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By February 3, 2014Podcast

Don’t miss my big challenge to you in the intro of today’s podcast. I think it’s an essential part of becoming an incredible mom and I hope you’ll take me up on it.

In this episode of the show, Elisa Pulliam shares with us her journey of becoming a more patient mom as well as her wisdom when it comes to mentoring and motherhood. As moms, we need mentors and we also need the skills to mentor our daughters. We will dive into all that and more in today’s show.

Grab your headphones and a cup of coffee and join us for a chat!

Elisa Pulliam is a blogger, author and speaker who has written extensively about mentoring and motherhood. Having worked for years with young women, she has a wealth of knowledge about how to disciple and teach our children.

Now that my own daughters are 11 and 9, I’m really wanting to learn more about how to invest in them in the best way possible so I’m just as excited about today’s show as I hope you are.

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The Journey to Patience

Elisa shares her journey from anger to patience, why she made the move from “Elisa” to “Lisa” after receiving a vision from God, and how God brought her healing through counseling and learning to surrender. She offers some great tips to help other moms start this journey:

  1. Identify your triggers – what makes you angry?
  2. Learn to manage those in the way that’s best for you
  3. Reach out to someone for help

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Mentoring and Motherhood

After working as a mentor for teens for over 15 years, Lisa now helps other women, specifically mothers, transform their lives through life coaching, accountability, and encouragement as they seek God’s answers together. She shares some amazing practical and simple tips on how to find a mentor, and how to mentor your own children.

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You’ll Also Learn:

  • What mentoring means
  • Tips on how to find a mentor
  • Helpful hints on mentoring your children

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