Registration for the HelloMornings Challenge Summer Session Is Now Open!

By May 2, 2012General

We had a BLAST last night at the Live Chat. We had all kinds of technical difficulties, but the HelloMornings Team pulled it off and everyone who showed up filled up the chat screen.

One announcement we made is that the Summer Session registration is now open!

Click here to learn what’s different about this session of the HelloMornings Challenge and to register.

I’m also guest posting today over at I’m not a photographer, but I play one on blogs…and I’m kinda proud of the pic I took of my boy. My post is called “Leaving A Legacy One Grapefruit at A Time” click here to check it out and share your thoughts.

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  • Jane says:

    I AM OFFICIALLY TERRIFIED of this challenge and feel like I’m setting myself up for failure!! YET…I’m compelled to try! I have so many goals for things I’d like to do with our kids this summer, I can’t afford too many PJ days. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to do better!!

    • Jane, I’m actually terrified every single time even though I’ve been doing this since the first challenge. There really hasn’t been a week that I’ve been “successful” in waking up at my target wake up time, but I still think that I’ve been successful if I’m intentional. There are just somethings that are out of our control, like waking babies or crazy insomnia, etc. Have you read Sarah Mae’s Frumps to Pumps? Great motivation to get out of those PJs esp on days when we don’t feel like it (today for me…) and get moving with our day. I don’t mind a few PJ days here and there but the day really goes more smoothly when I’m up and ready to go, even if there’s no where to go…If that makes sense. :p You can do it, Jane!! P.S. Baby steps are great!

  • Colandra Shead says:

    I wasn’t really able to watch the live chat last night due to my computer freezing. I watched the recording this morning but it was still quite difficult to watch due to my computer freezing but I did get the main things. Will some please let me know where I can find all the links that were given out last night? I am looking forward to this summer challenge.

  • Esther T says:

    Frumps to Pumps is a good book. I like to wear earings, my reason to get dressed in the morning. I cut my hair so it was easier to take care of. Two thumbs up to Frumps to Pumps

  • Colandra Shead says:

    Thanks for your responce Joyce. I will try that and see if that helps the freezing. What I am looking for is the different websites that were given out during the Live Chat. I got several of them like and but I think there were several that I missed and want to see if they are listed somewhere?