How To Use Your iPhone To Manage Your Social Media Habit

By July 30, 2012Be Productive

Two Quick, Fun Announcements

Hi fantastic friends! Today, I have two fun announcements. First, the HelloMornings Challenge has partnered with Avodah coffee to bring you…HelloMornings Coffee! How fun is that?

My whole family participated in taste testing different blends. The kids were pretty excited that they got a have a couple sips of coffee. We hope you like the end result and that it’s a fun, daily inspiration for your HelloMornings.

You can read all about it and get your bag right here.

The second announcement is that the blog is getting a new look. Sometime this week, probably tomorrow, Erin from Design by Insight will be doing a little blog surgery, so if you find the site down, that’s why. I can’t wait to show you the gorgeous look she’s created.

Now…on with today’s post.

How To Use Your iPhone To Manage Your Social Media Habit

My Confession

I’ve been known to use my iPhone just a bit too much. Dr.’s offices, checkout lines and even at the park, I pull out my third arm iPhone and read the latest…whatever. Business articles, workout tips or what Facebook says my number 2 best friend from 4rd grade had for lunch last Tuesday.

But all that iPhone use hasn’t made me a millionaire, I’m not suddenly super fit, nor have I rekindled that deep 4rd grade friendship.

So, it’s time I own up to the fact that the iPhone isn’t gonna change my life. Only I can do that, so I need to stop wasting it…

But how to you break a habit? Being that I can’t (ok…don’t want to) just ditch my phone, I decided I needed a different plan and I came up with a pretty handy solution.

I made my iPhone….my accountability partner.

No really. Here’s how…

Use Folder Titles To Keep You Accountable

I put all my most used (and timewasting apps) into folders. Then I gave the folders titles that inspire me.

I want to build my life on a solid foundation and I want to create more than I consume. So I named my folders accordingly.

My folders are titled: Foundation, Create, Build and Consume. I’ll explain how I use them in a minute, but I want to share an important tip first.

Pick Titles That Inspire You

It’s crucial that you select titles that will work for you. Here are a few ideas:

Nap/Bedtime – place your Facebook and Pinterest apps here to remind you to not use these while the kids are awake.
6lbs in 6wks – Put your workout apps here to remind you of your goal.
Really…Again? – We can all use a little smacktalk.
Bad Idea – Honesty works.
You Can Do It! – Cheer yourself on when you open a workout app.

My Folders

Foundation – these are my most important things. This folder contains my Bible Reading, exercise, memory verse and daily routine apps.

Create – this is where I keep my writing app. I use AwesomeNote and sync it with Evernote.

Build – in this folders are apps I use to build relationships. Email, Facebook Groups and other such apps.

Consume – I have to remind myself that I am consuming. I don’t want to be a consumer, I want to be a creator, so it helps me to have the proper mindset when I open these apps. It encourages me not to simply read, but to share the good stuff with others.

The Result

It’s been about a week since I’ve implemented this idea and it has really impacted the way I use my phone. I am much more intentional. I create and connect more than I consume now, which is huge for me. We’ll see how it works long term, but so far – so good!

As technology plays a bigger and bigger role in our lives, we must learn to manage it. Do you struggle with it as well? What steps have you taken to keep it under control? Click here to join us in discussion!

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  • stacy buck says:

    Love the accountability idea. I have been leaving my personal phone at home so I can have integrity at work. Have I told u lately that I love your tips and tricks for a well ordered and inspired life??

    • Kat Lee says:

      And I love your camo pants. 😉 Looking forward to hearing you inspire at MamasWrite!

      • Kat Lee says:

        Ok, that sounded a lot more random than I meant for it to. Sheesh.

        Those of you reading this who don’t know Stacy, she wears super cool camo pants when she speaks (maybe not all the time, but at least every time I’ve heard her) and she brings it when she speaks. So inspiring.

  • Melissa says:

    Wow. I absolutely LOVE this idea. I am getting off the computer to do this right NOW. Thank you! xo Melissa

  • Melissa says:

    And, just out of curiosity…what apps are in your “Consume” folder? xo Melissa

  • Heather says:

    As a fellow addict, um I mean iPhone user, thank you for helping me keep the important important and usIng time on my phone effectively. Now to go start filing (and check out some of those apps u mentioned…seriously girl)

  • Katie says:

    This post is brilliant. If you feel like it, I would love it if you would like it up…it would be a perfect {good read} feature!

  • Hm, I think I might have to try this too! I just noticed that my iPhone’s case has worn spots around the edges… in the exact shape of my hand. Perhaps I’m on my phone a leeeetle too much. 🙂

  • Sandy says:

    After reading your post I just did this which is impressive for two reasons. One I am addicted to using my phone for Facebook and Pinterest so I labeled the file Time Wasters. Second, I was able to make a folder. The last time I needed to merely move the icons around I had to give the phone to my 5 year old so he could do it.

  • Jessica says:

    Great idea! I was thinking about confessing to my husband that I have an iPhone addiction. It really bothers me that I feel this need to check email/FB/blogs/whatever instead of playing and spending time with my precious boys. They are so much more important than that stinking phone!

  • Lisa says:

    Simply great suggestions! Thanks for sharing such practical ideas!

  • Samantha says:

    I love this post! I love it so much, I had to share it on facebook… I love the irony of sharing ideas for social media boundaries on FB, but what better place to share this than FB? ;0) I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months and it has really blessed me and most importantly, it has blessed my kids! Thank you for your constant encouragement to help me become a better mom.

  • Tori says:

    This has really challenged me to think about how I can use my phone better–thank you! Could you do a post (or series of posts) on these apps and how you use them in your life? I’m especially interested in Awesome Note, and FighterVerse. I pretty much never pay for an iPhone app, and the few times I have I have been pretty bad at using them consistently, so I’m debating on purchasing them…I really want to get blogging again and start memorizing verses–but should I buy these apps? I’m discouraged with my past of these tools not working I guess. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  • Nicole says:

    Love this, Kat! Thank you.

  • Katie says:

    Oh my, I love this post! I subscribe to several blogs, and this is so refreshing from the things I’ve been reading and researching lately. I, too, have been convicted about this–especially of being “present” when my child is around. Thank you for the great ideas & encouragement today.

  • Trina Holden says:

    I have had a holy terror of the day I acquire an iphone. I feel it will be a pandora’s box for me. But these tips make sooooo much sense. Maybe I will relent and get an iphone with my approaching update.

    Forgive my technical ignorance, but can you explain how you actually write on your phone? My husband’s phone has a ‘swipe’ thingy that drives me nuts. I really don’t see myself being able to create easily on my phone, another reason I’ve not taken the plunge. Yet it would be so handy if I could write on my phone! and all those apps sound awesome.

    Finally, the new blog design is wonderful. My favorite parts? It’s sooo tidy and organized, and I like that–appeals to the dutch in me.

    And your bio. Is hysterical. I hate writing bios but you have made it an art form. I want to write bios like you when I grow up. 😉

    • Kat Lee says:

      I usually just jot down ideas on my phone, but I do have a bluetooth keyboard and have done some writing on occasion with that. I do most of my writing, though, on my laptop or iPad. The writing app I use syncs with the others so I can edit and tweak on my iphone.

      So glad you like the new design. Tidy and clean – that’s what I love about it too. My grandma (on my dad’s side) was Dutch. 🙂

      Thanks for the bio encouragement. Those are the hardest things to write!

  • I’ve had my iPhone since April and I had no idea about the folders. Thanks for the tips! P.S. Pretty updates on the site. 🙂

  • Emi says:

    Wow. I was JUST seriously convicted on this issue two weeks ago. I realized it was not only distracting me from my girls, (only 22mos and a 3mos old) but actually effecting my attitude toward them – I would become impatient or reactive because they interrupted or I had to deal with a problem. So wrong! Such a problem. I was literally brought to tears at the realization. I have been limiting myself to times when I can be on my phone (nap time, before bed) but I found myself sliding back into habit just today. LOVE LOVE your ideas. Will really make me think twice before opening an app.

    I’m really new to your site, and I’m so inspired 🙂 a young mom, trying to start out right. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, experience and heart. I have been blessed.

  • Paige says:

    Screen shots of Create, Build, and Consume folders are really necessary please :o) I love to see what apps you are using. I had never heard of Fighter Verse for Scripture Memory. Thanks!

  • Ginny says:

    SO SMART. I immediately went and redid my iphone app organization. Its brilliant….THANK YOU!