The Year of Motherhood: Healthy Meals



This post was written by contributor Jamie Ivey.

Teaching Healthy Habits

I try really hard to teach my kids about healthy living.  We play sports, try and work out, and try our hardest to put good foods in our bodies.  It’s important to my husband, Aaron, and I that we try and teach our kids about healthy food so that when they are older they can make these choices on their own.


As a mom that stays home, one of my jobs is to make breakfast for our kids and pack them lunches.  This also means that I need to make sure there’s food in the house to feed my kids three meals a day every day!  Aaron does most of the cooking at night, but I need to make sure that all four kids get a healthy breakfast and a healthy lunch packed five days a week.  That’s 40 meals I’m in charge of.


Why is this important?

I decided to do this as one of my challenges, because I know that sometimes I can send my kids to school with lunch money not because I want them to eat in the cafeteria, but because I chose extra sleep over making lunches, or that I chose lunch with a friend the day before instead of grocery shopping for my family.  I wanted to challenge myself to put something that I value so much, healthy food, as a #1 priority for the month.

This month has been fairly easy because I have made sure there was food in the house when there needed to be.  I have thought of different things for my kids lunches, and have found some new favorite breakfast ideas that we all loved!  Also if you aren’t on Pintrest, welcome to 2012.  You need to be on this!  I have tagged so many fun breakfast ideas and lunch ideas for my kids.  Y’all there are people that only blog about making fabulous lunches for their kids.  These people are great if you are in the rut of PB&J for your kids.


I have enjoyed knowing that my kids are starting their school day with great food in their bellies to help their minds focus and learn.  I also love knowing that I’m making a huge effort to send them to school with lunches that are not only good and healthy, but also exciting.  Every once in a while I even throw in a love note to my kids as well!


October Challenge:  Explore our city together

Next month will be my tenth challenge, and I must say that I’m super excited about the three final challenges for 2012.  They all involve our family and doing things together.  That is something that I love!  Next month our challenge as a family is to try something NEW in our city each week.  I LOVE Austin, and there is an abundance of things that we have never tried.  This will provide automatic family time, finding new things in our city, and hopefully many teaching moments as parents!


How do you and your family explore your city?    Any great ideas for elementary kids?  If you live in Austin, what must we do together?!?!  Click HERE to join this discussion.

About Jamie
Jamie lives in Austin with her husband, Aaron, who is the worship pastor at The Austin Stone Community Church, and their four kids. She’s passionate about loving her husband, following Jesus, talking about adoption, and trying to be the best mom she can be to the four cutest kids in the world. She loves family nights, reading a good book, and could eat Mexican food three times a day. You can find her blogging at, or on twitter @jamie_ivey.

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  • Great post – I really focused on feeding my kids healthy breakfasts and lunches this fall too – so much that I actually created a free little e-book for my website on that topic!

  • Avatar Joyce says:

    I love this! We love exploring our town and our neighboring cities (glad to live across the Bay from San Francisco!…lived there for many years, but I can never be a city girl). Our “vacations” have not really been real vacations. We’ve taken mini road trips to places that are just 2 hours away, but it is still an adventures because there are tons of things to do. They’re still young (5yo and 3yo) so I can’t really justify thousands of dollars to do things that they won’t truly remember except through photos. Anyhow, checking out the healthy meals now. 🙂

  • Avatar tacy says:

    FUN! Thank you for this post! 😀

  • Avatar Judith says:

    Great idea to make our kids lunches more interesting and healthy.