Kid Caves: A Fun Early Riser Solution

It’s like they can hear us open our eyes.

If your kids are anything like mine, they have a crazy ability to know when mom is awake.

Normally, my husband handles the early risers while I have my quiet time and then I take over while he has his and starts work. But he was on a business trip for a few weeks recently and I needed to find a different solution.

My Mom Cave Has A Kid Cave

In this post, I explain how I transformed my closet into a “mom cave” where I have a little desk and cozy space for Bible Study, prayer and planning.

Since my children often like to join me in my “mom cave” I decided to give them their own little “kid caves” in the corners of my space. They *love* them!

(I just want to note that this is a standard walk in closet. You don’t need a huge space to do this. I can touch all four walls as I sit in my chair. My clothes are on the left side, out of view. True, it’s like playing Tetris trying to get everyone in there, but we fit comfortably and we love it!)

How To Make A Kid Cave

1. Cozy seating
I had a couple extra couch cushions so I placed them in each corner of my closet. Both are under shelves, so it’s a really cozy space.

2. Bag of books
I filled a bag with children’s Bibles and other reading materials so that they can sit down and have their quiet time just like mommy.

3. Lighting
The thing that made it extra special and fun for them is that I bought each of them (only two of my children tend to wake up early) a stick on light and placed it on the underside of the shelf above them. So they come in, sit down, turn on their own special light and grab a book.

4. Older siblings and audio Bibles
My youngest isn’t a reader yet, so either I read the Bible with him, one of his sisters read it or he listens to an audio Bible using my iPhone and the app You Version. You Version has free print and audio Bibles in many different versions.

Our Favorites

If you’re interested in creating a “kid cave” for your children, here are some of our favorite books and such.

Stick on lgihts – I used a different brand, but these are only $5 and have good reviews. (Wish I’d seen these earlier!)

Jesus Storybook Bible – This is my absolute favorite children’s story Bible. My son loves looking at the pictures and all my children enjoy reading it. The best thing about this particular version of it is that it comes with a 3 CD audio version. My 5 year old will listen to the audio while looking at the pictures. We also enjoy listening to the CD’s in the car.

The Picture Bible – this is another great Bible story book for all ages. It’s in comic format, so there are tons of pictures to look at, yet there are also all the main stories of the Bible.

Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions For Kids – this is a great, simple devotional for older childen (readers).

Your Kid Cave Ideas

Would your kids enjoy a “kid cave”?

How do you handle early risers? How can we make morning Bible Study time with early risers even more special and fun? I *know* how creative you all are! What are some of your ideas? Click here to join the discussion!

(FYI: The links in this post are affiliate links. Feel free to click them or just head straight to Amazon for the resources. But if you use the links, little elves will magically do your dishes while you nap. Ok, maybe not, but you will help support Inspired To Action and the HelloMornings Challenge. Thanks!)

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