It’s Not About a To-Do List

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Note from Kat: Today’s post is from my friend Patti Brown.

Some days my brain doesn’t want to turn on until 8:00. I get up early, sit on my couch and look at my bible, but the words swim.

I’ll fight it. I’ll brew more tea or make an egg or do something that I hope will get those brain cells firing. But some days it just isn’t gonna happen.

Do you have days like that too? Do you get worried or feel like you’ve failed if you can’t get your bible study done first thing in the morning?
It’s Not About a To-Do List
As much as bible study is vital to every Christian, and I am passionate about encouraging women to stay in the Word, we busy gals have to guard against turning it into another thing to check off the to-do list.

Your time with God is not about a to-do list. It’s about a relationship.

My youngest is seven years old, but he is not too big for morning snuggle time. He crawls out of bed and into my lap and we just sit. It’s a time of kisses and hugs and sweetness. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we are silent. I enjoy these moments so much, knowing the time is flying away before my eyes.

Your Abba Father – your Heavenly Daddy – wants more time with you.

When you get together with your best friend, do you bring a list of topics that need to be discussed? Do you feel there are certain things that must be accomplished in order to have had a satisfactory time together? 

Nah, probably not.

Cup of coffee? Check. Discuss children? Check. Relate most recent difficult situation? Check.

And your quiet time, your HelloMornings time, does not have to be a checklist either. Spend time in the Word every day, but there is no rule that your study time has to be just after you stumble out of bed.

Your morning meeting with the Father can be a time of enjoying a prayer conversation, singing love songs to Him, resting in His presence. Be with Him.

When We Most Need Those Quiet Moments with God

And have you noticed? The days we are most likely to race past time with God are the days we need it most. You know – the crazy hectic days when the calendar looks like a toddler’s scratch pad, all covered with pen. 

Just like you make an extra effort to give the people you love hugs and kisses and encouragement before a hard day, make an extra effort to get Abba time before your hard days.

He’s just waiting to love on you up there in His lap.


Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 10.33.52 PMPatti homesteads and homeschools in Texas with her husband and three children. Between correcting math and feeding chickens, she writes with her daughter at Blossoms and Posies, their home arts website for girls, and on her personal blog Joyful Mama. Patti first joined the HelloMornings community in November 2010.

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  • Yes! I feel that way so often too. I am not fully awake until about 2 cups of coffee are in me 🙂 Love the reminder that He meets us whereever, whenever throughout the day!

  • Grace from London says:

    So true! Hands up! I’ve been there! But remember, it’s all about grace. His grace for my present, past and future. Thank you Patti for such a helpful reminder.