ITA #48 – How to Have a Wardrobe You Love without Losing Your Money or Your Mind – with Hayley Morgan

If the idea of a simple, beautiful and intentional wardrobe sounds fantastic to you, you’ll love this episode of the podcast with Hayley Morgan.

Hayley wrote a book called The No Brainer Wardrobe and she shares some fantastic tips on how to feel good about what’s in your closet, what you wear and how much you spend on clothes.

She also talks about how to approach fashion as we get older and wear clothes that feel “honest” to us.

Grab your headphones, join us for a chat and keep reading to learn more!


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  1. I have always had a hard time until I discovered Dressing Your Truth. It has changed the way I dress and actually helped me realize exactly what style and colors I prefer. Thanks to Hayley for her great tips. I do have a no brainer wardrobe and I love it!

  2. I thought I was pretty good at keeping my wardrobe to only things I love and wear… but I haven’t been lately. I loved Haley’s idea of only 50 hangers! I will have to try that. And I must be old too because I remember the last time Doc Marten’s and shorts were popular. :)

  3. kristen says:

    what is this song at the end of the podcast…so beautiful, light and airy!!!! would love to know who!thanks! :)

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