ITA # 14 – Discover the Art You Were Made To Live – An Interview with Emily Freeman

By October 2, 2013General

“Do you desperately fear you have nothing to offer the world but secretly hope you’re wrong?” This is the question Emily tackles in her new book A Million Little Ways, and I can’t help but think that almost every mom in just about any season of motherhood can relate.

Million-Little-WaysI just had this very conversation with friends the other day and I am thrilled to get to dive into the discussion with Emily today and share it with you. Here are a few things we discuss in this episode of the podcast:

  • The difference between list living and lyric living.
  • How do you find the art you were made to live.
  • What if I’m not “artistic”?
  • How can I be creative in this crazy season of life?

And we also discuss really deep things like our dogs and our inability to deal with the differences in our time zones. Oh, and that time we were in the Philippines together.


Emily’s new book just released and you can get a copy of it by clicking here. (Note that Amazon says it releases in November, but that is a technical glitch. It is actually available today and you can order it as usual.)

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  • Avatar Sarah says:

    Great podcast; lots of wisdom in there, and you sounded like you were having a lot of fun. It was nice to hear both your voices, having read about your trip to the Philippines.

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  • Avatar Joyce says:

    “over up” “dranken” <– can I quote you guys on that? :p

    "He wants to live through us." – yes!

    Partnering with Christ with our unique personalities…good stuff, Emily!