The Chart That Has Added Years To My Life and Peace To My Home


Our Great Summer Chart

It’s about that time during the summer when the allure of long, lazy, free days has drowned beneath the sound of “I’m boooored!” And “she’s touching me!” “He’s looked at me funny!” Or “Mama! Make the girls stop dressing me up as a butler!”

Ok…maybe that’s just how it is at my house.

Somehow, after a few weeks of unscripted days, crazy things start to happen. Ever so slowly, chores they’ve done all year long are forgotten and I begin to to have to remind them. Often. Until one day I realize I’m practically nagging them to tidy their rooms, pick their stuff up or even brush their teeth in the morning.

Not wanting to be a nagging mom, I recently decided it was time to bring a bit more order to our days.

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If you haven’t already registered for the live webinar I’m hosting this afternoon and evening with TODAY show parenting expert and founder of Positive Parenting Solutions, Amy McCready, I hope you’ll take a minute to sign up now. It’s free! Make it a date night with your husband or an afternoon pep talk for the […]

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How To Be A Great Mom Next Week

My Favorite Parenting Class You don’t want to miss this! Twice a year (ish) I host a parenting webinar with TODAY Show contributor and parenting expert, Amy McCready. It never fails that the rest of the week, I feel like I rock this motherhood thing. It’s amazing what a few simple communication and parenting tips […]

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A Free Parenting Training Session Online Next Tuesday!

Let’s Learn Together! Mark your calendars, friends! Next Tuesday (5/8) at 10am and 9pm EST we are having another online “get together”! Parenting expert and TODAY show contributor, Amy McCready, will share her wisdom and encouragement with us. I’ve hosted webinars with Amy for quite awhile and every single time I am incredibly inspired and […]

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A Secret Weapon for Stressful Holiday Situations

photo credit Note from Kat: This is a guest post from one of my dearest friends, Kellye. She does a lot to help with Hello Mornings (have you registered yet?). I hope you’ll make her feel welcome today! Also? This picture TOTALLY cracked us up… A Secret Weapon Against Holiday Stress I love what Kat […]

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Bedtime Woes – Help a Girl Out?

(Note from Kat: My dear friend Katie is one of the new Inspired To Action monthly contributors. I hope you’ll help make her feel welcome today!) Bedtime Woes So, I’ve been feeling a bit stuck about bedtime around here. My older two, who are six and almost four are loving the “I’m hungry/thirsty/not sleepy/anything-else-they-can-think-of-that-can-get-them-out-of-going-to-sleep” game. […]

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Don’t Miss the Free Parenting Webinars Today!

We now have space for 400 in each of the webinars with Amy McCready today! The evening session is nearly full, but if you’re quick you should get in. The afternoon session has more room, but we should fill that one up too. I hope you’ll join us! Click here to register or learn more […]

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8 Verses to Inspire Us To Be Patient Mothers

When the baby is crying, the toddler is having a tantrum and your 6 year old can’t find his glove for his T-ball game you needed to be at 10 minutes ago, patience can be elusive. Here are eight verses to memorize or write on notecards and post above your sink, in your car or […]

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