Memorizing Scripture with your kids


Overcoming the hurdles

I’ve heard that your kids can take on your personality, your likes, your dislikes, and your temperaments just from growing up in your household for their first 18 years.  I’m trying to break one cycle for my kids and hoping they aren’t like me in this area, and that’s memorizing scripture.  It is hard for me.  I don’t memorize well.  I don’t know all the words to my favorite song.  I can’t even remember who wrote most of the songs we sing at church, and the reason that’s weird is because my husband probably wrote half of them.


We began this month with working on the 23rd Psalm.  We made motions and practiced, but once again, we hit the ground running hard at the beginning of the month, and our efforts began to lose steam about half way.  I was discouraged and feeling like a failure, which is not what God thinks of me, and not a good way to keep going.  I prayed and asked God to continue to help me with this, and about that time we started listening to our new kids CD that is pretty much straight up scripture to song.  The kids loved it, and it was putting God’s word straight into their heart.  They began to sing the songs even when we weren’t in the car, and I realized that we were putting God’s word all over our lives.


Family devotions around the table

We also tried to be more consistent with our family devotion time.  We continued using our Jesus Calling book, and also incorporated a book that one of you had recommended to me, A Child’s Book of Character Building.  We changed this from at night around the living room to reading these around the dinner table together.  This helped us out with having kids still and in one place, and also our daughter, Story, was missing out lots before because she was in bed already.  I feel that these new books are great together, and bring great discussions to the rest of our lives.


What I learned

Although we didn’t memorize the whole 23rd Psalm, I will not look at this month as a fail.  This month was full of us getting God’s word in our heart.  When we were jamming to our CD in the car one day, one of my kids connected the dots when he excitedly yelled out that this song was about the same armor of God that he had learned about at camp.  My heart was full because he was hearing about God’s word and learning the same truths in a different way and those truths were getting stuck in his heart and brain.  God is working in my kids lives and I’m so happy to be challenged to get scripture to them more and more.


I’ve learned this month that scripture memorization is important for all of us, and not just mom and dad.  I’m getting ready to get another verse ready for this next month for us.  What a joy to write God’s word on our doorposts, okay so it’s just taped to the windows, and talk about it with my kids when we work and when we play.  I kinda remember reading God tell us that this is what we should do anyways.


Next Month

For most of you, your kids are starting back to school and you are getting back to your routine.  For us, we’ve been in school for a month now (we do year round school), so I’m already in the groove of school life.  When school starts back up it always takes me a while to get back to making lunches every day for them to take to school and a good breakfast.  For the month of September I want to commit to not letting them buy their lunch at all.  My kids hardly ever do, unless I’m lazy or have put off going to the grocery store for way too long.  I also would like to spice up our breakfast around here.  I know it’s convenient, but waffles in the toaster and cereal get lots of table time around here.  I would like to do more.  It is going to involve planning, prep, and maybe an earlier alarm setting.

I’ve already been seeing tons of helpful hints on pintrest and many bloggers are giving us their tips on healthy lunches.  I want your ideas.  What’s your favorite lunch routine.  Do your kids make their own lunches?  What are your favorite healthy breakfast’s to make for your kids?  Click HERE to join the discussion and help me make some healthy, fun, and easy meals for my kids this next month.

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