A Bittersweet Day and 3 Books I’ll Be Reading This Summer

By May 28, 2013General

20130322-083432.jpgMy little big boy graduated from Kindergarten on Friday.


Exactly 2 days ago he looked like this…
Or it feels that way.

Soon enough it will be his high school graduation and the ugly cry will see some action. But for now, I’ll just pretend I have something in my eye and pick him up and hug him while I still can.

I’m so proud of his hard work and how much he’s grown up.

My Summer Reading

In other panic inducing news, my oldest is almost 11. That means she’ll be going off to college in a mere 7 years. (Argh! Breath deeply.)


This is “Mama Crunch Time.” So here are a few books I’m reading (or re-reading) this summer so that I can make the most of these precious years at home with my best friends.

How To Talk So Your Kids Will Listen and Listen So Your Kids Will Talk
I’ve heard good things about this book, but I’ve yet to read it. With the long summer ahead of us and lots of time to talk, this seems like an ideal summer reading choice.

Parenting with Love and Logic
I read this book many years ago and I seem to remember enjoying the immensely practical advice. Now that my kids are in a different season of childhood, I think it’s time to revisit it.

Grace Based Parenting
I think I’ll be rereading this book my whole life. Great wisdom for parenting…and just about any relationship. I like to balance any typical parenting book (that focuses on my children’s behavior) with this one that focuses on my heart, perspective and attitude. A must read.

Am I the only weepy mama this May? Anyone else have a child graduating? Join us in the comments!

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  • Avatar Joanne says:

    I can sympathize. My youngest turns 18 on Friday and graduates from high school next week. Where did the time go? Cherish every moment…

  • Thank you for the book suggestions! I read Parenting with Love and Logic a few months ago and loved it. I will be checking out the other two books for sure 🙂 Have a great Tuesday!

  • Avatar Melanie says:

    My oldest is graduating high school next month! Eek! Thirteen years of homeschooling and one graduate down, seventeen years and seven students to go! 😉

    • Avatar Melanie says:

      Oh and I loved Grace Based Parenting. I’ll have to check out the others! Thanks!

  • Avatar Spring says:

    No graduations here, but my 14 yr old son just flew his first plane (he’s a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol) and with June comes recital season… every year I find myself so emotional seeing my daughter dance her heart out on stage in ballet and other styles. This is our 8th recital… I’m starting to think I’ll never get over the emotion of this? LOL Next year she’ll be on pointe, her life dream since she could say “ballet.” I’ll be a total mess.

    • Avatar Spring says:

      Oops meant to add I’ll be rereading Shepherding a Child’s Heart. Maybe I need to add Grace-Based Parenting to my list?

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Flying a plane? How cool!

      Oh, and join the club. I’m a mess at every milestone event. How proud you must be of your hardworking children!

  • Yes, yes…weepy mom here! My oldest is about to turn 10 in a couple of weeks, and my little one will be 3 a couple months later, with our other 2 celebrating another birthday in between them (it’s “birthday season” around here). Thanks for the reading recommendations, I have Grace-Based Parenting and have never read it, so I think I’m overdue!

    By the way, we just got back from meeting some of our Compassion kids in the Dominican Republic last week….I noticed a past post where you met yours in the Philippines! I am still processing and trying to figure out what I feel and think…it was amazing!!! Blessings to you!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Grace Based Parenting is a definite must-read. I really enjoyed it and was very inspired by it.

      Did you love meeting your Compassion child? Such a powerful experience. You’ll be processing it all for years to come…

  • Avatar Kelly S says:

    Well I just had to add to your books today. One of my favorite parenting books that I just read, was Proverbs for Parenting, and it had me slapping my kid all month. LOL In this day and age w/
    all the listening and talking to our children we do also need to remember that they do need to be reprimanded when there is a harsh spirit of rebellion

  • Avatar Tahisha R says:

    (Hand raised) Yup weepy mama here too! My daughter is graduating from kindergarten in June (we live in the Northeast)! It feels like the time just few by.

    BTW: Love the book suggestions. I’ve been eyeing Grace-Based Parenting for some time now! I’ll be adding these to my summer reading list. Thanks!

  • Avatar Chandra says:

    I’m with you Kat! I too, have a Kindergartener and an 11yr. old soon to be 12. The 11yr. old will be heading to band camp for a WHOLE WEEK!!! He’s been to one sleepover!! My Kindergartner has his first loose tooth and thinks he is as big as his older brother! Oh did I mention I also have a 23 yr. old daughter who is a highschool teacher(1st yr.!) and a 9yr. old?!! Yes I am cuckoo for cocoa puffs! My brain is all over the place trying to keep up with the new boyfriend, ADD, picky eaters, and puberty just to name a few! The books I’ll be reading this summer are: rereading The Birth Order Book by Kevin Leman(love this author) and The Power of a Praying Parent, by Stormie Omartian(love her too),then, Blessing The Next Generation, by Marilyn Hickey and Sarah Bowling. I’m also going to try to throw in a good juicy murder mystery quick read!! At night, when the boys settle down for quiet time before bed, they all love for me to read to them. So I asked for a “family read book” and I received Wonder Struck by Brian Selznick and The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. I have had them for a while, now we can finally start!

  • Avatar Amy says:

    Looking forward to looking at these titles. I was just putting together a reading list for my summer…I will consider adding these. My list includes rereading Shepherding a Child’s Heart and Instructing a Child’s Heat by Tedd Tripp, Beyond Consequences, Logic & Control by Heather Forbes and Adoptive Parent, Intentional Parent by Stacy Manning … I’m sure in between will be lots of Sherlock Holmes & Agatha Christies (can’t have a summer without them!)

  • Avatar Gail says:

    Definitely a weepy mom here! I just married off my oldest son! I thought the first day of kindergarten was hard. I thought graduation from High School was hard. I even sent him off in December to Basic Training for the Air Force in December. That was gut wrenching! But nothing, absolutely nothing prepared me for giving him away to another woman! I love her. She’s great. But he’s hers now and no longer mine. Anybody have any book suggestions to help me through?

  • Avatar Wimberly says:

    I’m a weepy grandmama. I just spent 6 months with my two young granddaughters who live in Hawaii. I am home know. It was a bitter sweet visit. I was there for my second granddaughter’s birth and to celebrate my other granddaughter’s 2nd birthday. What a joy and a blessing. Oh how I miss them. It was bitter sweet because I was asked not to sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ with them or pray with them. That was a heart breaker especially when the two year old asked for ‘Jesus Loves Me’. Thankfully God is in control, and He desires their salvation even more that I can imagine. My hope is in Him.

  • Avatar Amy H. says:

    Okay… I am sad for you (and me), but I am glad I have someone to go through this with! I am glad our children are the same ages! Let’s get the kids together during summer (since we did not make it for coffee;) ). It was SO nice to see you a few weeks ago…miss ya! I think I am going to check out “Grace Based Parenting”.

  • Avatar Emily says:

    Oh you are not alone, even though my youngest is only 16 months, after she turned one I actually felt weepy, and I’m fiercely protecting her “babyhood”! On another note, thanks for sharing the books you’ll be reading, I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who likes to tackle several parenting books at once! “Grace based parenting” is very inspiring. I’ve read the Love and Logic for early childhood (0-6 years), and also really liked the “How to Talk” book. Currently, the ones I’m reading are: “Heartfelt Discipline” by Clay Clarkson (I can already tell this will be an awesome read); and Amy McCreedy’s “If I Have To Tell You One More Time” – this seems to have some similarities to the “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen” book. Happy reading and may we all get tons of inspiration and positive action ideas!!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Oh, I just love Clay and Sally Clarkson. I always recommend anything by either of them. And Amy’s teaching on parenting have had a wonderful impact on my patience level and peace with my kids. Great book list you have there!

      • Avatar Emily says:

        Thanks! Oh and also, the authors of the “How to Talk” book also wrote a book called “How to Talk So Kids Can Learn” – I just got it and will hopefully read it after my current books, can’t wait to see how my communication can foster learning too 🙂

  • Avatar Kimberly says:

    while my physical children are not graduating my foreign exchange student is . . . she has 2 years of high school left in Spain but she won’t be in my life now and in the middle of difficulties this year I thought I would be sure to not miss her. . . but I keep crying at every “last” event. Last choir concert, last picnic, last friday, last youth group. . . did not know there could be so many “lasts”! and God has truly woven her into my heart in the past 9 months. I cried at breakfast this morning as we picked out one last verse to memorize together before she leaves.
    My prayer. . . that all those verses she learned will go straight to her heart and Jesus will be as real to her as the boy next door. 🙂
    until then. . . I still have 6 of my own to memorize with . . . Today I am full! 🙂

  • Avatar Monnie Bigger says:

    Our son graduated preschool 2 Fridays ago! He will be starting kindergarten at the end of July. He is our youngest and I am not ready for him to leave! He is VERY excited!!!

  • Avatar Allison says:

    My oldest will be in third grade and my daughter in Kindergarten…my youngest only has one more year before he will be at school all day…my heart is breaking already!!!!

  • Avatar Nicole S says:

    A great followup to Love and Logic and my favorite parenting book of all time is Loving Our Kids on Purpose by Danny Silk. It applies the Love and Logic principles of practical steps (teaching kids problem solving, consequences, etc) and helps shape our thinking as parents to a God-centered worldview beginning with Connection with our kids as our primary priority. LOVE IT! One of my favorite concepts from the book: I can control me while you figure out you.

  • Avatar Jennifer in Iowa says:

    My oldest graduated from 8th grade this week from our Catholic school. There are only 17 in his grade so they were close! I work there too and will sooooo miss seeing him there. It has been a hard week! I have another 8th grader next year, and a 3rd grader. I plan to spend lots of quality time with the this summer! I am reading Amy mccready’s book now and will add the others to my list.