Good Reads and Good Deeds

By November 4, 2012General

Good Reads

What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast: A Short Guide to Making Over Your Mornings–and Life (A Penguin Special from Portfolio) – I thought this was a fascinating and inspiring little ebook. It comes more from a business perspective, but it reinforces the concept of the power of the morning.

The Power of Telling Your Kids “Why” – this is a recent guest post of mine at Family Your Way. If we want our kids to take ownership of *what* we do, we need to help them own *why* they do it.

100 Things I want to teach my daughter – Beautiful words from Lisa-Jo.

Good Deeds

I was thinking the other day that it would be fun for us all to take action together each week. Little Random Acts of Kindness that can change our perspective and bring smiles to others.

This Week’s Challenge: Call People by their Names.
There are few things we love more than the sound of our name. It’s not about vanity, it’s about being known and mattering to others. As you go throughout the week, I challenge you to call people by their names.

Here are a few ways we can be more intentional about calling people by their names:

  • Say your children’s names and follow with encouragement rather than just instruction.
  • If a worker has a name tag on, use it. Call your barista by their name. Say thank you, by name, to the grocery clerk.
  • Thank someone, by name, on Twitter or Facebook.

Go throughout your week, using other people’s names as often as you can, as a simple way of showing love.

Are you taking the challenge? Do you have any fun stories to tell about it? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Sarah says:

    I love your challenge! The ebook link isn’t working, though. Have a blessed day.

  • Amy Thornton says:

    I loved this post! And had to laugh, because my post on Friday was all about calling people by name ( So I couldn’t agree more!

  • Dawn says:

    Thanks for the great reminder that people genuinely appreciate (and sadly, are surprised by) being called by their name … great challenge for the week! Also, I appreciated your post regarding telling your kids the “why” behind things … as a mom of a 3.5 year-old boy, it is so tempting to answer many of the “whys” with, “Because I said so.” (which I don’t always think is wrong, but that’s a different conversation) I many times do so out of laziness or impatience, neither which is thinking about my child’s best. Thanks for your challenge in that area.

    • Kat Lee says:

      You’re so welcome. I know it’s hard. I do it VERY imperfectly and often choose laziness and impatience, so it’s a challenge to me too!

  • Kristie says:

    Love this reminder to use people’s names…especially our kids!

    My husband is always really great about calling people by their name….the barista, the waitress, anyone with a nametag. It’s cool to watch people light up when their name is used 🙂

  • Gina says:

    Encouraging post…I’m always glad that I took the time for myself to read yor posts Kat. Thanks for the reminder that the smallest things can make a difference:-)

  • Jen says:

    My husband recently read What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast and I had to laugh when he told me about it as if it’s a revelation…I said to him, what do you think I’ve been doing getting up at 5am since January (when I took the first Hello Mornings challenge)? I will definitely take the challenge to call people by name this week. Thanks for another encouraging post.

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