ITA#11: Be A Woman of Action

By May 29, 2013Podcast

ita-podcastPinterest, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter – we are flooded with ideas. We are so overwhelmed with inspiration that it is hard to actually…do things.

In this episode of the Inspired To Action podcast, we’ll talk about ways to overcome the inspiration overwhelm and become woman who take action.

Grab your headphones, click play and let’s chat!

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  • Avatar Betsy says:

    Thank you!! Your words always, always inspire me!

  • Avatar Asta says:

    You have the BEST timing. Just last night (after being in somewhat of a depressed slump all day), I realized I’ve been reading/thinking too much lately about all the great things I “should” be doing…instead of actually doing something about it. I think the unconscious impulse behind it is “maybe if I keep reading, I’ll come across the PERFECT article that will give me 3 easy steps for fixing ALL my problems RIGHT NOW.” Thanks so much for this.

  • Avatar Heather says:

    I truly feel encouraged and inspired after listening to this! You have really put things into perspective, especially with the 80-20 rule–wow!

  • Avatar Emily says:

    Once again, Kat, I’m so grateful for your insights and encouraging words! I honestly have been mulling over this issue during the past few weeks. There’s no doubt that reading blogs have helped my perspective, but even too many inspiring ideas all at one time is not necessarily helpful. Like you, I have not dived into Pinterest. I also don’t use Twitter either, but even just Facebook, emails, and blogs for, say, a week, have enough content for me to chew on and work on for the rest of the year if not more!! Thank you for the reminder about “just starting” something, and for your last podcast about choosing one thing each month to grow in. I also would like to have a better system for myself to include or sift out (even if temporarily) blogs or other content I read at any given time. Reading blogs about perspective does help me adjust my mindset and attitude without needing to do a specific action (though the action is internal I guess!). So maybe only choosing a “perspective” type blog and an action/idea type blog at a given time would work….I don’t know! Curious how you and other readers here evaluate what to read and what not to read.

  • Avatar Ally says:

    Love your podcasts kat!! This podcast in particular has helped me identifying and overcome a struggle. Having access to many sources of inspiration coupled with having a perfectionist type personality is the perfect storm. As you so clearly identified, it leaves me feeling overwhelmed and often paralyzed from taking action.
    My husband is constantly reminding me that 90% is still an A. Your podcast has helped me see that by limiting sources of inspiration, by “just starting” and breaking things into manageable/simple steps, action and progress are both achieved!!! Thanks for helping me to put a mindset into motion. A true and powerful blessing!! Thank you. Please keep sharing your wisdom.