Good Reads and Good Deeds

By November 25, 2012General

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Good Reads

We Are The Sorter-Outers Of The Tangles In Our Children’s Hearts – I love this post from my friend Sarah Mae.

Social Media and Geotagging – Please read this. Your photos might be sharing more information than you intend.

Adult Recipes | Honest Toddler – this post cracks me up – especially the first step of the first recipe. The blog is supposed to be written from the perspective of a (very snarky) toddler. If you like this post, the Big Bed post is hilarious too.

Five Reasons to Be a Morning Person

Good Deeds

Any fun stories from last weeks’ good deeds challenge? I’ve really enjoyed the feedback here in the comments and on Facebook and Twitter about these Good Deed challenges. I love that you all are taking action!

This week’s challenge is to write a letter to someone. It can be a sticky note for one of your kids, a postcard for your Aunt or a five page mega letter to your Compassion child. Whatever works for you.

Words are powerful. Share some this week. Are you up for the challenge? Tell us you’re joining us here in the comments. Tell us who you are writing to and then when you’ve written it, reply to your own comment to tell us you already finished.

I’ll pick a winner from those who take this Good Deed letter writing challenge.

Good Things

Speaking of words… I love the idea of decorating my home with truth that will be impressed on my children’s hearts.

Red letter ink is giving away a great prize package to one of you who take this week’s Good Deed Challenge:

An 8×10 of your choice, a 5×7 of your choice AND a multi-pack of notecards

How To Enter

1. Take the Good Deeds Challenge and write a word of encouragement to someone.
2. Click here to leave a comment and tell us you’ve taken the challenge.

I will randomly ( select a winner next Sunday.

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