The Unwired Mom ebook (Get it FREE today)

By June 24, 2013General

The-UnWired-Mom-3001-791x1024 I had another post all ready to go, but then my friend Sarah Mae emailed me a copy of her new ebook The Unwired Mom and I knew I had to switch things up.

The internet is everywhere – on our TV’s, in our phones, our cars, our cameras. We have constant access to…everything. It’s wonderful and overwhelming and it’s crucial that we learn to limit our online access. We know it, but what can we do about it?

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy the internet without getting sucked into it. If you’ve wanted to tell Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter that you “just need some space.” If you’ve ever stayed up waaaaay too late reading “just one more thing.” If you’ve ever wanted to just shut down your online profiles altogether in pursuit of balance, this is the ebook for you.

For two days only you can get Sarah’s book for free here.

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