Are We Hugging the Balance Beam?

By December 14, 2012General

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This video clip from Francis Chan blew me away. So challenging. So good. It’s only 3 minutes long, and definitely worth it.

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are made for.” – Unknown

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  • Avatar Mara says:

    I can relate, to a point. We’ve stepped out of “mainstream Christianity” and feel we are following what the Father is showing us. It definitely hasn’t been “safe.” In fact, our family and friends are questioning if we still believe in God at all. I can only pray that we’ve been hearing and obeying to the best of our ability. Thanks for sharing!

  • Avatar Myra says:

    Wow, that was cool! I couldn’t help but laugh because I could relate to some of the things he was saying (about wanting to protect my kids, etc.) but I got the point. I can’t wait to show it to my boys, and then talk about how we can start letting go of the beam, and trusting God more. Thanks, Kat!

  • Avatar Janetta says:

    Wow! This is such a huge power struggle for me, and it all comes back to faith. It’s so hard to let go sometimes, but in failing to do so we are ultimately telling God that we don’t think He is in control. Yet, we get so frustrated when our own children don’t do exactly as we wish. Imagine how He feels? Talk about a slap in the face! This is exactly what I needed to hear today, so thank you!

  • Avatar michele says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Avatar Jenni says:

    Wow, how incredibly timely with today’s news event…

  • Avatar Bethany says:

    This is what God has been speaking to my heart as I’ve been emotionally preparing for my own personal hard place, having a baby. I found it so difficult and dark in those early months with our first, with unforseen complications. But God has been inviting me back to that exhausting newborn stage, as it is then that I most lean on His strength, and learn new reasons to give thanks. What a good visual to hold in my heart as I look ahead to this “unsafe but good” season!

  • Avatar Elizabeth says:

    This morning I talked to a mom who took her child out of my daughter’s school due to bullying issues and then with the school shooting, today is a day to want to hunker down and stay inside so I think this video was perfect for me to hear now. Thank you for sharing.

    • Avatar Kat Lee says:

      You’re welcome. It certainly is a more challenging message to me now than it was early this morning when I posted it…

  • Yes.
    But, hey, the dig on homeschooling was strange. Like, does he think in straight lines? There are SO MANY reasons people homeschool and for me it is balance beam walking, sometimes somersaulting, often falling and getting back up, and slow progress for the little one. As to protecting her from other kids, there are plenty public school neighbors who’ve put her through the works they get there; so much for sheltering! Yeah, I should write this to Francis, not you. And I get it that he’s trying to challenge us to think, not that any one of the things he mentioned was bad.

  • Avatar Robin E. says:

    I needed to hear this, Kat. Thank you.. Whew!

  • What can I say?….. Safety has been my song for years! I don’t even know what stepping out looks like, at least not as a lifestyle…once every year, yes, but as a mindset — nope! Lord, continue to be my guide!

  • Avatar April N says:

    Definitely a good one to get you thinking. Thanks for sharing!

  • Avatar bc says:

    Yup so TRUE….i too LIKE safe but know that GOD calls us to FAITH not fear. Easier said than done….i know. You see God has us living in a little city with all the ugly that comes with it but HE’S been with us ALL the way! It’s not been one of being safe….but on of great TRUST all the way…..wobbling at times and even crawling….but one of great GROWTH in me, my husband and two teen daughters. PRAISE GOD!! Thank you for sharing this video as a reminder! 😉 GOD BLESS YOU!!

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