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Hi friends! I’ve been very busy working on a fun project for you and I’m so excited to share about it today.

As you might know, I wrote a book called Maximize Your Mornings and it’s all about helping you to develop an amazing morning routine. And we have a community challenge called HelloMornings that is designed to help you build that habit with a community of other women. (Actually, registration just opened this week and we’d love to have you join us. Spots are filling up fast, though, so make sure to sign up soon.)


Well, The HelloMornings Team and I have created two NEW resources that I think will be amazingly helpful for those of you wanting to make the most of your mornings.

The FREE HelloMornings Workbook

First of all, we have a new HelloMornings Workbook that we will be giving out FREE to everyone who participates in the HelloMornings Challenge. The workbook has pages for each day of the challenge with the Bible reading for that day (this session we are all studying the book of Jonah), a reflection prompt, a journaling section, a planning section and a fitness section.


So, you’ll be able to hit on each aspect of HelloMornings on one simple page. I’m really excited about this resource and how it’s going to simplify things for everyone.

It will make it SO much easier for new members to follow along and it will help everyone else make progress on all three areas (God. Plan. Move.) of HelloMornings.

Imagine thousands of women all over the world daily spending time with God, planning their days based on what God is teaching them and then learning to be healthy so they can live out the things He is calling them to…powerful stuff, my friends!

The (optional) HelloMornings Power Pack

Speaking of power, we are also introducing a new resource that we are calling the Power Pack. This is an extra resource that we are offering and it is for those wanting to take their HelloMornings to the next level. This session’s Power Pack includes :

HelloMornings Power Pack.001

We did our best to jam pack the kit with everything you need to grow in the three areas of HelloMornings – God. Plan. Move.

And, for this initial launch of the Power Pack, we are offering it for just $4.97!

(I want to give a HUGE thanks to Jen Stanbro and Emily Thomas for sharing their talents with us in this Power Pack. Jen is the beautiful voice behind the “God Day” song (you’ve probably heard it at the end of the Inspired To Action podcast) and Emily created a CUSTOM printable of our HelloMornings theme verse – Psalm 143:8.)

Why are we offering the Power Pack?
Because we want to equip women who want to go deeper in each area, and we can do that best by creating something valuable that will help them and will allow us to cover the costs of the challenge in addition to allowing us to have the resources to create exceptional materials for everyone.

We are so excited to offer these resources to you and have plans really take HelloMornings to a new level where everyone has the resources they need to truly thrive.

To learn more about HelloMornings click here and to grab your copy of the Power Pack click here!

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  • Julie Reynolds says:

    I LOVE the new cover on that workbook!!!! LOVE!!!

  • Julie Reynolds says:

    hey Kat – is there any way I could get you to email me that cover? I would love to have it for my ARC workbook for HelloMornings. Thanks

    • Kat says:

      Funny story – sort of – I actually don’t have a copy of a flat version of that image. I only have the book looking version. I used an ebook image creation site and it didn’t provide a flat version. Random, I know.

  • Dee says:

    Good Morning, I am so excited I found this site. I really have enjoyed your content. I was trying to sign up for the challenge but I found it to late:( anyways I purchased the power pack and loved it. I was wondering if I can purchase the work book somewhere? Have a great day and thank you!

    • Joyce says:

      Hi Dee, If you go to the HelloMornings Challenge site, you can register and there will be a download link for the HelloMornings Workbook. Let me know if you need help with that.

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