ITA #39 – My Story – How God Takes Brokenness Aside and Makes It Beautiful

By April 7, 2014Podcast

I realized that as we near episode #40, I’ve shared a lot of other people’s stories, but I’ve never shared my own in its entirety. Now it feels a little weird to record a whole episode about…me, but really it’s about God and the amazing story he must have had so much fun weaving into my life.


My goal in sharing this is that it might remind you that no matter what season of life or motherhood you are in, He is weaving a powerful story into your life as well.

It may take 38 years to see the whole tapestry, but when we do…it’s breathtaking.

Grab your headphones and join me for a chat!

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  • Sharon says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your story Kat. It really touched my heart. Thanks so much for all of the work you put into this podcast too. It’s always so encouraging and keeps reminding me how valuable the work we do each day as moms really is.

  • kaye says:

    thanks so much for sharing your some of your story! it was so good to get to know you more and hear how God has worked in your life. i can relate to some of the things behind what you said about your childhood and how that carried out into your life. when i was young, my mom left our family and i grew up not knowing her for a long time, and the contact we did have was scary, disappointed, and during most of my adolescence i (sadly) thought that it would have been less hurtful if she just would have been dead rather than reject me and hurt me over and over again for years. i can relate to how mothers day was one of your least favorite days, how i was more of tomboy and felt un-savvy and uncomfortable with my girlyness and fashion, and how i always yearned for that mother-daughter bond. we were estranged my whole life, even at my wedding my mom and her side of the family were not there.
    im thankful my wishes didn’t come true (about rather her being dead) because she has finally gotten help with her alcohol and drug addiction, ive been able to forgive her and make ammends, and we are rebuilding a relationship. we are not bff (yet! i have hopes!) but we talk on the phone once a week and see each other on holidays. now i am a mom of 2 young boys and its been healing for us for her to be a good grandma to them. they have no idea of her past and i want them to have great memories with her, that i never had. i want to help support her in her recovery and sobriety, and continue to lead her to Jesus.
    we hope to have more children and i long to have a daughter (or two!) to experience some of that mother-daughter thing i never had with mine, like you mentioned with your girls. i think that could be so healing and nice, but i think just becoming a mom and being there every day to nurture my boys has blessed me greatly. sometimes when i get impatient, angry and get harsh with them, i get flashbacks of my mom’s ugliness towards me and i am humbled that i am just as big of a sinner as she, and in need of God’s help each day to show love and not selfishness and anger.
    another great gift of healing God gave me was an amazing mother in law! she is not a believer (yet!) but we are soooo close, connect on a lot of levels, enjoy each others company, do arts and crafts, shop, and do girly things together! 🙂 it took me 21 years to get a decent mom, but God provided one in a way i never saw coming. now she is more like a mom to me, that i call in times of need, and i am so blessed to be her daughter. (she only had 2 boys so she always wanted a daughter too! God gave her one–Me! isnt that awesome!?)
    thanks so much for the prayer and inspiration. naptime well spent! 🙂

    • Kat says:

      Wow Kaye….what a beautiful story you have. I just LOVE how God brings things full circle. I’m praying right now for you, your mom, your mother-in-law, and your children…

  • LaToya says:


    I believe that we all have a choice in how we deal with the hardships that life brings. You could have chosen to wallow in your brokenness and spiral into self-pity and negativity but you made the courageous choice to allow God to use you. Your children are extremely blessed to call you mom and I truly believe that your mom would be so proud of you for not only fighting to be a great mom but for inspiring others to do the same. God bless you and thank you so much for what you do. You inspire us all to know that although we are not perfect, what we do for our families is important and it is God’s work.

    • Kat says:

      Well, now you went ahead and made me cry. 🙂 I do hope my mother would be proud of me, thank you for taking the time to encourage me with that. I appreciate you!

  • Nancy says:

    how can i get a copy of that print?

    • Kat says:

      Actually, the lovely ladies at had it painted for me when I was a speaker at Allume. The painter is Terri St. Cloud – perhaps you could google her and contact her about having a print made?

  • Erika says:

    So, this should come with a warning…have kleenex nearby while listening! Thank you for sharing your story, it is beautiful. Please keep doing the podcasts, they are so encouraging. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go wash the mascara off my face and go be awesome. (Fist bump)

  • My father died when I was nine years old, so I relate to the profound loss of a parent. But the story of redemption you’ve shared here is exactly the reason I named my blog 8:28 (Romans 8:28). Only HE can work all those details together… down to the littlest details of your trip to the Philippines with Compassion. He’s done the same in my life, too. He is SO good, isn’t He?

    • Kat says:

      Oh, I can’t imagine how hard that must have been at 9 years old…I love that God has worked it all together for good in your life! Yes, He certainly is good!

  • Kat, I am impressed you made it through this without sobbing! I was bawling. While I don’t identify with growing up without a parent (so blessed to have wonderful, Christian, still-married parents!), sometimes the creativity and goodness of our God is so awesome I can’t stand it! Your story about going to the Philippines gave me chills. What a mighty God we serve. The Scripture you shared is the one we picked for our daughter’s dedication, so I rarely hear it without crying, anyway. That she may know His heights and depths!

  • Oh my goodness, girl! What a powerful testimony of God’s redeeming power and his lavish love for his children. What an amazing God we serve!

    Thank you for opening your heart to all of us. Thank you for allowing our Glorious God to use you in order to display the magnificence of His Awesome glory! Thank you for speaking into the lives of moms in such a powerful way. We need your voice of truth.

    Keep speaking boldly, and courageously for our God has qualified you for this awesome privilege. You have blessed me more than you know.

    With love and gratitude,

  • This was beautiful. I cried. And it reminded me so much of Lisa-Jo’s story. Thank you for sharing…

  • Miranda says:

    So powerful. So beautiful.
    You’ve really encouraged me today, Kat Lee. Well actually, with each podcast you encourage me. Thank you for praying for me, a mom of 2, who’s already had a redeeming day. Thank you

  • Brittany says:

    I really hope something like this happens for me some day – I grew up without a father (despite having a father, a step-father, three uncles AND an older brother) and don’t have a good relationship with my mom. I’m still reeling from years of sexual abuse at the hands of my older brother’s friend, even though it ended three years ago and everyone keeps telling me to “get over it.” I really, really hope I can have a story like this to share someday, but for now it isn’t looking too good…

    • My dear Brittany,

      I am so sorry to hear of your pain.

      You can’t and you shouldn’t “get over it”. How can you? Would we tell a cancer patient to suck it up and get over it? Would we tell a heart attack victim to get over it? No we wouldn’t. We recognize that something in their body needs to be healed.

      You need healing. And Jesus is ready and willing to heal your brokenness. Completely. Kat’s story is no “special circumstance”. God is in the business of healing us of our deepest wounds and turning tragedies into amazing stories of victory! We all have our stories to tell.

      Jesus wants to heal you. But you must come to Him. In fact, he offers this invitation to each of us: Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.”

      Bring your pain to him and let him do his amazing work. Start with crying out to him in prayer. Listen to his voice through his word and allow him pour out healing through his Holy Spirit. Our Father has chosen to work through His people, so I would encourage you get connected with a church full of people who love Jesus. You need supportive, encouraging people around you. This is the kind of environment where healing takes place. I also encourage you to start seeing a christian counselor or a pastor or connecting with someone who can walk with you step by step through this process of healing. I’ve done this with other women, and I’d be happy to do this for you. Please contact me, if I can help.

      In the meantime, I’m praying for you and the many others whom you represent. I know there are others who feel hopeless and stuck. God is ready. Are you ready to move out into the life he has for you?

      He has some awesome plans for you! He’s just waiting on you.

      May these songs speak to your heart:

    • Kat says:

      One of my favorite quotes is from Corrie ten Boom, a Dutch woman who survived the concentration camp she was sent to after risking her life to save Jews during WWII. She said, “There is no pit so deep, that He is not deeper still.” Brittany, there is nothing…absolutely nothing…beyond His reach. He brought is own son, Jesus, from the grip of death. He can reach into your situation and redeem it in ways unimaginable and beautiful beyond compare. If you aren’t already in counseling for what happened to you, I highly encourage it. It’s not something to be “gotten over” but rather something to be walked through with a wise counselor.
      I’m praying for you today, sweet girl.

  • Lissy says:

    Thank you for sharing this Kat, what a story. I listen while doing housework and I basically just washed my dishes with my own tears!! I’m feeling empowered and encouraged to listen to the whispers. Thank you, bless you!, lots of love.

  • Angie S says:

    Thank you, Kat, for this vulnerable podcast! It totally blessed me and made my day! All of your podcasts say something to me, and I share a lot of them with my sister. I’ve been on this parenting road for almost 16 years and still need support and love from friends to get through each day. You have been a real blessing to me, and I just wanted to let you know, today.

  • Bridget K says:

    Thanks Kat,
    Trying to be awesome – you too, girlfriend. Still loving Hello Mornings and all it’s done to make me a better me. Many, many thanks.
    Peace to you today.

  • Julie Winslow says:

    Kat, Thanks so much for sharing your story. I cried as well! It was a moving reminder of God’s faithfulness to us through the years that seem to be a desert. I’m wondering who the song at the end is by? I’d like to hear more music by her. Two years ago I started trying to get up early to have quiet time using the materials by Good Morning Girls ( It’s still a struggle and I don’t always make it, so I’m looking forward to reading your e-book for more inspiration in that department. Keep speaking what God puts on your heart. We need to hear it! Blessings on you today!