Marriage Can Be Stinkin’ Hard

Today’s post is written by friend and contributor, Lara Williams. Her new book To Walk or Stay launches this week! Check it out.

Marriage can be stinkin’ hard. Well…at least my marriage has been stinkin’ hard. (And yes, my husband would say the same.)

But God.

There’s no other explanation, but God. According to the world’s standards, we shouldn’t have survived this long. From the outside looking in, the valleys should have destroyed us. But. God.

We were a train wreck just waiting to happen. We both entered marriage with unspoken, unrealistic, selfish expectations for what this “I do” meant. And eventually, infidelity put its mark on our home.


To Walk or Stay by Lara Williams
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But this book isn’t about my husband or his sin. Because believe me, it’s only by God’s grace that the tables weren’t turned. This book is about a very big God who patiently waits to meet us in the darkest of valleys.

It was in the dark that I wrestled with God, working out His view of love, forgiveness, and freedom. It was in the dark that He proved Himself sufficient.

My man and I have a redemption story to tell. Amazingly, miraculously, God has restored the years. But the greatest gifts were those things that God did in me through the fiery trial — peace in the storm and joy in what should have been debilitating despair.

Our marriage hasn’t been easy, but it has been beautifully purposeful. Because God is faithful. Regardless of where life has us, there’s hope because He reigns.


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