10 Minutes To A Great Day

By July 27, 2012Be Productive

Everyone wants to have a great day, but how do we do it? Here is a simple recipe.

Step 1 (5 minutes): Read and Pray

Start off with time with Jesus. Read this and thank Him for the gifts in your life. Ask for wisdom as you look to the day ahead.

Step 2 (5 minutes): Decide What Great Looks Like

1. What would a successful day today look like? (cleaning out the closet, playing with your kids, finishing a project)

2. Pick one.

Imagine what would make you lay your head down at night thinking, “Wow. That was a great day.” You can probably make a long list of things that would take less than an hour or two.

Step 3: Go Do It

The entire day is ahead of you. Do the amazing and don’t get sidetracked by the mundane. Yes, it’s important to do dishes, but not at the expense of making memories with your children or doing something truly meaningful.

For every distraction that arises, ask yourself if it is more important than your goal. If the answer is no, it can wait.

Now, go be awesome!

What is ONE thing that would make today great for you? Click here to share and get started!

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