The Most Powerful Way To Influence Our Children

By November 19, 2012General

Two weeks ago I decided to write out the book of Proverbs…by hand.

On paper.

This might not be a big deal for some people, but for my techie-bad-handwriting self, it is quite the personal challenge.

First, I had to find paper. And one of the stylus things that have ink in them…I think it’s called a pen. Or a pencil. I get confused.

Anyway, I took the kids to heaven, also referred to as an Office Supply store, and asked where I could find their “paper” and also a “pen.”

The overly friendly sales associate, pointed me in the right direction AFTER he asked all my kids names, ages, the name of my high school and my year of high school graduation.

Not kidding. Let’s file that in the “how to be creepy and scare customers away” folder, shall we?


I decided to write out the book of Proverbs because I love how writing forces me to slow down. I tend to move at the speed of light, rushing ahead to the next thing, my mind running a thousand different directions. But writing scripture compells me to be still, to marinate in the Word.

I’m only a few chapters in (I’m a sloooow writer), but I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far. And there has been another benefit:


(Sorry…I couldn’t resist the pun.)

My kids have started doing it as well. I never asked them to or even suggested it. They just saw me doing it and got their Bibles and journals and started writing. My 5 year old decided to write out the verses printed in his journal.

And my girls? They both picked the book of Psalms. All 150 chapters. Um…

If anyone wants to invest in our “journal fund” let me know.


The Power of Example

Sometimes I plan too much. I labor over ways to help my kids get in the Word. I buy Bible studies or family devotions or make charts. And I forget the the best way to lead isn’t with a plan but by example.

Our children want to follow us, we just need to be going somewhere.

Have you ever thought about writing out a book of the Bible? Have you done it before? How have you led your kids by example? Click here to discuss!

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