It is a question the world is asking. Google may be smarter than us, but we have the answers.

 20130218-193106.jpgElizabeth is a church planter, speaker, writer and naptime abolitionist. She lives in Texas with her husband and two little kids. Her other hobbies include wasting time on social media, trying to remember where she parked her car & browsing Pinterest for DIY projects she will never actually make. You can visit her over at Lark & Bloom or on Twitter @larkandbloom.

How 15 Minutes Can Transform Your Motherhood (and your life)

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“I’m in the depths of despair…”

I’m not prone to drama, but since becoming a mother I’ve certainly had my moments.

That particular night was no different. The weight of responsibility of raising three human beings and the insurmountable gap between the mother I wanted to be and the mother I really was overwhelmed me.


I’d had an awful day with my children. I was tired, they were tired and it seemed as though everyone had the emotional stomach flu.

Every offense was magnified a thousand times and our raw responses couldn’t be kept down.

When I finally crossed the merciful finish line called “bedtime” I retreated to the garage, sat in my minivan and in the blazing July heat of Texas, my sweat and tears streamed down my face in one ugly mess.

As I sat in the drivers’ seat wondering why God entrusted such beautiful children to such an failing mama, it was as if He reminded me that I can’t possibly lead my children if I don’t know where I’m going. And I can’t know where I’m going until I get out of the drivers’ seat and let Him lead me.

That night I decided to follow Jesus. Oh, I’d been a Christian for years and years, and following at a distance had always worked just fine.

But in that desperate season of motherhood with all of my emotions and hopes hemmoraging, I needed to be like the woman in Scripture…fighting with all my might to simply grasp the hem of His robe.

In my day to day life, that grasping looks like bleary eyes reading His words. That fight looks like my alarm clock. That healing has, in my weakness, not been from taking hold of everything God has for me. No, that healing has come from seemingly insignificant brushes with the hem of His greatness in fleeting moments of the morning. And the change? Miraculous. Slow, but miraculous.

I am not a perfect mother, but I am now a perfectly hopeful mother. And each morning, I grasp for His robe, listen for His direction, plan my day accordingly and do what I can to strength my body for the task ahead.

God. Plan. Move.

That routine has transformed my life.

Some days that looks like a 1 minute prayer, a glance at my to do list and 10 squats.

Other mornings I have more time, but it’s the habit that has made the difference, not the clock.

“It’s the habit that has made the difference, not the clock.”

If you’re feeling desperate in your motherhood today, can I encourage you that this habit is possible for you? And that by the grace of God, it can transform your life…

Habits beget habits. And the first habit of the day is the foundation for the rest of the day. It is your stake in the ground declaring that this day will be lived with purpose and intention.

Is it hard? Oh yeah.

Will you want to claim your first failed morning as a reason to quit the whole thing? Certainly.

Will you want to make excuses? Definitely.

But every obstacle and every failure you face can be “your excuse or your story.” Your choice.

“It’s time to choose between making and excuse or making a story.”

Dream with Me

Dream with me, will you? Imagine how you’ll feel tomorrow knowing that, only a few minutes into the day, you did three of the most important things you could do all day long.

Imagine how you’ll feel after having some time in the Word, praying for your kids, making a simple plan and making your body stronger for all that lies ahead?

It doesn’t take much. Just a few minutes and some of that mama courage.

No matter what stage of life you are in, no matter how much time you have (or don’t have) in the mornings, no matter your natural ability to plan or the state of your health, just take the first step and set your alarm clock for tomorrow morning.

God. Plan. Move.

Read a Psalm. Write a to do list on a sticky note. Do 3 sets of jumping jacks or squats.

“Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do.” -John Wooden

The Future of HelloMornings

You may know that I started this blog by writing an ebook called Maximize Your Mornings. That ebook launched HelloMornings, a movement of women all over the world dedicated to making the most of their mornings.

HelloMornings has been running on it’s own, under the amazing leadership of Katie Orr, for quite awhile, but I’m super excited to be jumping back into a leadership role now.

Will things change at Inspired To Action? Oh, you might see me writing here or sharing a friend’s story 2 or 3 times a month, but everything else will stay the same. I hope to create more practical resources to help you too. I’m beyond excited about the ideas our team is dreaming up.

Most of all, I hope you see your own heart inspired, your own mornings slowly transforming, your days with your children blossoming and your life with God blooming.

I’m thankful for you today and I truly, deeply believe that God can and wants to do amazing things through you. I challenge you today to believe it too…

Take Action: If you’ve been inspired, take action. Set your alarm for tomorrow and tell me in the comments. Also? Bonus cool points if you can name the source of the quote at the very beginning of this post.

Raising “normal” kids

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Note from Kat: This post is from my very inspiring friend and monthly contributor Liz Griffin.

IMG_2284 Looking at a Picasso because going to art museums is normal for Griffins.

Last Friday I got to have coffee with Kat. We only live about a mile apart and every so often we meet up to watch Downton Abbey or talk blogs. We laughed a lot, I learned a lot and my heart was full when I was headed home. I actually arrived at my house to find that my husband had spent that two hours deep cleaning our house and folding all the laundry. It was his day off and he was cleaning. Bizarre right? Not for Jady.

To my husband keeping a house clean is normal. I’m not really sure how she did it being a mother of three boys, but my mother-in-law ran a strictly clean and organized house. Put a cup down and 30 seconds later it is in the dishwasher. Jady is the same way. He can whip the house into shape in no time flat because he grew up that way. But, back to my hanging out with Kat…

During my coffee with Kat I was telling her about my trip to Burundi, Africa in a few weeks. ( We are in the process of adopting a sibling group from there. More on that in another post sometime! ) I will be flying by myself to Africa and back, meeting our program director in the capital city and spending my time there traveling to various orphanages around the area.


Love getting to be real-life friends with Kat. And I am highly envious of her ability to look good in hats.

Kat’s response has been the response of everyone. “Are you nervous going to a developing country all by yourself???” The answer is no, I’m not. Because I grew up traveling with my family to developing countries and spending time in orphanages and poverty-stricken areas. It is completely normal to me.

Over the past few weeks I have explained this reality to many people and I have come to an obvious but profound conclusion for me. What is “normal” to me, isn’t “normal” to you. And vice versa.

My family never had nice cars or a big house, but I knew what lemonade tasted like in Egypt and what Guatemala smelled like right before it rained. Having children who saw the world and were actively involved in missions was a priority for my family. That meant we didn’t spend lots of money on extra-curricular activities, didn’t have cable or go out to eat often. And that was normal to me.

Every family has their own “normal”. Going to college, traveling, doing community service, being athletic or keeping a perfectly clean house. In some families it is normal for everyone to learn an instrument or to workout.


My kids at a Baylor game. Because being a Baylor fan is our normal. Can I get an amen???

As moms we have the opportunity to create what “normal” is for our kids. What an amazing thing to help craft and shape. Their view of what following Jesus looks like, having a healthy marriage looks like, what they eat, how they handle conflict, where their money is spent, the types of friendships they have. We get to define what is normal for them.

There isn’t a right or wrong “normal” and one isn’t better than the other. I’m glad I traveled the world and I am equally glad my husband is hyper-clean. Both are blessings. Both reflect the family cultures we came from.

I’ve been personally challenged these past few weeks to be more intentional in the ways I am shaping my kid’s “normal”. I’d like to encourage you to think and pray about what you value most as a family and how to help develop that in your kids.

So, when you get up early this week to read your Bible or when you shuttle kids to choir practice realize that you are actually creating your family’s culture. And that is no small thing mamas.

Side Note: If you’d like to pray for my trip and adoption, I’d love it! Our family’s adoption blog is The Six Griffins and I will be posting on Instagram  (@larkandbloom) throughout the trip, so you can follow along there!

 20130218-193106.jpgElizabeth is a church planter, speaker, writer and naptime abolitionist. She lives in Texas with her husband and two little kids. Her other hobbies include wasting time on social media, trying to remember where she parked her car & browsing Pinterest for DIY projects she will never actually make. You can visit her over at Lark & Bloom or on Twitter @larkandbloom.

Don’t grow weary mamas

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Note from Kat: This post is from my friend and monthly contributor Liz Griffin. Go check out her blog. Good stuff.


my sick little boy and his emergency vehicles taking a nap

Sniff, sniff. Cough, sneeze, moan. These were the sounds echoing through the doctor’s waiting room yesterday. I was just in there for a check up but was terrified that I’d leave with the flu. I hate the flu. Well, I take that back. If it is mild then small retreat of privacy I get in my room is actually kind of nice for a few days. Its when my kids get the flu that I freak.

My son got a stomach bug not too long ago. We were out of town ( of course ) and it hit hard. I was sitting in the bedroom with him doing what I could to make him comfortable and of course holding the big silver bowl to his face when he got sick to his stomach. I’d wipe his face off and try to rock him till the next bout of upset stomach came.

At about 2am I was pretty much over it. The tender wiping of his face to clean it off got a bit more lax. He was going to throw up again in about 5 minutes, so what was the point? Plus, I was so tired by now. Hours of wiping, washing, rocking and trying unsuccessfully to get liquids to stay down.

I thought to myself, “I could stop here. No one will know if I wipe his face off entirely. Certainly Tait wouldn’t care at this point if he is in a clean shirt or not.”  I just didn’t want to do it anymore.

I find myself feeling this way a lot. Not wanting to fold the laundry…we can just pull it out of the basket when we need it right? Why do I need to clean the kids table when it will get dirty again in an hour at lunch? Who cares if I organize the kids toys? They will be a total mess again tomorrow.

I think God knew that we moms will feel this way from time to time.

Galatians 6:9 “Let us not grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

God didn’t have to tell me not to grow weary going on vacation. Or don’t get weary pursuing my own ambitions. Don’t get weary going shopping…no, He knew that doing good can be exhausting. It can be monotonous. It takes a long time.

That’s where the don’t give up part comes in. Doing good gets boring and uneventful. We want to chase shiny and glittery things instead. Like visiting Anthropologie instead of washing clothes…it smells so good in Anthropologie.

I came a cross this quote the other day and I think its pretty awesome.


How perfect is that for us moms? All the questions we answer, clothes we fold, meals we cook and things we teach are important. Our doing them a thousand times a month doesn’t diminish their value or significance.

Don’t get tired of doing good and don’t give up. When you wipe your kids nose for the twentieth time remember that you are actually giving dignity to another human.

Providing people with clean clothes and clean living spaces is uplifting to humanity. Coming home from work and being willing to jump into your kid’s homework is giving dignity to those little people.

If you are feeling a little weary today, remember that what you do matters. Who you are as a mom gives dignity to others. Today, you can dominate the laundry room and the homework pile. It’s like Kat always says. You’re a mom and you’re kind of a big deal.

20130218-193106.jpg Elizabeth is a church planter, speaker, writer and naptime abolitionist. She    lives in Texas with her husband and two little kids. Her other hobbies include wasting time on social media, trying to remember where she parked her car & browsing Pinterest for DIY projects she will never actually make. You can visit her over at Lark & Bloom or on Twitter @larkandbloom.

We Are Only as Strong as the Resistance We Face

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I’m going to be honest with you. I am probably in the most unhealthy season I’ve ever been in, in my life.


I’ve always been pretty athletic. I played sports growing up and did REALLY weird things like having my own personal triathlons (running, rollerblading, biking) around my neighborhood….for fun.

I’d play tennis for hours and hours…by myself. (Yes, my sanity is questionable.)

But lately? I’ve spent more time “thinking” I’m athletic than actually being athletic. I’ve been resting on the resistance I used to face instead of being brave enough to face any now.

I haven’t been running. I haven’t been lifting weights. I haven’t been pushing myself. I haven’t been growing.

I’ve been “busy” and I’ve been getting “old” and I’ve been tipping the scales in favor of comfort rather than change.

And you know what?

These days, I get tired in the afternoons with my kids. I’m afraid to go all out when we do play sports because I don’t want to “hurt myself” because I know I’m not as strong and apt to tweak something. I feel overwhelmed because there is so much I need to do, want to do, but I don’t have the energy to do it.

So I drink more coffee. And then I crash. Rinse. Repeat.

I put the responsibility on everyone else…

When I finish this project THEN I’ll have more time to hit the gym. When my puppy has all his shots and he can go on walks with me THEN I’ll start running again. When my husband isn’t going out of town so much THEN I’ll get into a good routine.

I’ve come to a solid and life altering conclusion:

We are only as strong as the resistance we face. <<-- Click to Tweet!

I can WAIT for the perfect life circumstances to align (hint: this will never happen) OR I can CHOOSE to do the right thing in the midst of all my messy imperfection.

I can WAIT for an injury to hit me and then work hard to recover and finally be inspired to prevent future injury OR I can CHOOSE resistance and get strong now.

I can WAIT for my home to be a disaster area, frustrating myself and my family OR I can CHOOSE to start right now and get things in order before they fall apart.

I could spend all day at the gym. I could even sit at the leg extension machine for a couple hours, but I will not get any stronger until I face the resistance and actually lift the weights. It’s hard, maybe a little painful, but it makes me stronger. And it’s infinitely better than waiting to get stronger in a physical therapists office because I injured myself because I didn’t CHOOSE resistance earlier.

I won’t get fitter, healthier, more patient, more like Jesus or anything else good until I face resistance. And I have a very, very simple choice. I can wait for that resistance to come (normally in some sort of disastrous way) or I can choose to bring resistance into my life.

I want to be a woman who chooses it. I want to train for my life instead of react to it.

I can choose to get up early to spend time with God. I can choose to lift weights. I can choose to run. I can choose to speak in kindness when I don’t feel like it. I can choose to serve my family. I can choose to do the dishes tonight instead of letting them “soak.” I can choose to cook dinner because it’s healthier than the take out I’d resort to otherwise. I can choose to go to bed on time, even though I’d really like to stay up late and pretend I’m in college. I can choose to lovingly respond to my children instead of emotionally respond to them.

As moms, we face resistance all. day. long. Choose it. Embrace it. Get stronger.
<<-- Click to Tweet!


p.s. It’s Monday, blank canvas day. This is your week to be strong. Take God’s hand and go be brave.

{fistbump – you can never have too many fist bumps.}

Question: What resistance do you need to embrace (patience, fitness etc.)? Click here to tell me in the comments.

A Monday Pep Talk For Imperfect Moms

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Sometimes…I don’t feel like writing.

Sometimes…I don’t feel like being patient with my kids.

Sometimes…I don’t feel like cooking dinner.

Sometimes…I don’t feel like cleaning up the same things I did yesterday.

Sometimes…I don’t feel like serving and giving…again.


Sometimes…feelings are overrated.

I may not feel like being patient, but I want my children to know they are loved, so I choose patience anyway.

I may not feel like cooking, but I want a healthy family, so I choose to plan and prepare meals anyway.

I may not feel like running, but I want to be strong and full of energy, so I choose to run anyway.

But the reality is…a lot of times I don’t choose it. I let my emotions win. I go with what I feel and I blow up at my kids. I get take out for the 3rd day in a row. I skip my workout, again. I let the dishes “soak” in the sink one more night.

I get lazy and I mess up.


But regret is a worthless mirage. Regret tells me to stay down and give up. Regret says it’s hopeless.

Regret is wrong. It is incapable of redeeming anything broken. Only Grace has the power to do that.

Grace treats us like we already are what we fear we’ll never become. – Beth Moore

So, I get back up. I try again. I keep fighting and keep running and keep holding my tongue and keep choosing patience and keep cooking my “subpar, but they don’t seem to mind” meals.

If you face things this week that you don’t feel like facing….if you want to do the right thing but have failed and fallen…

Get back up. Dust yourself off.

You’re not done until your dead and if you’re reading this you’re very much alive. And if you’re alive you haven’t done what you were made to do. And if you haven’t done what you were made to do, you have not fulfilled the very purpose for which you were created. And if you have not fulfilled the purpose for which you were created, the very best is yet to come.

The very best is yet to come.***

Today is Monday. It’s a blank canvas. Love your kids and make a beautiful, messy masterpiece.


***(This is a paraphrase from Andy Andrews interview from last week. Go listen for his much more eloquent version.)

That Time I Had a Cat Fight with Myself at the Grocery Store. And Won.

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I was wrong.

I thought something magical would happen the first time all my kids went off to school. Something magical involving rainbows, unicorns and little elves that would keep my toilets clean, bake cookies, stay on top of school activities and help manage ALL. THE. PAPERS.

(Sidenote: Elementary school paperwork = global deforestation. I’m pretty sure 5,026 acres of the Amazon jungle came home in my kids backpacks last year.)


But it’s been a whole week and a half into the school year and there are still dirty dishes in my sink, processed food in my pantry, and a pile of papers on my desk.

The full reality of my imperfection hit me when I was at the grocery store on Friday. I was buying things to pack in my kids lunches (I need an elf for that too…) and my fictional perfect mom self stepped outside of my real mom self and wagged her finger at me about how I should be baking fresh bread for their lunches, never use baggies and pack more beets, because beets are healthy.

I don’t think there was a rainbow involved, but, for once, my real mom self stood up to my mean girl perfect mom self, looked her square in the eyes and said, “I don’t need to be THE best, I just need to be MY best. I’m doing that, so back off.”

I grabbed my plastic bags, packaged carrots, processed bread and walked away with my head held high.

I’m pretty sure all the other moms in the produce department broke out into the slow clap.


The most freeing thing I’ve done in a long time is to make a conscience choice to only compare myself to myself and not to that mean girl perfect mom voice that always talks down to me.

I like to think of David and Goliath. Being a perfect mom seems overwhelming and unconquerable. And, frankly, in my own strength it is.

But God is my perfection. My job is to follow Him trust Him, and give Him all of me. When I do, He never leaves me as I am. He changes me, molds me and makes me more like Him.

He helps boys slay giants and regular moms, like me, shatter the mirage of the perfect mom.

Progress, not perfection, mamas.

{fist bump}

Mother Like A Firefighter

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Did you know much of a firefighters life is quite boring? They spend their days doing boring maintenance and following a boring routine. They do the exact same thing every time they run through their checklists.

They wear the exact same uniform, drive the exact same vehicle, work from the exact same building.

They are extremely routine and scheduled.


But they become heroes in a split second.

Click here to read the rest of my post at MomHeart.org and find out what this has to do with motherhood…

The Gospel of Motherhood

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Do this. Don’t do that. Do this. Don’t do that. I failed. I failed again. Get back up. Try again. Failed. Condemnation. Discouragement.

Why is it that, as moms, we often live like the Gospel doesn’t apply to us?

The beautiful thing about the Gospel is that Jesus freed us from perfection. He died so that we can live.

So why do we live as if we need to achieve perfection…that anything less is unacceptable?

We are ruled by the rules, but we don’t even know which rule to follow. Discipline methods. Health and nutritional rules. Screen time, no screen time or how much screen time? Read this much each day. Play outside. Stay away from the sun. Sunscreen or no sunscreen?

Maybe it’s just me, but I can get so bent. out. of shape. trying to do my best. All the rules fistfight in my head until it hurts.

But the rules are not to rule us – Jesus is, and His word for us is Grace.

The goal of our faith is…relationship.

The goal of our mothering is…relationship.

Ultimately, the goal of our lives is to bring glory to God and others to Him, and the best way to do that? Relationship.

Can I challenge us today, as moms, to let go of the small rules that stress us out? Give yourself a break. Give your children a break. Savor life alongside them. Enjoy them.

May we teach them to follow Jesus more faithfully than any rule.