The Perfect Summer Fun Solution and An Important Update About Yesterday’s Post

By May 8, 2013General

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My Blundering = Your Benefit!

The bad news: Yesterday, I shared about a sale that Plan To Eat is having but I made a mistake.

Originally, I thought that the sale was a 50% off ALL subscriptions, but the PTE folks clarified to me that it was a 50% off GIFT subscriptions for those who are currently members.

Details have never been my forte.

The good news: If you jumped on the deal early yesterday (before I changed the post) the incredible folks at PTE went ahead an honored the 50% off promotion that never existed. Maybe I should make mistakes on your behalf more often. 🙂

The great news: Even if you didn’t act on the deal right away yesterday, PTE gave us a coupon for 30% off anyway! Just use the coupon code BeautifulSimplicity and you can get a year subscription for a great deal. And then, you can still give a gift subscription to someone (your meal planning accountability buddy) for the original 50% off gift subscription. That coupon code is ThanksMom.

To recap: Get your subscription at 30% off (a deal PTE gave us just because I made a mistake. Nice!) using the BeautifulSimplicity coupon code and then you can also give a subscription to a friend for 50% off with the coupon code ThanksMom.

Be sure to use those coupons before they expire on May 12th …or before I realize I made another mistake. Not impossible given my track record. Sigh.

Super Summer Fun Ideas

I don’t usually write a lot about things I think you should buy, but this week is full of great resources for you. My friend Jen wrote an excellent “fun mom” handbook for you called Kidventures. It’s packed with 50 different, detailed adventures that you can do with your kids – just in time for summer!


I love how organized each adventure is. Some are simple (like going to watch a sunset) while others are more complex (like building a toy zipline). I don’t know about you, but I can get “summer brain” which means I forget just about everything – like towels when we go to the pool. Who does that?

Anyway, Jen lists EVERY supply you might possibly need and detailed instructions on doing the adventure, so matter how simple it is. Perfect if you get “summer brain” too.

Kid Stamp of Approval

I was pretty excited about doing a lot of these adventures this summer so I printed the entire book out and had it sitting in my office. My daughter happened to see it and is now even more excited than I am about doing them in just a few weeks.

A Little Bonus for You

Jen gave me a free review copy of the ebook, but since I like to pay for things I recommend (but I don’t need two of the same book) I’m going to give away a $10 Starbucks gift card to one of you who buy the book today! Just leave a comment saying you bought it and I’ll pick a winner tomorrow.

Click here to get your copy of Kidventures and then leave a comment here to enter the Starbucks card giveaway.

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