The Chart That Has Added Years To My Life and Peace To My Home


Our Great Summer Chart

It’s about that time during the summer when the allure of long, lazy, free days has drowned beneath the sound of “I’m boooored!” And “she’s touching me!” “He’s looked at me funny!” Or “Mama! Make the girls stop dressing me up as a butler!”

Ok…maybe that’s just how it is at my house.

Somehow, after a few weeks of unscripted days, crazy things start to happen. Ever so slowly, chores they’ve done all year long are forgotten and I begin to to have to remind them. Often. Until one day I realize I’m practically nagging them to tidy their rooms, pick their stuff up or even brush their teeth in the morning.

Not wanting to be a nagging mom, I recently decided it was time to bring a bit more order to our days.

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The Chart

The idea I came up with is one I’ve used before, but I kicked it up a notch this time, so that I pretty much removed myself from the circle of reminding – and my kids (so far) are taking on the responsibility of doing what needs to be done AND helping each other get things done. (Not always as perfectly as it may sound…)

I made a full page spreadsheet, color coded, organized by time of day and complete with bubbles for every child to fill in after they have completed each activity.

I like to keep things light hearted and simple. Obviously.

I’m not really a Type A organized person, I am actually a lazy Type B who tries to automate anything unpleasant.

Fortunately, the kids LOVE the new chart. They have even added their own things to it and enjoy checking off all the tasks at the end of the day.

Note: If you read the chart, you saw something called a house hunt. I am not training my children in the real estate trade. A house hunt is when they take about 5 minutes and run around the house finding all. the. things. they have randomly left throughout the day.

The Special Sauce

The secret sauce that makes it all work well, isn’t just my children’s OCD love of filling in the little bubble or their competetive nature. I gave them an added incentive called Friday Funday.

Each Friday Funday we do something fun and special and only those who have completed their chart get to participate.

Now, at this point, I’m just trusting they’ll all be diligent and get their work done. If one of them can’t participate in Friday Funday, that will be a very sad day, but I’m sure a good lesson in responsibility.

This last Friday we went swimming (we hadn’t gone all week, so it was a treat), got ice cream cones and watched a movie.

This Friday there’s talk of making icecream and roller skating. They have as much fun dreaming up fun things to do as they do actually doing them.

And all week long, they are inspired to get their work done so that they can join in on Friday Funday.

Download the Printable

Here is a copy of my printable for you to edit as you need to for your family. Let me know if you have any trouble with the link! It is an excel file. If you don’t have excel and would rather just copy the list and create your own, here is the same form on Google Drive (but I don’t know if it will be downloadable for you.)

I hope you enjoy it and that it helps your summer run smoothly!

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