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By January 18, 2015Meal Planning Boot Camp


(Here is the main page for the Meal Planning Boot Camp with links to all the lessons.)

Welcome New Recruits

I’ve shared about doing this Meal Planning Bootcamp for a few weeks now on the podcast. I love how excited you all are about it! I thought I’d give you a little overview and a few tips before we get started.

I’m doing this “boot camp” because over the Thanksgiving holiday I shared about the website I use to do my meal planning. It’s called I was blown away by how many of you signed up for it. I want to follow up and make sure you have everything you need to make the most of it.

Hence, boot camp…

What Will You Learn?
This meal planning boot camp is going to be centered around the service. Why? Well, because it’s the only meal planning system that has ever worked for me, so it’s the only method that I could cover with any semblance of authority.

However, the overall method of organizing recipes into weekly menus with a corresponding shopping list will help anyone on any system. And the accountability of going through the bootcamp together might just be the motivation you need to get your meal planning in order.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

However, I’m not a food blogger or any sort of meal planning expert. I’m just a mom who loathes meal planning, cooks only when forced (It’s like my family expects to eat every single day. What’s up with that?) and wants to simplify the process as much as possible.

This system allows me to meal plan in less than 5 minutes each week. How awesome is that?

I don’t have all my recipes tagged or perfectly categorized. I don’t even have photos for a lot of them. I thought about tidying up my recipes and such before doing the screencasts, but then I thought it would be best for you to see that it doesn’t need to be perfect to work well.

I expect you to work this week. No, really. I do. If you’ve signed up for PTE and you are following along, take a look at your calendar for this week. Right now, I want you to block off at least 30 minutes a day to work on your meal planning system.

If you put in the work this week, by next Sunday, meal planning stress could be a thing of the past. But you need to work hard this week.


Lesson and Homework Overview

Lesson 1: Recipe overview. I will walk you through the process of entering recipes in PTE.
Homework: Enter at least 5 recipes into your account.

Lesson 2: Planning overview. In this lesson I will walk you through the Planning section of PTE and the process of both planning a week of meals as well as creating a reusable menu.
Homework: Add 5 recipes. Meal plan one week and create a saved menu.

Lesson 3: Shopping List – In this lesson I will show you the shopping list feature of PTE and how to sort and organize your list for your shopping habits.
Homework: Add 5 recipes. Organize your shopping list and categories.

Lesson 4: Q & A (and Friend section of PTE) – throughout the week, I hope you’ll ask lots of questions. On Friday I’ll share written and screencast answers to as many of them as I can.
Homework: Read through the comments and do what you can to help other recruits.

Lesson 5: Graduation ceremony – Graduation is based on the honor system. If you follow along all week and complete all the homework assignments, you are a graduate. Hooa!! or is it…huuua!!… (Army people, help a civilian out, how do you spell that?)
Homework: On this day, I want you to share your progress and your tips. You can do this in the comments or you can share a link in the comments to a blog post where you’ve written your progress report.

Get Ready…

Here is what I want you to have ready by tomorrow:

  • Get your free 30 day trial Plan To Eat account started.
  • Gather your favorite recipes in one place, preferably near the computer.
  • Write down a list of all the non-recipe things you eat – like cereal, sandwiches etc.
  • Set aside at least 30 minutes a day this week.
  • Practice relaxing. You’ll have a lot more time each week to do that once boot camp is over and you are a meal planning ninja.

Now rest up recruits. Tomorrow is a big day.

-Drill Sergeant Kat

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  • Avatar Leann says:

    I already have an account with PTE that I started in December and this perfect for getting me started using this plan! Thank you so much for doing this!!!

  • Avatar Lisa says:

    You guys are going to love PTE! I use it all the time and it is amazing when planning a party menu!

  • Avatar cheyney says:

    I am in the same boat as Leann, I joined PTE in December but have yet to figure it out. I REALLY appreciate you doing this boot camp. I am enjoying entering my favorite recipes. I am wondering how to add friends and can I add you as a friend to “steal” some of your recipes???
    Thanks again and again! This is just what I need!

  • Avatar Staci says:

    Love this! I signed up for the 30 day trial with PTE but have not used it yet. This is just what I needed!

  • Avatar Nyamburak says:

    I just joined PTE and i cant wait to get started. Just asking, is there a way to have all the recipes you create and save in a recipe cards or into a printable. i hope these can be answered as we go one. Good job


  • Avatar Laura Kane says:

    I’ve joined PTE and am excited to learn more about the features. Its kinda been hit or miss as I’ve wandered through it. Feel free to add me: laurakane1108

  • Avatar Corrynn Bradford says:

    I just saw these I’m so excited to start getting organized for the year!!!! If you want to add me my name is: Corrynny

    Can’t wait to start finding some new recipes!!!!

  • Avatar Cynthia says:

    Great idea, Kat. I purchased PTE during their Black Friday sale but haven’t done anything with it.

  • Avatar Natalie says:

    It’s “Hooah!”.. Kat. You were close the first time. 😉

  • Avatar Tina says:

    Can I still do this? I tried them out, but got confused and had glitches between the desktop computer and the ipad. Then we got a virus on our desktop at the same time and it was a mess so I finally gave up, but I’d be more than willing to try again if I had a “coach”. I just found your existed this morning during my quiet time. I look forward to exploring your site and getting to know you and your resources.

  • Avatar Laura Hess says:

    Where can I find “Lesson 4: Q & A (and Friend section of PTE) – throughout the week, I hope you’ll ask lots of questions. On Friday I’ll share written and screencast answers to as many of them as I can.” I am looking for the screencast part.