Be Brave, Mamas

By June 16, 2013Compassion


Leaving Comfort

I spent a significant portion of the last month outside of my comfort zone.

Between long road trips on narrow, windy, mountainous roads (hello motion sickness) to sharing a room with 50 (yes fifty!) 8–9 year old girls (I was a camp counselor) to riding up a 60 story building in a tiny capsule that resembled my dryer – comfort was not the overriding definition of this past month of my life.

But these recent minor inconveniences (camp food?) are nothing compared to what a few friends and bloggers are about to face.



My friends Shaun, Keely and Brianne are taking another group of bloggers out of their comfort zone. This time they’ll be in the country of Nicaragua.

I have to say that going to the Philippines on a Compassion blogging trip in 2010 was certainly the farthest I’ve ever stepped out of my comfort. Traveling with (then) strangers to the other side of the world and leaving my family behind…whew, that was hard for this homebody mama.

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But if I’ve learned anything, I’ve learned that stories can change people’s hearts and actions. Stories can change the world.

And there are no stories in comfort.

Nobody asks the couch potato about their tales of adventure. No one asks the coward what it was like to let fear win.

We want to follow people who are brave. Those who are terrified…and yet do it anyway.


Will you be brave? Will you follow along? It may be hard. You may learn things or see things that stir things inside of you, but I hope you’ll press in. Not just for the children of a Nicaragua, but for your children too. They want to follow someone brave. They want you.

So, lets be brave, mamas. Lets surrender our cozy bubble so that we can hear stories, share them and be women who bring comfort to children all over the world.

Click here to follow the Nicaragua Compassion bloggers.

What’s Your Story?

When was the last time you stepped outside of your comfort zone (in a small or big way)? Click here to share your story.

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  • SaraR says:

    That snippet of a camp shot brought back such wonderful memories of my camp experiences. Not so much the food but the florescent shirts and bracelets.

    To respond to your question we’re preparing to move in the not so distant future. And we’re moving to Texas which for me, an East coast girl at heart, is so totally foreign. (Though word on the street is that TX is actually quite nice 😉 ). It also appears that we will be part of a church plant which is terrifying in it’s own right.

    And I’m wondering if you were at the arch when you rode 60 stories in a capsule. We live about 10min or so from the arch but have never ridden in it. If this TX move does pan out it will have to be on our St Louis bucket list!

    • Kat says:

      Yes! It was the arch. Heights aren’t my thing, so I was a bit nervous about riding up (and down), but as with most things, the worry was greater than the reality. Easy peasy.

      Texas is a pretty great state, in my humble opinion. Hot….but great. And Tex-Mex food can cover over a multitude of homesickness. 🙂 Where are you moving to? Our church has a bunch of church plants in the area.

      • SaraR says:

        Most probably we’ll be moving to the Austin area. My husband is from Mexico and we’re both happy that decent tacos will be a much easier find there than here!

    • Kat says:

      Ah, Austin is my favorite city in Texas. So much to do – outoorsy stuff, music, sports (college). And the original Chuy’s Restaurant is there. Yum.

  • Kyleen Agee says:

    The last time I really stepped out of my comfort zone in a big way was a little over a year ago. My dad had been in prison for about 15 years and he was scheduled to be paroled last spring. I never had any intention of having a relationship w him when he got out, why would I? He had hurt so many people including me and I had been perfectly fine without him for so long. But God had other plans for my life. Somehow, He helped me find forgiveness for my dad and instructed me to have a relationship with him through reading the bible and praying with him. I listened to what I was sure God was leading me to do and I have been amazed how God has worked in my dads life and made him a new person. The relationship that I have had with my dad over the last year has been such a blessing. He is an amazing example of a devoted follower of Christ each and every day that passes. If I wouldn’t have stepped out of my comfort zone, I never would have received the blessing that God had in store for me-a restored relationship with my earthly father.

    • Kat says:

      Wow…what an amazing story, Kyleen! I’m so happy for you and your father. I can’t imagine what kind of courage that must have taken. Well done.

  • Jamie Minor says:

    I’m actually getting ready to step outside of my comfort zone. God has placed it on my heart recently to start writing again. This scares me for several reasons but most importantly because I’m afraid that no one will want to read what I write about! But I’m trusting that God will use me for His good!

    • Kat says:

      I’m confident that when we are brave and follow Him, He will use us powerfully. It may be for many or just a few, but He is faithful. Write on, mama!