ITA #4: Talking with Jamie Ivey about Adoption, DJ’s and Her Year of Motherhood Challenge

By November 8, 2012Podcast

In this episode of the Inspired To Action Podcast, I’m chatting with Jamie Ivey from She shares her story of motherhood and adoption and what it was like to hear about the Haiti earthquake, knowing her son was there.

We also chat about her Year of Motherhood Challenge and a whole lot more. Enjoy!

And….my daughter makes her debut on the podcast. She was a little excited.

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Resource Links

Here are a few resources and links mentioned in the podcast: – Jamie’s blog.

Dear Birthmother – book Jamie recommends for those considering open adoption

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Have you gone through the adoption process? Or are you in the midst of it? What questions do you have or what advice can you share? Click here to comment.

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