The Perspective That Changes Everything In Motherhood

By September 12, 2012General, Get Inspired

This post was written by contributor Lara Williams.

There’s. Just. So. Much. So many papers. So many events. So many appointments. So many lost shoes and lost teeth. And lost innocence. So many meals to plan. So many words to speak. There’s just so much to do. Which is why I need a continual, purposeful shift in perspective.

We’re just passing through on this earth. We’re here, literally, for a vapor of time and so are our kids. But here’s the really amazing part. The things we do and the things we impress upon our kids in this short life can have eternal effects. That’ll light a fire in me as a mom.


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It’s easy to ride the waves of life and get sucked into the abyss of “doing” only to feel frustrated and overwhelmed. But our number one calling as a mom is do an eternal work. Our number one calling is to train up our kids in the ways of God’s unwavering, all-consuming love; everything else is peripheral.

So I have to start here and camp out here. And when I leave for a while to tend to the dailiness of life, I have to return here. Because I want — I need! — to move through today with an eternal perspective.

It affects how I discipline. It affects how I spend my time. It affects my priorities. It affects their souls. It affects everything. Yes, we’ll fail. But God is bigger. He moves in spite of us.

Today the challenge is that we start with the best perspective — the eternal perspective. This 4 minute and 19 second video of Francis Chan will help. It’ll light that mama-fire.




How could an eternal perspective change your own mothering style these days?
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