The Most Powerful Way To Influence Our Children

By November 19, 2012General

Two weeks ago I decided to write out the book of Proverbsโ€ฆby hand.

On paper.

This might not be a big deal for some people, but for my techie-bad-handwriting self, it is quite the personal challenge.

First, I had to find paper. And one of the stylus things that have ink in themโ€ฆI think it’s called a pen. Or a pencil. I get confused.

Anyway, I took the kids to heaven, also referred to as an Office Supply store, and asked where I could find their “paper” and also a “pen.”

The overly friendly sales associate, pointed me in the right direction AFTER he asked all my kids names, ages, the name of my high school and my year of high school graduation.

Not kidding. Let’s file that in the “how to be creepy and scare customers away” folder, shall we?


I decided to write out the book of Proverbs because I love how writing forces me to slow down. I tend to move at the speed of light, rushing ahead to the next thing, my mind running a thousand different directions. But writing scripture compells me to be still, to marinate in the Word.

I’m only a few chapters in (I’m a sloooow writer), but I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far. And there has been another benefit:


(Sorry…I couldn’t resist the pun.)

My kids have started doing it as well. I never asked them to or even suggested it. They just saw me doing it and got their Bibles and journals and started writing. My 5 year old decided to write out the verses printed in his journal.

And my girls? They both picked the book of Psalms. All 150 chapters. Um…

If anyone wants to invest in our “journal fund” let me know.


The Power of Example

Sometimes I plan too much. I labor over ways to help my kids get in the Word. I buy Bible studies or family devotions or make charts. And I forget the the best way to lead isn’t with a plan but by example.

Our children want to follow us, we just need to be going somewhere.

Have you ever thought about writing out a book of the Bible? Have you done it before? How have you led your kids by example? Click here to discuss!

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  • Becky Daye says:

    Love this idea! I actually did this last week for the first time- using the Journible on Psalm 119 that was in the prayer room at Allume. It has been a meaningful exercise for me. What a great idea to encourage my kiddos to do the same!

    • Kat Lee says:

      Seeing someone Tweet about Journibles was my inspiration to start doing this. I was too impatient to order one and wait for it to come in, though, so I’m just doing a plain notebook, but I love the idea!

  • Gina says:

    What an amazing idea. No, I have never thought of doing this, but you’ve got my wheels spinning. Thank you!

  • Annie Kate says:


    Did you know that the kings of Israel were to write out God’s law by hand? I thnk it says somewhere in Deuteronomy. That has always impressed me hugely, but I’ve never thought of doing something like that myself.

    Now it’s on my list of things to think about doing. Thanks!

  • Shonda says:

    I have written out James, Ephesians, 1 John and Colossians in the past two years with my Good Morning Girls Bible study. Yes, I love how it slows down reading God’s Word. I would love to write out Proverbs too!

  • Jane says:

    I just love this idea! I’ve actually caught my daughter writing down several verses in her collection of notebooks, but have never thought about suggesting that she/we do it with any sort of purpose or organization. …And Proverbs is so practical and wonderful for application!

    Looks like we have a new project ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Anita says:

    What a timely post! I just heard of someone else doing this a couple of weeks ago and I have been thinking about the book of Psalms myself. I have a one year devotional on Psalms that I’m starting in January and I was thinking that would be a good time to start!

    • I tend to speed-read through my Bible like I skim everything else. I have really appreciated working through Journibles as a way to make myself think about every word, and to really notice repeating words and phrases. I also like using the left-hand side of the journal for prayers, observations, questions, and cross-references. A much more thoughtful, attentive reading experience!

  • What a neat legacy to leave your kids, and a great way to meditate on Scripture. I’m going to do this especially for the chapters I’m memorizing. Thanks for this idea and your great example! God bless you richly!

  • Christine says:

    Hello, I’m a new reader of your blog and I’m loving it. That is such a great idea to write out the bible. Like you said it definitely slows us down and writing it helps us to remember it too. I learned from sometime else who reads one proverb a day. Since there are 31 proverbs you can read one that corresponds to the day of the month. Maybe today I’ll start with writing out proverbs 19! Have a blessed day.

  • Hollie Garcia says:

    Cool! Love it. I haven’t done that before but Proverbs sounds like a great place to start, even 1 John! My husband and I recently finished Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, so I really want to write down what the Proverbs has to say about money.

  • I love this Kat…
    We read/studied a Proverb-a-day in October, but I think I’m going to try writing out a Proverb a day in December (another 31 day month).
    I love writing out scripture because it MAKES me slow down…and really pause over the words.
    The best part of what you shared is that God nudged your kiddos to do the writing too…what a gift! (when you see evidence of Him in their lives apart from parental prompting…such an incredible gift from Him).

  • Heather says:

    I wrote out James and memorized the first chapter. As soon as my oldest daughter picked up on it she was copying me. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll be writing scripture out again before the sun goes down. It was an awesome experience and I have no idea why I stopped with one book.

  • Taylor says:

    Wonderful idea, Kat! I haven’t done this before, but my daughter asked me why am I able to write in my bible and she can’t. I told her about how I was deeply studying the book of 1 Peter (MYM!) inductively, she wanted to study too! So we printed out genesis 1 in the NIrV and I taught her the basics of inductive bible she is studying on her own and asked me to wake her early so we could study together!

  • Tehila says:

    This is truly an inspired idea! I’m going to do it – today!!! I just know my children will follow… Thank you for this brilliance! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jenny says:

    Now I know what to buy you for Christmas – a PEN! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This is an awesome reminder of the simplicity of BASICS! Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Beth says:

    I have never thought about doing this, but it makes perfect sense. As you write you read and then you stop and think about the words. You are so right about this helping to slow the reader down…and let the words sink it. I read too fast when reading the Bible…I will read verses that make me think of other ones and before you know it I am all over the Bible. This will make me want to understand it so much more . I have no doubt that God had you tell us about this. You have planted a seed and know I want mine to grow! I am presently reading Proverbs so I am going to back up and start over and write to learn. What an awesome thing for your children to see you doing and I can just imagine the conversations this could start. If my three year old wants to do as I am then I will get her a journal and her Bible and she can “write/copy” verses of her choice. I can see this turning in to something so precious and a memory that will last forever and hopefully instill more into both of us about studying God’s word. THANK YOU!!!

  • Myra says:

    As another person commented, the studies from Good Morning Girls/ Women Living Well, also incorporate writing out the verses each day. Kat, the pictures of your little one’s handwriting is too precious! I love it! And also, you are so funny with your comment on the sales associate! Thanks for the laugh today! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ann says:

    I just finished writing out James, as part of the Beth Moore Bible study on James, Mercy triumphs Judgement. It was such a powerful experience, really made me think ALOT about the text. Yes, it is powerful to consider that the Kings of Isreal were commanded to do this….Deut 17:18. So neat to see your sweet kids copying your example. We do make it far more complicated that it has to be don’t we. So grateful for the way God shows us its not so difficult!

  • Joyce says:

    That’s awesome!!

  • Dionna says:

    I started writing out James. I’ve decided this will be a project I just “never quit” on. When James is done, I think I will try Romans or Proverbs.

  • jennifer says:

    LOVE proverbs.
    so much wisdom for life… & moms!
    thoroughly enjoyed your “setting an example” challenge.

  • Amy Walker says:

    This is so awesome!I find myself copying big chunks because writing just makes things come alive for me…helps me digest it. I recently read through Proverbs and wrote a lot of verses down. Never thought of writing a whole book. So wonderful that the kids are following. My 3 year old is just starting to really imitate more complex things and it is so exciting to hear her singing and speaking scripture. She tells me several times a day that we have to help the children in Africa who don’t have water and milk.

  • Traci says:

    Why yes, yes I have thought about this, Kat. ๐Ÿ™‚ In fact, I’ve thought about it so much that I’ve written about it and even made a video about it (on my blog). I also started a community via Twitter & Instagram using the hashtag #writetheWord and there’s now have a FB page dedicated to encouraging one another on our journeys (search for #WriteTheWord Community). I’ve also partnered with The Seed Company to put action to our discipline by raising awareness for the need of Bible translation by using the hashtag #endBiblepoverty. Right now, my daughter and I are working through the book of Matthew and my husband is writing Proverbs. It’s been so rewarding!
    This is so exciting to see! May the Lord bless your time in His word as you write! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • I write a proverbs and psalm everday and turn it into a was something like let me accept rebuke in a way that makes me wise! I so enjoy your blog.

  • Nicole says:

    This is an amazing idea, I’m the same way about flying through stuff. I try to read aloud when I read the Bible bc I’m a speed reader and I skip things with out meaning too. I’m also a big note taker, writing things down help me remember, but I never thought to write a whole book of the Bible. I’m going to do this too, now to decide which on.

  • Cara says:

    I started writing out the book of Proverbs about a month ago, and I’m using this EXCELLENT resource called ‘Journibles’ which are journals that have a space to copy the verses on the right hand page and then take notes on the left. They have other books of the Bible available too. Here is a link:

  • maddalena70 says:

    I will try with my big one. ๐Ÿ™‚
    But for me the most important part of yur post is just a phrase, so powerfull :
    ”The power of example.” It quite a constant in these day for me, i find it edverywhere so I started to put in place this powerful advice with my girls!

    Thaks a lot



  • Andrea says:

    Awesome. What struck me is your comment in the comment section. You knew about the “Journibles” but you didn’t want to wait for it to arrive in the mail. You wanted to get going right away. That motivates me because I would wait weeks order, wait weeks for it to arrive and by that time, the great idea would have been buried by many more unimplemented great ideas. Love your “get-to-it-ness”. You live your blog title.

  • Dawn says:

    “Sometimes I plan too much. I labor over ways to help my kids get in the Word. I buy Bible studies or family devotions or make charts. And I forget the the best way to lead isnโ€™t with a plan but by example.”

    Ooh, this is good. I too make it harder than it needs to be – thanks for the great reminder and challenge to lead my kids by my example.

  • Amy says:

    Awesome Idea!! I may try this one myself. I journal quite a bit anyhow, and usually write scriptures I read for the morning that meant something to me. But a whole book? That would be a very fun challange. Thanks!!

  • Lisa M says:

    What a great idea!!! I’ve always loved the book of James. I think I may try that. :o)