A True Perspective on Personal Progress

By December 21, 2012General

Progress is Progress

We love overnight successes. We love makeovers and transformations, but there is something to be said for simple, slow determined progress.

It tends to be easy for us, as women, to see where we’ve fallen short – where we don’t measure up. But I want to challenge us today to recognize progress and rejoice in every step, big and small.

We can look back on 2012 and wish we’d grown more…changed more. Or we can be thankful for each little victory, and look forward with courage to 2013.

Rejoicing Together In Our Victories

There is such power in pausing and reviewing. You did something great this year. What was it?

Maybe you were a little more patient with your kids. Maybe you started a habit of reading the Bible each day. Maybe you cleaned your kitchen sink more often. Maybe you gave a few more worries to God. Maybe you read a couple books.

Whatever it was, well done. Good job. Keep going. 2013 is going to be amazing.

What is one “step forward” you made this year?Click here to share and take a minute to encourage someone else.

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  • Kat Lee says:

    My small success this year is that I feel like I’ve become ever so slightly more disciplined. I can’t wait to grow more in 2013!

  • Jessica says:

    My small success this year was committing to exercise – and not beating myself up about perceived set backs. I just continue where I left off.

  • Sarah says:

    Kat- I do not comment here nearly as much as I should, but I just wanted to say a giant thank you for all of the encouragement you send out into the world. Your words often land in my inbox exactly when I need to read them. Your work is inspired and I just wanted to send a little bit of encouragement your way. Have a wonderful holiday season. – Blessings, Sarah
    ps. My big step this year was starting to work out again on a MUCH more regular basis. Hooray!

  • Heidi L. says:

    i feel as though i’ve grown in understanding and finding a new type of balance/discipline in the midst of growing my business

    love this image/quote from money saving mom as well:

  • Valerie says:

    This is good… to reflect on my progress. I set out to read the New Testament chronologically by the end of the summer. Well, it’s December and I’m not done, lol! BUT, I’m still working on it. Slowly but surely. I also barreled through the hard work of therapy and inner healing and have become SO MUCH healthier.

    • Kat Lee says:

      Getting behind on yearly reading usually derails people. I love that you aren’t letting unmet expectations stop you. That says so much about your character. I admire people who persist!

  • Debi says:

    I cut out all processed foods and refined sugars this year. It’s been life changing in so many ways! The two best by-products of this change are 1. I feel better than I have in ages and 2. I lost 30 pounds without feeling deprived!

    • Kat Lee says:

      That is amazing Debi! I’d love to hear more. What books / resources did you learn from?

      • Debi says:

        I’ve been asked those questions a lot lately, so I started a blog to address those questions, share recipes I’ve collected, and other aspects of my real food journey. You can find it at mom2halfdozen.wordpress.com if you’re interested.

  • maddalena70 says:

    This year has been the turning point for me. I came close close to God and started to walk with Him. He helped me to go through a hrad time and He is helping me to be a better mom and person each and every day.

    • Kat Lee says:

      I’ve loved “watching” you learn and grow and soak things up like a sponge. What great things God can do with a heart like yours…

  • Carrie Long says:

    Wow! What an appropriate post I was just thinking about progress and how God has rewarded my small steps of courage this year. I joined a group called “Grace Groups” to start dealing with some things from my past, I had a lot of anger as a mom towards my daughter and this has helped me understand where this is coming from. I’m so happy to say that I have seen so much progress in this area!! Do I still get upset and yell more than I should at things that don’t really matter? Well, yes I do…but the other day I got upset because she was throwing a fit(but didn’t say or do anything just thought “i’m upset God arrrrr”), she went upstairs and was in her playroom crying and yelling that she was upset….instead of putting my foot down and telling her to snap out of it which is my normal response…I was able to show grace and go upstairs and give her a big hug, tell her it was going to be ok and ask her to talk to me. I just felt something shift in that moment…that I really FINALLY GOT God’s grace and was able to model that for my daughter. I’m so proud of myself for stepping out in faith and giving myself over to the process of life change. I’m learning to be more gentle and graceful towards both of my little girls!

  • Anna says:

    I had a big year. I faced a lot of family strife, which lead to learning to let go, love, and forgive.
    I’ve made big strides forward in terms of housekeeping. Ten years ago, when I married, I had NO ability to keep house. I have learned little by little, and if it weren’t for my four homeschooled children, I think I could do pretty well. 😉 This year, I have learned a lot about daily routine cleaning, minimum standards that should be met every day.
    It sounds easy, but it wasn’t easy for me.
    Next year, I would love to build some friendships.

  • Joyce says:

    Great quote! I’m all about the baby step. We’ll still reach our goal eventually, just a little bit at a time. 🙂

  • Tehila says:

    Through various situations that God brought into my life, I think that I grew this past year in my desire and courage to stand for Truth. Truth in theology. Truth in the sound way that a mother can educate her own children, if she chooses to. Truth in saying that which is not always easy to say, but to lovingly say it if it is true.

    Thank you for challenging

  • Mindy says:

    Hey Kat! I love your blog and loved hearing you speak at a momheart conference. I just had to laugh and comment bc one small change is me has been the ability to let there be a couple of dirty dishes in the sink!! Lol. I usually cannot stand dirty dishes and I can get pretty mean if anything gets in the way of me accomplishing that goal of “no dishes in the sink!! Ever.” I’ve learned to relax a little and not feel the urgency of cleaning up immediately after meals, while my kids wait for me to homeschool them!

  • Dionna says:

    I like this post for I am the slow and steady one. 🙂

  • Dawn says:

    This post was a good reminder for me to celebrate the “small steps” – I’m usually the all or nothing type of girl, so seeing small steps in the right directions as victories when I have not yet “arrived” (ha!) at the final goal can be challenging for me. This year I have made large strides in trusting the sovereignty of God even when I don’t understand or see what He is doing. Wow – “getting” that truth even a bit more is huge as so much of life goes back to whether or not I trust God and whether or not I believe He is sovereign. Thx for the post!

    • Joyce says:

      Dawn, I was the same way about ‘all or nothing’! but realized that if I’m heading in the directions of my goal, I’m still making progress. And it doesn’t have to be done all at once. God gave us grace, so we should give ourselves some grace from time to time too.

      • Dawn says:

        Yes! I agree, Joyce … but it will probably be something I will have to work on remembering forever. 😉 I have to also remember that God is obviously about the process (since sanctification doesn’t happen instantly) – I want to be more comfortable with it as well.

  • Suzanne says:

    This year I started volunteering in my community more. It makes me feel empowered to something better each day!

  • Thanks so much. This post was so in line with how God has encouraged me today. That’s one of the reasons I looked for your blog. God was reminding me to not focus on the stalls in progress, but to focus on the awesome opportunity to keep going. So, I looked to your blog to be inspired to action!! A few small successes for me this year include, recognizing the temptations to be negative sooner and thus, choosing to think on something positive. Looking to Christ a little more often (instead of trusting in myself) and also getting my website up and running. Yay! Thanks again for your post.