Why Moms Need a Game Plan and How to Create One

By April 24, 2013Guest Posts

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Don’t stop reading.

I’m going to tell you a sports story, but even if you’re not a sports fan, read to the end because there is a vital motherhood lesson woven into this tale of a coach’s son, a last second shot and one of most memorable moments in sports.

It was 1998. The NCAA College Men’s Basketball championship tournament. A small, relatively unknown school, Valparaiso, had not only made it into the tournament, but they were playing number 4 seed (meaning they’re really good) Ole Miss. No one expected them to win…and they weren’t.

Valparaiso was losing 67-69 with 2.5 seconds left on the clock. They got possession of the ball 94 feet from their basket. Miraculously, they threw the ball in, the coach’s son Bryce Drew caught it and shot it from behind the 3 point line with milliseconds left on the clock.

And then…you clicked here so you could hear how the story played out and the valuable motherhood lesson it teaches us. 🙂

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