She’s literally a rock star mama. Today we’re chatting with Jenny Simmons, the former lead singer of the band Addison Road. We talk about what unconventional motherhood looks like, what she did when her tour bus blew up (!) and how to recover when our dreams die. And I have to tell you, when we started talking about motherhood, she shared a piece of advice that is one of the wisest nuggets of wisdom I’ve heard. You won’t want to miss this episode!


In This Episode You’ll Hear…

  • How music has shaped her soul and Addison Road was born
  • Some of the best moments from being on the road
  • Amazing advice on unconventional motherhood
  • Jenny’s story of devastation and walking through grief

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Quick Links

  1. Jenny’s book – The Road to Becoming
  2. Love the song in the outro? It’s called God Day. It’s by Jen Stanbro and you can get it on iTunes by clicking here and check out Jen’s site by clicking here.

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  • Avatar Heather says:

    Great episode! Thanks Kat! Been thinking about this all day!

  • Avatar Elizabeth says:

    1. We know the butler is Alfred from Larryboy and Veggie tales 🙂
    2. Wow, I needed this. I was just talking with my therapists about how I KNOW that the purpose of life is to know God not do for God but all my ministry has stopped and I feel I am supposed to wait and rest for a while and it is so hard! Great to hear this.
    3. It was great to get to hear the whole God Day song, that was a fun surprise.
    Keep up the great work!

    • Avatar Kat Lee says:

      1. Smart! Thanks for clarifying. 🙂 Now the theme song is stuck in my head.
      2. So glad it encouraged you.
      3. Glad you liked it! Such a great song…

  • Avatar Janet says:

    Oh, man, I cried through much of this episode. I was all alone, cleaning toilets and thinking that I would just listen for some simple Mom encouragement, but instead God spoke directly to my heart. Hearing Jenny’s honest heart, just cracked my strong “I’ll push through it” attitude. My heart is raw with disappointment. It’s time to grieve these things, and ask God to teach me to embrace the road he has put me on.


  • Avatar Lisa says:

    Listened to half of the episode on my way to work and can’t wait to go home to finish it! I listen to “Stories” all the time when I need to relax and get some peace. “This Little Light of Mine” is one of the songs I sing to my baby at bedtime. 🙂 Thanks Jenny for sharing your story and thank you Kat for your heart to inspire moms! xoxo

  • Avatar Gundzilla says:

    After a few really crazy months of life, my husband gave me the afternoon off. I was able to clean (without interruption!) and catch up on your podcast. It was truly totally refreshing for me to listen to Jenny’s story and be able to relate 1000% — although, without so many dramatic events. I can’t wait to read her book. Thanks for all you do, Kat!