The Year Of Motherhood: Praying For My Kids

Praying for My Kids in July

I love the way God perfectly orchestrates things in our lives, and when we realize it, it can bring you straight to your happy place.  When I had this weird idea back in December to spend 2012 challenging myself in a new way each month I had no idea the amount of time I would spend away from my kids in the month of July, but I now know it was no coincidence that God planned for me to spend this month focusing on praying more for my kids.

I pray for my kids a lot, and I try to pray out loud over them every night, but I wanted something different.  I wanted to not just do the normal, “God keep them safe and thank you for another day” prayer, but I wanted to truly petition the Father on behalf of my kids.  Paul Miller says in his book A PRAYING LIFE that “prayer is a moment of incarnation – God with us.”  That’s what I want when I pray for my kids.  I want to be in a moment of God with me.

My Prayers this month

This month I spent 17 out of 31 days away from my babies.  They were at camp, and I was in London (I am there now as you read this!)  That is a lot of days for a momma to be away from her children in one month.  I relied on a lot of fabulous friends to take care of my kids and spent a lot of time praying for them.  I learned this month that while I was away from my kids it took me to my knees a lot more on their behalf.  When I was away from them my longing for them led me to the Father.  I was able to spend time not only thanking God for my blessings in my kids, but also asking God to draw them to him, to change their heart, and to show me ways my parenting could improve with each child.

Let me tell you a cool thing that happened this month with my praying for my kids.  Our boys went to a Christian camp for six nights and they loved every minute of it!  I still can’t believe they made it, but they did! 

While they were there, Aaron and I were on our own little vacation with no kids and during those days I told Aaron a few of the prayer points that I was praying for the kids.  One of them was a “strong biblical self-esteem” and another was “A passion for God”. 

I know that God has been drawing my oldest son, who is eight, toward him for many months now.  The conversations that we have are amazing, and he is truly wanting to know God more, and I believe that his week at camp brought him even closer to God.  He told me when he got home that he had made a decision to follow Jesus.  My husband and I spent a lot of time talking with him about this and showing him ways that we have seen God drawing him towards him and that God had love him first.  It was super sweet and when I look back and think about two of the things I had prayed for my kids while they were at camp, I can see God’s perfect timing over this whole silly challenge that I set out to do.


What’s Next

Next month I’m going to focus on something that should be fun and a challenge not only to myself, but also to my kids.  We are going to do family devotionals more often and work on memorizing scripture together.  I have a few friends that do this well, and boy am I going to rely on them for pointers and tips.  I also have a kids cd that’s straight from the bible ready to blast daily in the car so they can pick up some of God’s word just through song.

How do you do family devotionals?  Do you do them daily?  Morning?  Before bed?  Have you spent time memorizing God’s word together with your kids?  What is your advice for me?  Click HERE to join this conversation!

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