Announcing the HelloMornings Study: Love Like Him

Update: You can download the Love Like Him Study by clicking here and the Focused15 study by clicking here. They will be available for free through Monday the 14th.

Note: We are having an issue with our download provider. We are looking into it and will update when the PDF’s are available again. Thanks for your patience!

We are thrilled to announce the summer HelloMornings Bible study!

Love Like Him: Learn to Love Like Jesus

If I write pretty things or say “amen” to a sermon but miss the love part played out in the messiest of relationships, then I miss everything…

…Jesus-like love births out of the difficult. It dies for those hurling insults. It prays for those who accuse us. It crucifies the self-life and esteems others higher…

…when His love begins to blossom in what should be desolate ground—desolate relationships—we see Jesus. We catch a glimpse of His pure and perfect love. –Love Like Him

Love Like Him is an 8-week Bible study on love which points us to Christ and what it looks like to live out His love in our own lives. Based on the method taught in the book Savoring Living Water: How to Have an Effective Quiet Time, we will walk through several places in Scripture together. This study is designed to teach you about the love of Christ, but it will also train you how to study the Bible on your own, along the way!

We hope you’ll join us this summer on this journey toward loving like Jesus.

The summer session starts on Monday, May 14th, and we already have over 760 (and counting!) joining in the early-morning fun! You can find more details about the challenge and register here to join us.

Other Options for the Summer Bible Study:

  • If you are already in the middle of a study or feel led to something different, you are welcome to continue in that. You don’t have to do the Love Like Him study to be a part of the HelloMornings challenge!
  • Many of you have been involved with HelloMornings for a while now, and have gone through many of the studies offered for the challenge. If so, you may be ready and waiting for a way to dig even deeper into the Bible. We’ve designed this summer challenge for you to use the Love Like Him study alongside of the Focused15: 1 Corinthians 13 study.

How do I know which study to choose?

  • If you are new to studying your Bible, trying to get into the routine of regular time in the Word, or are limited to only 10 minutes a day you’ll want to stick with the Love Like Him Bible study.
  • If you have a bit more experience with Bible study, are ready to learn how to dig deeper in to the study, and have more time than 10 minutes a day, then the Focused15 study on 1 Corinthians 13 will be a good fit for you. Focused15 will take you through the first 4 weeks of the summer challenge; then you can finish up with the rest of the group with weeks 5-8 of the Love Like Him study. (Side note: the Focused15 study is designed to be done in 15 minutes a day, with room to grow for those who have more time than that.)

Put even simpler:

  • Love Like Him is more of a “beginners” study.
  • Focused15 is more of an “intermediate” approach to studying your Bible.
  • Each of the studies “match” in that everyone will study the same passages each week, just at a different levels.

Cool, huh?!

FREE Bible Studies!!

For the next week (through May 14th), the PDF versions of both of these studies will be FREE, just for you!

Go here to download the Love Like Him study as a PDF.

Go here to download the Focused15: 1 Corinthians 13 study as a PDF.

Both of these studies are also available on Kindle, and will be on sale for 99 cents through next Tuesday.

Get Love Like Him for Kindle. Get Focused 15 for Kindle.


We can’t wait to dig into the Word with you this summer! What has been one of your favorite Bible studies you’ve done in the past? What are your study plans for the summer?


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  • Woohoo! Can’t wait to get started. Thanks Lara and Katie!

  • Avatar Larri says:

    So excited for next week! I’ll be tweeting using #HMCsm (HelloMorningsChallengeSummerMommas 🙂 ) and you’re welcome to join us.

    Thanks for putting together this great study, Lara and Katie! Truly looking forward to digging in the Word. Happy Wednesday! 🙂

  • Avatar Carol says:

    Oh I cannot wait to start this study. I have tried to download the PDF but it give me a message… Cart Error: Free Checkout will be available again on May 10, 2012 @ 00:00 MST…what am I doing wrong?


  • Avatar Melinda T says:

    I just tried downloading it too and I got the error message.

    • Melinda, there was a limit on the download. At the top of the post you can download the Love Like Him study as a PDF. Katie is working on getting the Focused15 as a link too. Hope it will be fixed soon.

    • Avatar Katie says:

      Hey Melinda. We didn’t realize there was a limit to the download link! We’ve added links at the top of the post which will take you directly to the studies.

      Let us know if you have any trouble with it!

  • Avatar Melinda T says:

    thanks! got it now!

  • Avatar Carol says:

    Thanks!! I got it 🙂

  • Avatar Shonda says:

    Wonderful. These look like great studies! Thank you for all your hard work!

  • Avatar Chelsey says:

    I am trying to get the Love Like Him study. Yesterday I tried and it said that free checkout would be available again May 10, now I’m trying today and it’s saying it will be available May 11! Not sure what’s going on 🙂

  • Avatar Joanna says:

    Oooh – I never thought to read it on my Kindle! That totally solves the “I can’t find where I stuck my papers” problem for me! Thank you 🙂