ITA #15 – Moms Can Change The World – An Interview with Naptime Abolitionist Liz Griffin

By October 9, 2013Podcast

How can moms with limited resources and limited time impact children in need?

That’s the question we are discussing today on the Inspired To Action Podcast. My friend Liz Griffin is the Director of Strategic Growth for an international anti-trafficking organization called She is also a full time stay at home mom.

How does she balance both her desire to be a present mom and a world changer? Listen and find out.


Because this is called the “Inspired To Action” Podcast and not the “Inspired To Think About It” Podcast, Liz also shares super practical and simple ways you can step into the gap for children who have no defender.

Links Mentioned in this Episode

Article about UK Prime Minister’s Internet Filtering proposal.

Inspired? Click here to take action.

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  • Lindsay says:

    This may be my favorite one yet. What a woman of action Liz is! I really appreciate her words as well about if God has called you to something, it will be there through the seasons of life, but may just look a little different in each one.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Still love that we skyped from down the street!

  • Sarah M says:

    Oh shoot, I don’t know where my first comment went (a long one!). Nuts. Well, I just wanted to say that I *loved* this interview. I just recently found your website, Kat, from Emily’s blog where she had a link up about her interview with you last week. I loved hearing about the Naptime Abolitionist. At first I thought that meant getting rid of naptimes…I thought “this lady is crazy!”
    I remember reading about England’s filter program a month or two ago and posting it to facebook. I also signed the Unbound petition over a week ago, before I had heard of you, Liz. How ironic. This is so important but one of those issues that just feel too huge. I’m so glad you gave practical advice. I look forward to seeing and supporting this same kind of legislature on our side of the pond!
    Sarah M

  • Joyce says:

    This. is. so. good. Thank you Liz and Kat! <– pronounced kaat

    I don't think most parents (esp though with younger kids/babies) understand what a big deal cyberbullying, and sharing "questionable" photos, etc.

    Knowing about your kids' day is so important…both the ups and downs…intentional parenting.

    Both of you rock! Thanks for sharing this info! Moms can make a difference for sure! Praying over your ministry, Liz. I do need the fashion inspiration too!