ITA #33 – When Motherhood Doesn’t Go As Planned – An Interview with Kathryn Jackson

By February 17, 2014Podcast

I’m going to warn you. This is an emotional episode. It isn’t your average motherhood story. Kathryn Jackson’s deep faith, honesty and response to a devastating car accident that reshaped her life will inspire you to look at your role as a mother in a new light.

Kathryn is a wife, mother of three and a blogger. In 2013 she blogged through the Bible, not only reading through the scriptures each and every day, but also sharing insight and wisdom on her blog. In addition to her blog through the Bible site, she also shares her journey on her own blog as a mother of three children, including Anne, whom you’ll hear about in today’s show.

Grab your headphones (and maybe a tissue or two), join us for a chat and keep reading to learn more!


Get Inspired

(There’s only one tip from today’s show, because it’s such a personal story and it can’t really be outlined in bullet points. However, I hope we’ll all take the advice Kathryn shares below and respond confidently and lovingly to those in challenging circumstances.)

Tip: How to Bless A Caretaker

Kathryn shares how isolating it can be as a caretaker, and offers several wonderful suggestions on how we can bless those in our lives who are going through trials.

  • Be intentionally inclusive
  • Engage and ask questions
  • Continue to find ways to recognize & meet needs
  • Don’t avoid sharing your own story

Tweet to Inspire: “God’s love is so evident through our brokenness and weakness.” – Kathryn Jackson on @Inspired2Action

Tweet to Inspire: “Find God in the midst of the mundane” – Kathryn Jackson on @Inspired2Action

Take Action

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  • Avatar Kari says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Kathryn. I said a prayer for you and your family as I finished listening. I encourage others to do the same.

    Thank you for your podcasts Kat. Saying a prayer for you and yours too.

    • Avatar kathryn says:

      Kari, Thank you! Your prayers are so meaningful to me and my family. We are always so humbled and honored when others pray for us! I share your gratefulness for Kat and her ministry. What a gift she is to so many!

  • Avatar Taylor Irby says:

    Thank you so much dear Kathryn for sharing!!! Your life inspires me, and so does Anne’s. Praying for you guys so much. Love you.

  • Avatar Janelle says:

    Oh sweet Kathryn, how your story has touched me so. Celebrating the miracle of life with you, and yet also praying for your sweet mother’s heart.

  • Avatar Grace from London says:

    Kathryn, thank you for sharing your mundane and your encouragement to find glory in our own mundane. I needed the reminder that life will not always be the same and I need to treasure my littles as they are. I was about to ask Kat to stop doing podcasts with all these amazing super moms who have written books and seem to do so much of the impossible everyday. Yet even as I write this, I realised YOU do the impossible everyday Kathryn. So thank you for sharing, for encouragement and for reminding me that it’s all God’s grace, right down to the very circumstances that we find ourselves in. Thank you for the privilege in joining many others who prays for Ann and your family. Praying that her eye tracking and balance will improve. And now I must call my friend who is also a carer.

  • Avatar Judy D says:

    As I am finishing up your podcast with Kathryn Jackson it brought to mind two things. How to be grateful and give God the glory for all that we go through and to always even in the hard times to praise him. She mentioned towards the end she was “rambling” yet she touched my heart by saying this is a season we go through. To enjoy our children in what ever season we are in. 🙂 She may have felt it was rambling but for me it was the Holy Spirit working through her.

    Thank you and Kathryn for sharing your stories and time.

  • Avatar LaToya says:


    Thank you so much for sharing your story. Two years ago I was in a similar car accident with my two boys (2 and 5 at the time). We were on our way home after a particularly long day at work for me and I will admit that my mind was distracted. I was in the right lane and we were stopped at a red light behind another car. The car in front of me turned right and I must have thought the light had turned green and proceeded to go. It wasn’t until I was already in the street that I looked up and saw that the light was still red and that there was an SUV heading full speed straight for us on the drivers side. All I could think in that moment was “please God save my boys!” Something (I believe it was God) told me to turn the wheel left in the direction of the on coming vehicle. The impact happened so suddenly and the car t-boned my door, causing the entire door to wrap in around my left leg. I didn’t black out but I remember that my first instinct was to see if my boys were okay. I could hear them screaming and crying so I knew that they were ok but I couldn’t see if they were hurt because I couldn’t move my left leg to turn around. With all of my strength I pulled myself into the passengers seat and was trying to get out of the car so that I could get to my kids when other people who had witnessed the accident came and helped the boys out of the car and told me that they were okay. It wasn’t until then that the pain in my leg hit me. I had suffered a fractured pelvis but my boys were alright. It’s crazy but at that moment I didn’t care if I never walked again, I was just so grateful that they were ok and had only suffered mild injuries. I realized that if I hadn’t turned into the oncoming car, my two year old who was in the passenger seat behind me, might not be here today because the car would have hit him directly if I had not turned. Three months later, I did eventually walk again but that day has forever changed my life and made me realize how blessed we truly were to survive the accident and how even when my kids are driving me crazy, it is a blessing that they are still here. I never want to take them for granted and I let them know every day that I love them. Your story has touched me personally and I hope that it has inspired others to realize that something like this could happen to any of us, no matter how cautious we try to be. We need to be grateful to God everyday that he allows us with our children and remember this in times when we feel stressed or particularly irritated with them.