New Blog Launch Date and a Tip to Make Chores A Little More Fun…

By March 22, 2013General

If you want to add some fun to your weekly cleaning, dish washing or laundry folding, come hang out with the SimpleMom podcast. I’m joining Tsh Oxenreider and we chat about fitness, March Madness, blogging and the Q and U wedding my son and I are attending today.


Seriously, podcasts are the BEST way I’ve found to make chores, workouts and long drives…fun. When my kids have to do chores, I usually download an Adventure in Odyssey (They have free episodes on the site each day!) and turn it up loud. They LOVE listening while working.

In other news, my new blog launches on April 15. Yes, Tax Day…I figure it will give us all something fun to look forward to on an otherwise boring.

You can check out the site and connect with us via social media here.

Have a fabulous Friday!

Do you listen to podcasts? Have a favorite? Any recommendations?

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