It’s a Good Week to Be a Yes Mom

By April 22, 2013General


By all accounts, last week was rough.

As moms, when devastating things happen, we can’t help but hold our children tighter. It’s the mama bear in us, we’re ready to fight. But when the scales begin to tip from fight to fear, for the sake of our families we need to adjust our sails.

So, maybe it’s a good week to be a “yes mom.” Maybe it’s a good week to make a memory, do the unexpected, embrace the life and loved ones we have.

Say yes when they:

  • ask you to read that book one. more. time.
  • want to say up late and snuggle.
  • say “watch me Mommy” for the 234,987th time.
  • ask for something you always say no to just because you don’t want to.
  • invite you to play tag/tea party/basketball

And maybe even throw in a few surprises:

  • take them on a pajama run.
  • have a story and hot cocoa night.
  • start the day with a movie, popcorn and snuggles.

Fear knocked at the door. Love answered. No one was there. – Old English Proverb

It’s a good week to send fear packing.

How can you be a “yes mom” this week? Click here to share your ideas.

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  • Meagan says:

    This is a great reminder, Kat. I am definitely not a “yes mom” most of the time. Last week I posted a pic on Instagram and mentioned that my girls had been begging me for quite some time to bring them fast food to school for lunch. And then I said how fun it is being a yes mom once in a while. It was such a simple thing, but it was HUGE for my girls! I’ll have to be looking for other ways to be a yes mom more often. Thanks for the nudge!

  • I love this reminder. Thanks for sharing! I am still in the baby stage but maybe I’ll read her a few extra books tonight before bed, just because. 🙂

  • Tab says:

    Love love love! The photo cracks me up as we were doing the same thing last night…Vine-style. I wasn’t sure what the change in atmosphere was but it just felt like a “whatever the kids want” evening that included Once Upon a Time and ice cream sundaes for dinner. (ice cream is made of milk, milk is good, yay?)

  • Beth Piper says:

    Well, like your idea of surprises, we up and decided to buy our 3 year old a outdoor swing set! It was not in the budget and not planned, but one of those things we just had to squeeze in and say yes (and scour the Internet for a good deal)!

    Also, a surprise stop at Dunkin Donuts always seems to make a cruddy night much better!

  • Cass says:

    Thanks for the post. I so needed to read this as I feel like I have been a mean mommy lately. I really am going to be a “yes mom” this week even when I am feeling tired. I will spend more time this week pretending to be whatever Lego person my son wants and build whatever my daughter wants. And I may even including a morning movie. Thanks for the ideas.

    • Kat says:

      You’re welcome Cass. The beautiful thing about children is that they seem to have amnesia about our mean mommy moments. One good mommy moment can wipe out an entire mean mommy day!

  • Kari C. says:

    It’s a super busy week (when is it not…). I didn’t have time, but we got invited to an outing at the local agri-tourism farm this a.m. So we went and had a blast. Tonight I said no to a movie night because they were exhausted. So saying yes and saying no are both loving and wise responses though my five-year old certainly told me that I must not love them if I denied them the movie. Then he fell asleep in my arms while I said yes to laying down with him and yes to praying out loud for him, at his request. I won’t soon forget this day.

  • becca says:

    Yesterday I was a “yes mom” to playing in the water hose even when it probably wasn’t warm enough. And then putting our little to bed early and watching a monday night movie. Here’s where I struggle: I also said yes to our 5 year old getting in bed with us at midnight last night. She asks EVERY night! The snuggles were great for her and me and daddy, but what happens tonight when she asks again? Now I have become a “no mom” ;( And she’ll ask again every night until the answer is yes. Who said parenting is easy?

    • Kat says:

      I completely understand! Being a yes mom is definitely more fun than being a no mom, but like Kari C. said earlier in the comments, they are both loving responses.

      I suppose the key is to make sure they know it’s special when you say yes to something unusual. And if her coming into bed at night becomes a child training issue (meaning it’s something you’re really working with her on) then at that point, the no should probably be consistent until she is responding appropriately and for awhile after that.

      I think I should have clarified in the post that I meant being a yes mom to those things we often say no to just because we are tired or don’t want to.

      Parenting is definitely a complex challenge! 🙂

  • lara says:

    Home run post, my friend. Home. Run.

  • Loved this post and your picture. Just yesterday before school my son asked if I would squirt just a little bit of whipped cream in his mouth and I said…. yes! Made his morning! 🙂 Have a terrific Tuesday!!

  • Faith says:

    I am so never a yes mom (just ask my 7 year old). However, I really wish I read this post last night when he had a complete fit because he wanted me to lay with him until he fell asleep and I refused to give in (knowing in the past it has started a habit). I’m changing my tune and thinking I just may say yes tonight and hold a bit tighter too!! It is a very cold day out today…liking the idea of hot cocoa tonight too (did I mention I live in New England). Kat, once again, you brought wonderful insight! Thanks!

  • Amy H. says:

    Yes, I agree Kat! Thank you for this post! Miss you and I promise we will see each other soon!

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