Meal Planning Boot Camp Day 3: The Shopping List

By January 23, 2013Meal Planning Boot Camp



  • Avatar Debbie says:

    Mission accomplished for the day.

  • Avatar s.pipes says:

    Kat! This is amazing. I read a post you did a while back when you used Google calendar to meal plan. Plan to Eat is so much more than a meal planner & seems to do EVERYTHING i need it to. In today’s video you said it doesn’t track cost…I have noticed that for each recipe it gives you an estimated cost per serving spot. Have you used that feature? What does it do?

    • Avatar Kat Lee says:

      Ah…I’ve not noticed that before. I don’t use it, but I know a lot of recipe sites include that kind of info. I imagine that would be a handy spot to track at least a general idea of cost.

      However, I do know that since I often reuse meal plans, I have each one down to what we as a family aim to spend at the grocery store each week.

      Glad you’re liking the boot camp!

  • Avatar Penny says:

    I haven’t been taking part in this boot camp since meal planning is something I already do and I don’t use the plan it thingy.

    But! I have been following along (never know when I will pick up a tip or two) and I wanted to say that everyone joining in will benefit from this. Meal planning is a time saver, and a money saver.
    You all are doing a good thing to learn this skill!

    • Avatar Carol says:

      thanks for the encouragement, Penny! Glad you have it together. Would you come do mine???

      Oh, wait….that’s what this boot camp is for! I WIll get it together, too. Soon. Very soon.


      • Avatar Penny says:


        I’d love to just let the comment go, but I can’t do it and feel honest.

        I said I plan my menu…. but I have to admit I do not always follow it.
        There will always be the odd week that there’s just no getting it together and Five Guys Burger and Fries are my bestest of best friends.

        But! meal planning is still an awesome thing to do and it sure beats the 5:00 mystery of what am I going to cook for supper.
        Plus if I blow it and don’t use the menu this week, I recycle and use it next week.


  • Avatar Maria says:

    Homework done! I would love to hear how you or others use it to plan kid’s school lunches. I don’t usually make recipes, just assemble, but feel like I could be more efficient if I had a week’s “menu” to drag and drop onto a week to have all the lunch supplies there.
    Thank you!

    • Avatar Kat Lee says:

      I do have “recipes” for my kids lunch items – even if it’s just PBJ. You could make a menu of school lunches and just drag that over…

      I also have lunch items on my staples list, so I just always pick up PB or lunch meat at the grocery store. That way we always have it in the house whether I menu planned the lunches or not.

  • Avatar Yvonne says:

    Homework done!! I did my grocery shopping this morning…love that I can edit and add things to the shopping list. So convenient!!

  • Avatar Carolyn says:

    Done! Fantastic.

  • Avatar Aintzane says:

    I did my homework this morning and I regret now because I did not know the feature to add other products (I didn’t find a solution for diapers ;-)).
    It is great what you are doing, Kat! I will end the Boot Camp totally organised!

  • Avatar Meghan says:

    Ok, I had to share your grocery post on my FB page. It was hilarious and so true!!

    I was also wondering about how people did their kids’ lunches. I mean, sometimes I throw raisins in their container. Do you all make a “recipe” for individual items like that?

    • Avatar Kat Lee says:

      The little extras that I always want to have in the house (like raisins) I just keep on my Staples List. I’ll scan that before heading to the store and add anything we are out of.

  • Avatar Jaime says:

    Done. This is so helpful!

  • Avatar Carol says:

    Ok. Set my timer for 30 minutes so I could get some other things done today. 🙂

    Got my list lined up pretty much like the grocery store.

    Added a couple of “easy” recipes (chips, ice cream, etc.) Just trying to fill in some holes.

    Played around with the grocery list.

    Bookmarked my smartphone.

    Got dinner decided for tonight! (huge accomplishment!) used what we already had in freezer.

    THANK YOU, Kat!!!

  • Avatar Andrea says:

    Homework done! I actually already used this last week, after putting the categories in order of my store’s aisle. It was wonderful! Definitely cut down on back tracking and I was done faster than usual! Amazing! 😉

    (LOVED your shopping post! I have an octopus, monkey and parrot of my own so I can totally relate! Hilarious!)

  • Avatar Carol says:

    Do have a question:

    How do you change “default store” to be the one that you usually use? I tried and couldn’t figure it out.

    Can anyone help me?


    • Avatar Meagan says:

      Hey Carol,
      When you are on the Shopping List page, look on the bottom left side of the page (under the planned recipes list). It should say Grocery Stores and right under that Default Store. If you hover your cursor over that, a button should pop up that says Add New Store. Click it and then you’re good to go! Hope that helps!

  • Avatar Nichole says:

    Question: When I sort the items on my shopping list into stores, will they be put into those same stores again the next time? For instance, I buy all my spices, nuts, and dried fruit at a local dry goods store. I will always want those to be on that store’s list. Will I have to do this sorting out again next time?

  • Avatar Joanne says:

    Done. This is more fun than I expected!
    I can’t figure out how to change the shopping list to be more like my store. I’m sure it’s easy. I will keep looking.
    Happy Mom,

    • Avatar Nichole says:

      Joanne, I was just doing this very thing. When you are in the Shopping List, the words “Edit Categories” are in blue underneath the print & export options in the upper right corner. Click on that, and you can drag and drop your categories into the correct order according to your store. You can also delete categories entirely and add new ones. HTH!

  • Avatar Nichole says:

    OK, I played around with the shopping list, edited categories, and tried to learn how it all works. I won’t be shopping for a few more weeks, though, so I didn’t want to put any more time into the actual list. What I need to do (and am feeling a little overwhelmed by) is a) make up a month-long menu and then b) figure out how to make PTE reflect my usual monthly shopping – stocking up on dried fruit, nuts, spices, bulk goods, etc. I think to make PTE really be accurate and work for a monthly trip, I need to have EVERYTHING we eat in there, and I feel overwhelmed by planning all vegetables, all lunches, etc. Plus, even though we try to shop just once a month (at 3 stores – Aldi, a local dry good store, and WalMart or Weis), reality is my husband stops for produce at least once during the month, too, so how do I factor that into (or out of!) my monthly shopping list? Is anyone else trying to do this kind of thing?

    • Avatar MA Gragg says:

      I do menu by the month and have one day that is devoted to assembling each main course for the freezer. I have plans to make breakfast quickies for the freezer also. Lunches are left over at our house but will make fish patties and chicken tender and the like to replace processed foods (ie burritos) . there is a choice for by the week or by the month at the top. you can print just the produce part of the shopping list according to today’s entry.

    • Avatar Kat Lee says:

      I don’t think planning by the month would be any different than how I do it weekly. This might help:

      1. I menu plan all the main meals. I don’t usually menu plan snacks unless it’s a recipe and a special occasion.
      2. Then I add in any notes/ ingredients on the menu plan for items that I want for a certain day that don’t warrant being a “recipe” like bread and brie.
      3. I scan my Staples List and add any items I also want in my Shopping List. This is where I think you’d add all your veggies and snack and lunch stuff. I don’t always menu plan breakfast and lunch, I just keep the things we eat in the Staples List, add them to the Shopping List before I go to the store.
      4. Your list doesn’t disappear after you shop for it. Any items not clicked off the list stay there. So if he goes back to the store later he’ll still be able to see what you need to get. And if he’s just running to the store for random stuff you can just manually add those or add them via the Staples List.

  • Avatar Susan Herold says:

    I am loving this! It is exactly what my family needs for our budget and my resolution of less waste this year. Meal planning!!!! What a gift! Thank you.

  • Avatar CindyC says:

    I did it!
    I like that it will work on a smart phone, too!

  • Avatar Allison says:

    Did it. Is there a way to edit the order of items for each store? I didn’t see it as an option.

  • Avatar Joanne says:

    Ok, next question…. Still playing around with this, when I should be doing other things. 🙂 I checked off the items I already have, and I checked the box that says “Hide Purchased Items”, but they are still on my list. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?
    I can see that when I get three or four menus in PTE, it’s going to make my biggest chore so much easier. Thank you!

    • Avatar Janey says:

      I clicked on “To Pantry” and it moved the checked items off of the shopping list and onto the pantry list. It is in the lower right corner.

  • Avatar Tiffany says:

    Love the organization by how store is set up! Made my own paper version a years ago, and thought this site could not do that! SO glad it does, it keeps me from pacing the store. Awesome!!! Thanks for showing me how. 🙂

  • Avatar Elizabeth W says:

    Good organizing today!

  • Avatar Lisa Austin says:

    shopping catergories-ORGANIZED!; shopping list-MADE! woot!
    will probably go to the store tomorrow or friday.. yay!

  • Avatar Kelly says:

    Day 3 done! Got myself set up on my ipad and phone too. Can’t wait to shop using my phone!!

  • Avatar Tricia Westin says:

    Day 3 Done! It took me a little while to find my pantry. Now I want to add everything in my pantry so that it is ready for future planning. Probably should wait for the weekend to take things out of the pantry. Thanks, Kat and Jennifer in Iowa for getting me started. 🙂

  • Avatar Meghan says:

    Done and done. Thanks, kat!

  • Avatar Emily says:

    Did my homework!

  • Avatar Paola says:

    Got my shopping list for next wk! Had to do it in the computer bc I’m still figuring out how to work some features in my Ipad. Thanks Kat! =)

  • Avatar Rina says:

    This probably would have worked better if I’d watched the video before I did the homework. However it mostly went well except I never did find the pantry so the stuff I already have just got removed instead of moved to the pantry.

    That having been said it seems to have worked well. I’m trying to transition us to doing most of the grocery shopping via an online service (peapod) that uses the store we prefer to use anyways. I opened two windows, one PTE and one Peapod side by side and ticked things off as I added them to my peapod list.

    I would like to see more information about effectively using the pantry feature and about using the queue effectively as well.

  • Avatar Angela says:

    Done! I find the shopping part is the hardest because we are over an hour from a city. We do have a small grocery store here but it’s *expensive!* I’ve tried planning long enough to get from one trip to the city to the next – about 3 weeks usually – but I just can’t seem to do it … maybe that’s what I’ll get from this week!

    I would love to use the pantry feature of the site more so that I can cook from my pantry when we can’t get to the city.

    Any tips or ideas for this situation greatly appreciated!

  • Avatar CindyC says:

    You mentioned in one of the previous videos that you link it up to connect to your computer on your phone. I am guessing you have an iphone because you use an icalendar, so because I have a droid, that won’t work. Can you tell me how you link PTE to your phone’s calendar? If I click the link in the PTE calendar settings, it takes me to wikipedia, which is fun, but I don’t know what to do with it. I know sometimes relating from one OS to another is like speaking another language, so I don’t expect you to do it for me, but if you can explain a little bit of how to make the connection, that would be much appreciated! I’m the person who will remember at 5 pm that I was supposed to put something in the crock pot that morning, and a reminder will save my dinner…. and sanity.

    • Avatar CindyC says:

      Never mind, I found it on their own support page. It’s actually very simple, so I was totally complicating things in my mind.
      All set!

  • Avatar Reiko says:

    I didn’t go shopping this week myself, but I did use the shopping list feature to determine what we still needed for the things I’d planned for the week and then my husband did the shopping after I told him what to get. I did have to manually remove a lot of staple foods from the list that I already had in the house. I also didn’t use the grocery categories yet but I did mark certain items as being from certain stores so I can separate them out. That’s a useful feature.

  • Avatar Reiko says:

    Question for tomorrow: where is the PTE “pantry”? I assume it’s not the same thing as the “staples list”…there’s nothing on the Recipes, Planner, or Shopping List pages that says “pantry” anywhere.

  • Avatar Wendy J says:

    Homework completed!! Love having the shopping list accessible from my iphone!

  • Avatar Heather says:

    planned and ready! my store even has Wi-Fi so I don’t have to worry about low phone coverage when checking off my purchases.

  • Avatar Nancy says:

    Made my shopping list. Need to play with the features when I have more time than I had today.

  • Avatar Kimberly says:

    This is wierd..I have been getting the emails every day for quite a while and didn’t get this one today, so I feel left out of the Shopping List Victory party! I even thought, wow-Kat must really just be too busy to post today. Is there a way I can check my subscription to email, b/c now I’m a bit behind. It could be b/c I ordered the free e-books last night and that double subbed me or something? I didn’t think tio just check the blog..duh! 🙂

    • Avatar Janey says:

      this happened to me yesterday – no email! But this morning I had day 3.

    • Avatar Janey says:

      I had no email for day 2! But this morning I had day 3. strange!

      I do shop at several stores. and I am trying to figure out how to get my shopping list to work with this.

  • Avatar Lisa says:

    Like Kimberly, I didn’t receive today’s email in my inbox…so I checked the blog.

  • Avatar Colleen says:

    Thanks for setting this all up Kat. I’ve done every day of the Boot Camp, but this is the first time I’ve “checked in”. Anyhow, I tried making a shopping list. It all worked fine, except I don’t have a button to put things in the pantry…nevermind, I found out that you have to check the “show pantry” button under the settings button.

  • Avatar Holly says:

    Done for today! I have to keep going back and reviewing the tutorial as I start doing my homework, but I’m starting to get a feel for the website. Thanks again so much Kat for doing this boot camp! I have heard of PTE before but probably would have gone on trying and failing to make meal plans on my own because I am resistant to new technological tools. This takes the mystery out of the site and I know I’m getting more out of it than I would have if I’d tried to figure it out on my own!

  • Avatar Holly says:

    One more thing…I am new to having an iPhone, so I am still figuring out all the cool things you can do with a smart phone. Could you go into more detail about how exactly we access our shopping list through our phone? Do we just type in the PTE website and sign in that way, or is there a PTE app? Thanks for your help!

    • Avatar Merrilee says:

      No PTE app. But they do have a mobile website instead. Then it works on all phones – You can add a bookmark on your phone (home screen?) so it looks like an app, which is what I did. 🙂

      • Avatar Beth says:

        I’m new to the iphone. How do you bookmark a website to the home screen?

      • Avatar Merrilee says:

        Beth –
        Go to the website you want to bookmark in Safari.
        Then on the bottom ‘menu’, there will be a box with an arrow pointing out of it. Click on that, then you can select ‘Add to Home Screen’.

  • Avatar Pam says:

    I also didn’t receive today’s email that you posted – very strange. I’ll try to catch up tomorrow with the grocery list. So don’t count me out. I’m still in the game!

  • Avatar Kimberly says:

    I just input muy pumpkin soup recipe that we had tonight the “bulk” way.
    I forgot to say that my recipe served 9 in the beinning and accidentally left it at 1. I wouldn’t have noticed this, but when I checked the shopping list, it doubled all the ingredients. If I changed it to 9 it said I need 27 cans of soemthing which isn’t right. I know I can redo the amounts, but I still don’t get why it would double the items if the recipe says serves 1?

    Thanks for any help with this conundrum!

    • Avatar Kat Lee says:

      Hmm…I don’t know. I haven’t had that happen. You might contact support at PTE and I’m sure they’ll figure it out for you!

    • Avatar Joanne says:

      Kimberly – I did the same thing and it took me awhile to figure it out. If you have a saved recipe, and you change the number in the “Serves” box near the top of the recipe, it adjusts what you need to make that much of the recipe. So, if you want to half it or double it, that makes it easy because it calculates the changes for you.
      To enter how many people the recipe actually serves, click on “Edit recipe”, and scroll down to the “Serves” box about halfway down, just above “Total Time”, and type the number of servings the recipe provides.
      Hope that helps. 🙂

  • Avatar Dianne_W says:

    Homework done! I love the fact that I can have the list done and my husband can see it on his phone if I ask him to stop at the store on his way home from work. Question – my items on my shopping list don’t disappear when I am trying to check off the items I already have. The box is checked where it says “Hide Removed Items.” What am I missing?

    • Avatar Kat Lee says:

      When I’m on the computer, mine don’t disappear either with that option. But When I’m on the computer I just put them in the Pantry (button at bottom). On the mobile site (when you’re on your phone) they will disappear as you click them.

  • Avatar Merrilee says:

    I am still new to my grocery store, so I need to take my phone in and get a map of the store. 🙂 otherwise, my homework is done.

  • Avatar Brooke B says:

    Homework done. Rearranged the shopping list to fit my store…love that feature. Now need to work on getting my pantry items in and my staples list updated. Great feeling to be getting organized with all this. Thanks!

  • I love the “set your list up in the way your store is set out” idea.
    I am considering shopping online for delivery!! No aisles for me!! Whoop.

  • Avatar Meagan says:

    Well I did my homework first thing yesterday, but forgot to check in…oops! Sorry Drill Sergeant! 😉 Added a few more recipes yesterday, made a shopping list, and tweaked my categories to reflect my store layout. I couldn’t remember exactly the order of the aisles so will tweak again next time I’m at the store.

  • Avatar michelle says:

    Homework done. I’m super impressed with this website – just need to convince the husband about signing up for the year.

  • Avatar Corie says:

    I’m a little behind due to a busy week but having fun entering recipes. Just the few that I have done already are getting me excited to have it all done and have the meal planning portion of my days made easy. Thanks for bringing this site to my attention and for the “bootcamp” forcing me to get moving on it, otherwise it would remain a good idea that I never went anywhere with. Can’t wait to finish! 🙂

  • Avatar Johanna says:

    Done…I think. The website had some hiccups so I hope it saved my category changes!

  • Avatar Teo says:

    Homework done, Kat
    I tried to delete so e of the receipes that I have on the Queue, and I couldn’t. I mange only the last one put it, or all. This is my question.

  • Avatar Bonita says:

    Thanks for this helpful bootcamp. I signed up for this for the first time this year after your recommendation and have been putting in recipes since Christmas but only now am starting to truly use this and I’m so excited about it! thanks for sharing.

  • Avatar Regina says:

    I’ve not check in every day, I’m just the silent attender of the Boot Camp. I would like to start off by saying THANK YOU!! for doing this!! I cook for a famliy of 4. I will eat anything, 3 are very picky & one of my “picky’s” has food allergies & sensitivites (corn, wheat/gluten. milk, MSG & very limited sugar intake & our food can not have a lot of “extra junk” in it). Feeding my family has become a VERY stressful/overwhelming thing for me to do! Due to the allergies EVERY thing is homemade (with some pretty strang/hard to find ingreditents) which as made planning, shopping & cooking more time consuming.

    With that being said….
    Is there a way to automaticlly send certain ingredients from a recipe to a particular store? With all the strange ingredients I use I have to shop at multiple stores. It would be nice if when I enter a recipe it would automatcally go into that particular store’s list.

    Will you please do a video cast on how to add friends? I would love to do the sharing of recipes like you showed was possible in one of the videos but I don’t have any friends. 🙁
    I also think some folks might be interested in some of my recipes since most are allergen free.

    God Bless!

    • Avatar Kat Lee says:

      Honestly, I’m not sure about that. You might ask the support staff at PTE. I didn’t see a way to do it, but they’d know for sure.

  • Avatar Kayse Pratt says:

    Done!!! Off to shop today!

  • Avatar Kari says:

    Assignment complete. Have my menu completed, shopping list prepped and ready to hit the store tomorrow!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!! I am loving this!

    I would love to figure out a way to add some friends even before some people I already know sign up for this. Also, I have the same question about having certain items go to the list for certain stores.

  • Avatar Regina says:

    Me again! 🙂 I’m finding my online voice.

    Say for instance I make a lunch plan, sand. chip, pineapple. I have each one of these listed as a seperat recipe. Is it possible to copy & grab multiple recipes & add to another day? I figured out how to do one at a time but if there is away it would be nice to just do that whole lunch again later in the week w/o having to make the whole entire lunch a recipe.


    • Avatar Kat Lee says:

      Yes. Just use follow my planner video and make note of the part about how to create a menu. Save that lunch as a menu and you can reuse it as often as you like.

  • Avatar Pam says:

    OK, I’ve done my homework now. I love the PTE website/program, and your video tutorials are sooooo helpful too. Thanks so much for all your work putting this together for us. You’re helping a lot of people get more organized, be less wasteful with food and save time!

  • Avatar Anna says:

    Homework done! Thanks for the catch up day 🙂 I’m glad to have watched your video clip about the shopping list…it was a bit confusing until I saw it in action. Was able to look at the shopping list and see what little I needed to round out meals for this week. Yay taking baby steps. Thanks!

  • Avatar Tahisha (Ty) says:

    Homework done!! I have to confess though that I’ve been so excited about boot camp that I was a bit of an eager beaver and did this yesterday!! Thank you for introducing us to PTE and because I’m a visual learner the video tutorials are awesome. I loooove it! You’re a Rock Star!!

  • Avatar flyinjuju says:

    I have been using plan to eat for a couple of weeks now, but after watching your videos, have not been utilizing it fully. Thanks for the tutorials!!

  • Avatar Susan Herold says:

    I have gone ahead and checked out some of the ‘friends’ recipes and found out how easy it is to add them to my recipes! What fun. I really don’t enjoy cooking and especially grocery shopping but this has given me new hope for a brighter meal planning and shopping experience in my home! I can’t thank you enough.

  • Avatar Marci says:

    Homework done. I rearranged my categories to match the order I go through the store and I love that! Strangely it is harder to drag and drop on the iPad, and that was frustrating, but I got them all moved. I have many, many more recipes to enter, but feeling good! Oh and our oven is broken (!!!!!!!!) so I need to go trolling my new friends for some crock pot recipes!

  • Avatar Stephanie says:

    Finished my homework for today and added more recipes. Can’t wait until I have everything entered in!!!

  • Avatar Theresa says:

    Just finished planning my meals for a week and generated a shopping list – that took less than 30 seconds! I wish all of my tasks did 🙂

  • Avatar Dawn says:

    This is so great! I love having it all in one place. I usually menu plan in my schooling planner (I homeschool) and then make my shopping list from that on my phone or scraps of paper. Now, to have it all in one place and to have the program make my list automatically from my menu! I love it! Now, just to get all my recipes in! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with us!

  • Avatar Janey says:

    ok I figured out how to get all my groceries assigned to their respective stores for my 2 week meal plan. That was a HUGE hurdle. I hope it will go much faster in the future. Two weeks of 3 meals a day = many recipes and way TOO many ingredients. It was tedious. I hope that by saving my meal plan that it will also save my grocery list…?

  • Avatar Alison says:

    Shopping list done 🙂 Having to go grocery shopping is one of my least favourite tasks in life, but I’m actually almost excited to go now, knowing how organised I am! I especially love the ‘staples’ section, to make sure I don’t forget anything 🙂 So happy to finally have given PTE a go, I think it’s going to be a huge help in my life!

    • Avatar Faith says:

      Alison, I totally agree! I hated meal planning before and often gave up all attempts! I’m actually starting to enjoy it!

  • Avatar Claude says:

    Okay Kat, I don’t know why but I am not automatically receiving day 4 of the bootcamp, and I got day three because you gave me the link… I don’t want to miss out on anything, this is too good to not follow through to the end!

    thanks, Claude Delgado

  • Avatar Kathy says:

    A little late but done! Thanks again

  • Avatar Amy says:

    When you click an item from your staple list and put it in your shopping list, it looked like disappears from the staple list. Does it show up in the staples list again later, or do you have to add it back in?

  • Avatar Faith says:

    Shopping list done!! Last week prior to leaving I had just thrown together a quick meal plan and shopping list just to see how it works! Your boot camp lessons have helped soooo much!! I didn’t even realize you could organize your categories nor did I realize you could change the dates on the shopping list! Amazing!!

  • Avatar Vicki says:

    I haven’t figured out yet how to send the shopping list to my android phone. I have the out of milk app on my phone so thought it would download but maybe not. Anybody find those instructions? Thanks. This meal planning really is fast and easy, Kat!

  • Avatar Elizabeth W says:

    Graduation Day! I think that the bookmarklet for importing recipes and showing how to use features like the staples list were extra helpful. The whole thing was wonderful! Thank you, Kat!

  • Avatar Meri says:

    Done – and shopping tomorrow! 🙂

  • Avatar Carol says:

    Have I missed Day 5??

  • Avatar Lauren says:

    Done and ready to go shopping!

  • Avatar Cat says:

    Done. thanks so much for doing this!

  • Avatar Beth says:

    Used my shopping list yesterday and loved it! Still have some tweaking to do, but it’s so much easier than writing everything down and hoping I didn’t forget a key ingredient from my recipes.

  • Avatar Sandy says:

    Hi Kat,

    Loved your post…and love that you have “chocolate” as a staple!!
    I cannot find the “to pantry” button anywhere or find my pantry at all?! Do I have to add that as a store or something? The only button at the bottom right is “Remove selected.”

  • Avatar julie says:

    Ok done. I had started and come back several times. I got stuck looking for the pantry, but now I’ve found it hidden in the gear icon at the top of the shopping page. yay me. Go techie mom!!!

  • Avatar karen says:

    I have recipes all over the place…evernote, pinterest, books etc…but now I am trying to get all of the ones I love for my family in plan to eat. I put recipes in the planner and now am doing a shopping list to try….already did shopping so planning for Feb. This is awesome!

  • Avatar Jennifer says:

    I really didn’t think I would do much with the grocery list but it is slick! Having so much fun with boot camp!

  • Avatar Marisa says:

    I worked on my homework all weekend and finally have a good start to my meal plan for the next 2 weeks!

  • Avatar Christy Lynn says:


    Will you please share your asparegous geneva recipe? I am copying one of your menus that is on and it looks delicous. Thank you so much for encouraging and sharing this with! Thank you!!! I can’t wait to share this with my friends after I get more of my recipes and meal plans entered!

  • Avatar melanie says:

    a few days behind on the homework, but just got this done!

  • Avatar Andrea says:

    Started late, but I’m finding the work worth it. Had my third baby on Jan. 12th, so we’re busy and I’m hoping this tool will help de-stress some of our issues at home.

  • Avatar Jan says:

    This is so awesome! Everything in one place! Thank you so much for doing this series. I’ve learned so much. You took all of the guess work out of it. Thanks!

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