ITA #16 – The 10 Gifts of Wisdom – An Interview with Sally Clarkson

By October 16, 2013Podcast

ITA-16-Sally-Clarkson It’s not often that we get to hear online from experienced moms on the “other side” of motherhood.

Today, I have the honor of chatting with Sally Clarkson about how to investing in our kids, raising our children to be our best friends and the most important things we can do as moms to get on the right track.
We also chat about her new book 10 Gifts of Wisdom, how she fit in writing with motherhood and how crazy cold it is in Colorado today.

Grab your headphones or a cup of coffee and join us for a chat!

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Sally’s Blog –
Mom Heart Conference Info
10 Gifts of Wisdom eBook
Mission of Motherhood
Ministry of Motherhood
All of Sally’s Books

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  • Avatar Rebecca says:

    Thanks for another great podcast. You inspired me to figure out how to listen to a podcast on my android smartphone so I could redeem the minutes in the car while I wait for my kids to finish up their robotics club.

  • Avatar Sarah M says:

    Wonderful interview! I have heard so many good things about Sally’s books but had never heard her speak. That was a real treat. I appreciated what she said about face time. I can definitely relate to being too distracted and just trying to get things done. Thank you!
    Sarah M

  • Avatar Beth says:

    I started listening to this pod cast while my two year old and seven month old were playing in the living room. I got interrupted, pretty normal, and after I put my two year old to sleep I realized I hadn’t finished it. As I sat there, nursing my son to sleep and thinking through a stressful and agitating morning, Kat asked Sally what advice she would give a mother who is listening during nap time after a tough morning. It is so weird, but I felt considered and very relevant in that moment. Thank you both so much for your honesty and commitment to minister to women just like me.

    • Avatar Kat says:

      That is the best reason ever for doing this podcast. Thank you so much for sharing that with me…it’s the best reward of all.

  • Avatar Susan says:

    My first time actually listening to Sally – it was awesome!!

  • Avatar Joyce says:

    I think I’m going to listen to this one again. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Sally! Okay, so unrelated to the topic…one of my friends (a former VBS students..we can be friends now because she’s officially an adult, that totally doesn’t make me old though, right?) is friends with Sally’s daughter Joy.

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