Angela’s Morning Story: The 3 Keys That Got Her Started


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Are you trying to figure out a solid routine for your mornings? Do you want to “maximize your mornings” but it’s just a whole lot harder than you’d thought it would be?

Sometimes it’s helpful to hear stories from other people in the midst of the journey. Angela emailed me recently with the things that have worked for her and there are 3 things I want you to notice in her story that I hope will help you too:

1. She kept tweaking – she had actually been trying to find a morning routine for a couple of years, but just hadn’t figured out something that worked for her. I think the key to her eventual success was that she just kept tweaking. She kept trying things until she found something that worked for her.

2. She found her jumpstart – It’s so helpful to have a “jumpstart” – that treat to look forward to when the alarm goes off. For me, it’s my cozy chair. For Angela, it was listening to worship music. For you, it might be a nice cup of coffee.

3. She looked for a solution, not a formula – I love that Angela knew that planning wasn’t something she needed to do in the mornings. It works for her to do that at night. She didn’t try to change what works just to fit into the routine I outline in the book. She wanted a solid morning routine and she pulled from my ideas and created her own solution that fits her life perfectly.

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Creating Cozy Spaces for Kids (and Moms)

It’s Spring Break ’round these parts (that’s Texan for “here”) and I’ve been busy creating fun little spaces for the kids (okay…and me).

I’m NOT a home decorator by any stretch of the imagination, but I do love creating cozy spots where my children can read and play. I’m less like Martha Stewart and more like a 7 year old kid who loves to build forts.

Game Corner
The first project was creating a fun little spot in the living room where they can play games and do puzzles (pictured above and below). All I did was move a few pieces of furniture and buy a couple cute stools for a table we already had. Voila. My kids played chess all day yesterday.

Sometimes they used rules, sometimes they made up their own.


Mom’s Office/Kids’ Cave

The second project was re-doing my closet/office. You may have read my previous posts about how I transformed my closet into a little office space “mom cave” (read about that here).

It has worked REALLY well for me, but it was still a little cramped and there wasn’t really room for all three of my kids to come in and hang out, which they do…often. I’d made little spots for them…aka “kid caves” but I wanted to make it more fun and cozy than just a cleared out space in the corner.

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If you still need a reason to jump into the early-morning craziness…

If you’ve been around Inspired to Action for any length of time, you’ve heard about HelloMornings and the benefits of the early-morning habit. You’ve read of the challenge to wake up for your kids, instead of to your kids. And you’ve listened to the calls to start the day putting first things first, through spending time with Jesus. You may find yourself on […]

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It’s a Blog Baby: Check Out the Brand New Website!

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Technology was against me this week. I can’t tell you how many times I tried recording this video. I tried three different cameras and every time I recorded – something went wrong. Either the audio wasn’t in sync, the recording stopped prematurely or the camera tipped over as I was filming. But I kept going and finally had to use my phone camera.

Never give up. I suppose it’s only appropriate that the key to a successful morning quiet time habit was also the key to success in getting this simple vlog posted.

Take a second and watch the video because we have a fun announcement for you!

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Check out the HelloMornings Video and the (in)RL Conference!

Conferences are like summer camps for grown ups.

I love conferences. Hanging out with friends, learning together, roasting marshmallows over the open fire. Okay maybe not the last one.

Have you heard of the (in)RL Conference? It’s put on by the lovely ladies at (in)Courage and it’s something of an “unconference.” I say that because all of the sessions are broadcast over the web so you don’t have to book a flight or save for hotel costs. You can invite friends over and watch in the comfort of your own home.

(in)Courage Meetups

Even better, (in)RL features organized meet-ups in locations all over the world so you still get the fun social aspect of a far away conference, except it’s in your own neighborhood and the friends you make you can meet for lunch the next week and the next and the…You get the idea.

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Did you hear that it’s an election year?

Did you hear that it’s an election year? You know. Passions flaring. Stances taken. Insults slung. Promises made. Hope rising. Smirks flashing. You get the picture. Don’t worry. This isn’t a political post. I just pray that we as “the church” truly take Peter’s words to heart.   Be subject for the Lord’s sake to […]

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Kris’ Story: Why It’s Worth It to Lose A Little Sleep

A few friends I met during the Hello Mornings Challenge: Aubrey, Kristi, me, Christine and Michelle. (Note from Kat: Today’s post is from HelloMornings Team member Kris, who blogs at Always Alleluia.) The alarm goes off at 0′dark thirty A.M. Before you start rolling your eyes, let me just say that I rarely make it […]

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On Window Washing and Finding Unshakable Peace

My Window Washer My kids like to wash my windows. I know. Pinch me. It’s glorious. And, no, I don’t rent them out. One time, when my son (4) was washing the window he spent a good 5 minutes trying to get one spot clean. Now you have to understand that in 4 year old […]

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For When We’re Desperate For His Grace…Again

Some days — lots of days — my head hits the pillow and I confess that same sin. It’s that thing I despise in myself — that response to my sweet yet trying kids, or that look I give, or that impatience I harbor. Pick one. Over and over in moments of this daily living […]

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War and Motherhood: Welcome to the HelloMornings Challenge

Photo credit Going Into Battle War is hard. Have you ever noticed how in the old civil war movies, the soldiers always yell and scream and run to the battlefield? Why is that? It’s because offense is more effective than defense. The attacker has an advantage and they are more likely to succeed if they […]

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