Vacation Photos, An Incredible Story and The Best Posts I’ve Read This Week

By June 22, 2012General

It’s Good To Be Home

As I mentioned in a post recently, our family just got back from a huge road trip. 18 days, 10 different overnight accommodations, 7 states, 4200 miles and 74 hours in the car. Our ultimate destination was to visit my fabulous sister-in-law, Diana, and her family in Reno, but we had many adventures along the way. I have so many stories to tell, so many things God taught me. I can’t wait to share them with you. Until then, here are a few pics…

An Incredible Story of Faithfulness

This story is simply amazing. I makes me think of Christa Wells song A Thousand Things. We never know all the ways our stories have affected others. What I like about this story is that just when you think it’s ending, it’s really just beginning.

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Words To Inspire You

These are some of my favorite posts from this week. I hope they encourage and inspire you.

Lark and Bloom – Throwback Thursday – God Doesn’t Triage
Ann Voskamp – 1 Step Towards Raising Happier Kids
Sally Clarkson – 5 Principles of Building a strong friendship with your children

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  • Avatar Heather says:

    That video. wow! it was already amazing before the reveal of the small French town. Watched with my boys and they thought it was wonderful as well. Thanks kat for a tragic story with a fabulous ending. Oh course thank you for letting us vicariously vacation with you through instagram!