The Year of Motherhood: Full Year Recap

This post was written by contributor Jamie Ivey.

December Recap – Jesse Tree

My goal for the month of December was to do the Jesse Tree with my kids during advent.  Last year we read Jotham’s Journey and we loved it, but let’s just say we never found out what happened to poor Jotham because we never finished the book.  I was open to anything for advent and had heard great things about the Truth in the Tinsel advent experience as well.  I didn’t care what we did, we were just going to do something!

My church really helped me out on this one because each week they would send home the reading schedule for us along with ornaments for the kids to decorate.  Oh how they helped out this momma that is not crafty!  Another awesome thing was that most of the readings from our advent were from The Jesus Storybook Bible.  If you do not have this bible for your kids, stop right now and go buy it.  I’m serious.  I have cried when reading it to my children.  EVERY SINGLE STORY POINTS TO JESUS.  It’s an amazing picture of God’s love story for us and him sending us a rescuer.

Anyhow back to advent …. we read the scriptures and created our ornaments.  I’ll be honest and say some days we missed our time.  Some days we did three at once.  The thing I love about advent so much is the anticipation for the birth of Jesus.  It’s all a huge build up and then JESUS IS HERE!

The Year of Motherhood in Review

The Year of Motherhood challenge has been so great for me as a mom.  Am I better mom because of it?  Sure. Was I a bad mom before I started?  No.  

The challenge for me was birthed out of last Christmas season and realizing I wanted to be a better mom.  I wanted to challenge myself in areas that I knew I wanted to grow in.  (I talk more about the challenge on the podcast with Kat.  You can listen HERE.)

This year has shown me three things.  

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The Year of Motherhood: Serving Our City Together

This post was written by contributor Jamie Ivey.

Serving our City Together

In the eleven months of my year of motherhood challenge, I never imagined that this one would give me the most trouble.  I would have looked ahead to November and thought – EASY.  I love our city.  I love to serve.  This will be a no brainer.

Instead it was super hard.  I’m not sure if it was the time of year that made it hard.  Are we too busy now?  Oh that’s a lame excuse to not serve.  Or is it my kids ages?  Are they too young to get it?  Yeah, even lamer.  Kids only know what you teach them.  Did I just not see the value in this?

None of my excuses seem to matter.  I learned a lot about myself and my kids by looking back on this month.

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The Year of Motherhood: Discovering our City

This post was written by contributor Jamie Ivey. Bucket List for your city Not long after we moved to Austin I discovered a blog written by a mom in town that had made a list of all the things to do with your kids around Austin before they go off to kindergarten. It was her own […]

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The Year of Motherhood: Healthy Meals

    This post was written by contributor Jamie Ivey. Teaching Healthy Habits I try really hard to teach my kids about healthy living.  We play sports, try and work out, and try our hardest to put good foods in our bodies.  It’s important to my husband, Aaron, and I that we try and teach […]

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Memorizing Scripture with your kids

  Overcoming the hurdles I’ve heard that your kids can take on your personality, your likes, your dislikes, and your temperaments just from growing up in your household for their first 18 years.  I’m trying to break one cycle for my kids and hoping they aren’t like me in this area, and that’s memorizing scripture.  […]

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The Year Of Motherhood: Praying For My Kids

Praying for My Kids in July I love the way God perfectly orchestrates things in our lives, and when we realize it, it can bring you straight to your happy place.  When I had this weird idea back in December to spend 2012 challenging myself in a new way each month I had no idea […]

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The Year of Motherhood: Fruit of the Spirit

Six months into the challenge …. This completes the sixth month for my YEAR OF MOTHERHOOD challenge that I started this year.  My whole intention with this challenge was not to compare myself to others, or to see how bad I am at certain areas of motherhood, or to point out how good I am […]

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The Year of Motherhood: Encouraging our kids

MAY RECAP – encouraging my kids My May challenge was to spend time daily encouraging each of my kids. The definition of encourage is this:  to inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence.  To stimulate by assistance, approval, etc.  To promote, advance, or foster. I sometimes find myself more as an office manager of our company, […]

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The Year of Motherhood: Themed Family Nights

April Family Night – Recap! My April challenge was to plan a family night each week that was more than dinner and a movie. I feel like my husband, Aaron, and I spend a good amount of quality family time with our kids, but for some reason I felt as though we needed a little […]

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The Year of Motherhood: March Update and April Challenge (Family Nights!)

Editor’s Note: Today we have another motivating read by Jamie Ivey, sharing more about her Year of Motherhood. The need to schedule. If someone would have walked up to me eight years ago as I held my precious 2 month old baby and told me that in eight short years you will have four kids […]

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