We Are Only as Strong as the Resistance We Face

By October 14, 2013Get Inspired

I’m going to be honest with you. I am probably in the most unhealthy season I’ve ever been in, in my life.


I’ve always been pretty athletic. I played sports growing up and did REALLY weird things like having my own personal triathlons (running, rollerblading, biking) around my neighborhood….for fun.

I’d play tennis for hours and hours…by myself. (Yes, my sanity is questionable.)

But lately? I’ve spent more time “thinking” I’m athletic than actually being athletic. I’ve been resting on the resistance I used to face instead of being brave enough to face any now.

I haven’t been running. I haven’t been lifting weights. I haven’t been pushing myself. I haven’t been growing.

I’ve been “busy” and I’ve been getting “old” and I’ve been tipping the scales in favor of comfort rather than change.

And you know what?

These days, I get tired in the afternoons with my kids. I’m afraid to go all out when we do play sports because I don’t want to “hurt myself” because I know I’m not as strong and apt to tweak something. I feel overwhelmed because there is so much I need to do, want to do, but I don’t have the energy to do it.

So I drink more coffee. And then I crash. Rinse. Repeat.

I put the responsibility on everyone else…

When I finish this project THEN I’ll have more time to hit the gym. When my puppy has all his shots and he can go on walks with me THEN I’ll start running again. When my husband isn’t going out of town so much THEN I’ll get into a good routine.

I’ve come to a solid and life altering conclusion:

We are only as strong as the resistance we face. <<-- Click to Tweet!

I can WAIT for the perfect life circumstances to align (hint: this will never happen) OR I can CHOOSE to do the right thing in the midst of all my messy imperfection.

I can WAIT for an injury to hit me and then work hard to recover and finally be inspired to prevent future injury OR I can CHOOSE resistance and get strong now.

I can WAIT for my home to be a disaster area, frustrating myself and my family OR I can CHOOSE to start right now and get things in order before they fall apart.

I could spend all day at the gym. I could even sit at the leg extension machine for a couple hours, but I will not get any stronger until I face the resistance and actually lift the weights. It’s hard, maybe a little painful, but it makes me stronger. And it’s infinitely better than waiting to get stronger in a physical therapists office because I injured myself because I didn’t CHOOSE resistance earlier.

I won’t get fitter, healthier, more patient, more like Jesus or anything else good until I face resistance. And I have a very, very simple choice. I can wait for that resistance to come (normally in some sort of disastrous way) or I can choose to bring resistance into my life.

I want to be a woman who chooses it. I want to train for my life instead of react to it.

I can choose to get up early to spend time with God. I can choose to lift weights. I can choose to run. I can choose to speak in kindness when I don’t feel like it. I can choose to serve my family. I can choose to do the dishes tonight instead of letting them “soak.” I can choose to cook dinner because it’s healthier than the take out I’d resort to otherwise. I can choose to go to bed on time, even though I’d really like to stay up late and pretend I’m in college. I can choose to lovingly respond to my children instead of emotionally respond to them.

As moms, we face resistance all. day. long. Choose it. Embrace it. Get stronger.
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p.s. It’s Monday, blank canvas day. This is your week to be strong. Take God’s hand and go be brave.

{fistbump – you can never have too many fist bumps.}

Question: What resistance do you need to embrace (patience, fitness etc.)? Click here to tell me in the comments.

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  • Jane says:

    Great post Kat! My question is what happens when we face crisis after crisis and the tiredness, lack of energy, fitness is not just about not choosing? What about when the resistance is draining, crushing and way more than we think we can bear? Do we just keep trying to choose until we can no longer move anymore under the weight of it all?

    • Kat says:

      There is a Corrie ten Boom quote that always inspires me, “There is no pit so deep, that He is not deeper still.”

      Knowing what she went through (enduring a concentration camp, the deaths of most of her family, and then choosing the resistance of forgiving one of the guards) I know that through His strength and Grace, we are capable of more than we could ever imagine.

      I think choosing resistance is the perspective shift we need to make, but to thrive or endure we can only do that by His strength and guidance.

  • Amy Pecoraro says:

    Ohhh… how I feel you! I LOVE when God is whispering the same thing in the ears of His kids. Truly, all that has been on my heart lately and I just wrote it on a sign and put at my desk is “NO MORE MEDIOCRITY!!” And moving from the mediocre requires facing resistance head on! So thank you for the encouragement… Let’s do this! (fistbump)

  • Nicole says:

    What a great post. I have been “choosing resistance” in the area of fitness lately. I’m six months active, I like to say. And after a lifetime of INactivity, it’s been a big change for me. I like how you brought to my mind that resistance is coming, but if I choose resistance now I can prepare or even avoid the more disastrous option. This morning I am beginning to choose resistance in my spiritual life by getting up earlier and having worship/Bible time. This change is inspired by your ebook so… Thanks.

  • Susan says:

    I had to complaining attitude in regard to my ability to change my circumstances and felt tied to my routine, which was not allowing much in favor of caring for my needs until about a month ago. I finally said, ENOUGH! I committed to a 30 day Paleo challenge and also confirmed my desire to run another half-marathon and even in the midst of hard times, I was brought back to these goals that meant a lot to me – it brought me routine and structure which has brought me feelings of peace. Being a mom is hard and when we are giving and giving we lose our needs – unless we decide to be intentional. Thanks for giving us all the encouragement! Praying you find your motivation!

    • Kat says:

      That’s a great point! It’s so important for moms to give out of the overflow and not just sacrifice. Certainly, there will be seasons of sacrifice, but it is so important for us to be as intentional about meeting our own needs (true needs similar to the ones you mention – health and fitness) as well as our kids’ needs. When is your half marathon?

  • Susan says:

    It is in November, in San Diego (I’m in Seattle, so a nice “good weather” break to run in!) I am the worst of not taking my needs into consideration, so I am certainly not bragging or being righteous! Just knew when I needed to stop complaining to do something!! I’ve lost 10 pounds in a month and my running has been so great for body and soul – but you know how that is too – for running! Thanks for all you do for moms!

  • Joyce says:

    How I needed to read this today!! Thank you!

  • Angela says:

    Kat, I have been a subscriber of your blog for some time now, but over the last month or so I have begun to listen to your podcasts. (Goodness, your podcasts have breathed new life into me! Thank you!) This is the first time I’ve left a comment, but this post really speaks to me now.

    Know that we all have those times where there are peaks and valleys along our journeys. But the thing I love most about this post is that you realize the season you’re in, and you’re doing something about it. That is awesome! (Fistbump!)

    Two of the greatest shifts in perspective for me have recently come from your podcasts. In one, about being a purposeful mom, you talked about working out and looking at it as needing to move your body everyday instead of “I have to exercise” or,” I don’t want to work out because it makes me really sore”. The fact that you said that even on rough days you can move for at least 5 mins was life changing for me. Also, when you spoke with Andy Andrews, he mentioned perspective, and something along the lines of changing the phrase: “I have to”, to “I GET to”. Love it! I’ve used that for SO many things…I get to clean my home, it means I have a house. I get to wash the laundry, it means that me and my family are clothed. I get to move my body (exercise) everyday, and that means that the Lord has given me full use and range of motion in my body. So, I take what you’ve shared today to heart, and will choose to embrace the resistance I’m faced with. I am really grateful for the way God has and continues to use you to inspire me to action! 🙂

    • Kat says:

      There isn’t much more challenging than having someone write your words back to you and have them hit home. This crazy last month or two I haven’t been consistent about my little 5 minute workout. Time to renew that habit!

      I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the podcasts. Wasn’t Andy Andrews great?! I was so inspired when he said that too.

      Thanks for inspiring ME today!

    • Emily says:

      Oh wow, just reading about what you learned in terms of perspective has been SO uplifting for me, especially about the “I get to” perspective, awesome!! I will no have to go listen to that podcast sooner than later 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  • Misti says:

    Oh how I needed this today! Thank you so much! *fistbump* I’m printing this out & I’m putting that quote where I can see it a lot! This season has been crazy & I have been waiting on things to slow down, but instead it just keeps changing & is “different”. I am going to CHOOSE to do something today!

    • Kat says:

      So very true. I’ve been waiting for things to slow down for about 11 years now and, you’re right, they don’t; they just change and look a little different.

      It reminds my of what my friend Liz Griffin says about our calling. We need to know who we are and what we are made to do and just figure out what that looks like in each and every season of our lives.

      There have been seasons when I would run for an hour or two…this isn’t one of them, but that doesn’t mean that I need to put my health on pause. It just means I need to figure out what fitness looks like in this season.

      Thanks for the fistbump!

  • jill says:

    Amen and amen!! I faced quite a bit of resistance this week while on vacation. First time mom, crowded condo, and an 8 month old who broke out in chickenpox (although we didn’t know what it was at the time). Talk about resistance testing my patience and my kindness. I don’t really know that I passed that test, but the Lord is growing me and strengthening me, and showing me some things that I want for Him to change in me! *fistbump* hehe!

    • Kat says:

      Whew! That does sound challenging…

      Is your little one feeling better yet? I imagine chicken pox with an 8 month old would be pretty rough.

  • Amy says:

    Kat…GREAT post! I , too, needed this today. So many things in my life to do and finish. I just want to curl up with Downton Abbey, a cup of tea, and a piece of pie…for like days! Alas, my life doesn’t allow it. I am feeling the need to push myself again. I walk 4-6 miles a week, but to get fit, it needs to be more, I have no idea where to find that time, but I’m sure Jesus can help me. When my daughter came home from China, we hadn’t had a babe in the house in 10 years. Just about every day was me literally pushing myself mentally and physically through the day. Sleep deprivation, transition issues, language barriers, household duties…it was overwhelming. I think, no…I KNOW, my natural bent is to sit in a corner and read, or ponder, etc. I love the quote about resistance. In the end, I certainly won’t regret it, but I will regret NOT doing it. Love the post!

  • Jana says:

    Kat, your words above are ever truthful, “…choosing resistance is the perspective shift we need to make, but to thrive or endure we can only do that by His strength and guidance.”
    Have I not learned that by myself I get no where?! I am unable to mobilise myself, to _GET_UP and to get my heart right before speaking to my toddlers when they mess-up. Thank you for emphasising to me tonight – only God can make me thrive and endure. Please pray for me, that I may get up tomorrow EARLY, before the little voices starts calling, and find His strength and guidance, and then face the resistance of my daily life. Thank you for your encouraging post. *fistbump* “I want to be a woman who chooses it. I want to train for my life instead of react to it.” Love it.

  • Faith Still says:

    so timely-I decided recently that it was time to get rid of the baby bump. I have three boys 2, 4, and 6 and I am 37 years old and I realized that I won’t be happy with myself if I don’t work at getting into better shape. I am tall and thin, but would still like to lose about 10 pounds and mostly in the waistline. I found a friend from my church Mom’s group to walk with me and we took the kids out today for a really long stroller walk. It was wonderful for both of us and the kids too. Thank you for some extra motivation.

    • Joyce says:

      That is great, Faith!! I know exactly what you’re talking about!! I am thin, so in my mind I always think that I could probably get getting stuff done from my to-do list than getting into “better shape.”. I love when it is more focused on the fitness side of things, and being healthy. A former classmate has inspired to me to get moving, and I think walking is what works for me too. It doesn’t have to be Insanity or P90X, or one of those more intense workouts. Moving is the goal, and that may look different for different people. Having a buddy definitely helps, too! 🙂

      • Emily says:

        Faith & Joyce,
        So encouraging to hear both of yall’s decision to be more fit! I too, had assumed that because I’ve been thin I could “get away” with not exercising – but recently, I’ve just been convicted that fitness is so much more than weight, not only will it help my energy level and long term health, it is also an area of stewardship I should not ignore! If you like walking I enjoyed the DVDs by Leslie Sansone 🙂 I also heard about a great book about this topic, called “Every Body Matters” by Gary Thomas.

  • Laura says:

    WOW! What a powerful article. I have never responded to an article before. But, I was wondering if God told you to speak directly to me. I am excellent at taking the comfort way of things. I keep trying to start and just give up. I must face the resistance. I am really good at keep my home in order. I am also really good at putting off all the other things I need to do for projects. I need to put my health and cooking for my family, instead of going out first. I must face my resistance. Thanks Kat!!!!!

  • Jen in Oz says:

    Funnily enough I have just spent the last 2 hours resisting sitting down to watch some TV shows I have recorded and folded the overflowing pile of washing on my lounge. Is it possible for a housewife to get an exerciser’s high? lol Resisting starts to become a little fun when you get the buzz of knowing you pushed through something that was previously very hard to do. I look forward to resisting more hard habits and having a lovely tidy home and a healthy body. *fistpump*

  • Sonja says:

    The crushing dead weight of responsibility and pressure to perform is overwhelming, I’m such a perfectionist with little perfected. I read your article and feel “YES! I can!!” but worry about my zealous nature and overtiring myself. It’s hard to keep the resistance going continuously. I fear my inabilities. Then I have to be gracious with myself to allow myself rest. I wish I could just stabilize and putter continuously thru life at 45% energy so I don’t find myself burning out so quickly. Should I just “resist” the temptation of resting when I really need to clean my house, get up early for the Lord, or make that amazing meal I’ve been wanting to make all month? What about resting and balance?

    • Kat says:

      Great question. I don’t think resistance is just about working. I think there is just as much resistance to rest as there is to workout. Sometimes we have to choose resistance by letting the laundry sit while we take a nap or leave the dishes while we go to bed early.

      I think it comes down to listening to God and our bodies and choosing to do the right thing and not just the next thing.

  • One of the best posts you have ever written. We as women NEED to hear this. Thank you!

  • Annabel says:

    Just wanted to say that I just had a lightbulb moment: lovingly responding is not the same as emotionally responding – probably very obvious to others but very helpful to me…thankyou

  • Marvita says:

    This is an awesome encouragement Kat! Thanks for sharing this. I know I’ve experienced all of those things and “waited” in all of those ways…. Thanks for the reminder about the value of resistance. A girlfriend and I began playing racquetball in the past few weeks. After the first real “play date,” I awoke the next morning barely able to move. I called to cancel our follow-up match…LOL…what the WORLD! I was in pain…I ain’t shame! However, we agreed to purchase beginner racquet sets, watch videos, and commit to play twice a week. My bones ached again this morning, but this time…I’m pushing through to keep our play date because I plan to excel at racquetball and take authority over complacency! Thanks again and keep cheering us on!!! Stay close to Him, Vita

  • Sarah says:

    Love this, Kat. Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve been known to do really well for a couple of months at a time, then something – anything – happens and it opens the door to coast for a few months. It takes way more self-talk and determination to get back on track. Not a good way to live.

    Thanks again for the encouragement! I’m more of a high five girl if you’re up for it…I washed my hands.

    *high five*

  • Roxy says:

    Thank you- sometimes a little perspective is all we need.

    I’ve been following your blog on and off for a while now and I must say thank you for putting your thoughts out there. I love your philosophy- Inspired to Action. Your whole blog is fabulously inspiring.

    I have printed all your ebooks (and love them all). However, I must confess I haven’t put them into practice the way I should have. Not yet…

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