3 Things I am Learning About Exercise

My husband and I just started P90X yesterday. My abs are still a bit shaky and I can already feel my shoulders getting sore…but I did it.

Day 1. Done.

Only 89 more to go.

We have been wanting to do P90X for a while now, but the craziness that has been our life has not allowed it. Well, all that changed this past Saturday when my husband graduated from seminary with his Master of Divinity.

It has been four long years and my sweetie has worked SO incredibly hard—he even graduated with a 4.0!

So, P90X, here we come!

Some seasons allow. Some don’t.

While I am excited to be able to “bring it” to P90X, I know without a doubt that we could not have even attempted something like this until now. It was not realistic for me to find an hour to workout.

Alright, now it’s confession time. I’ve been getting up early for years now, and I have YET to incorporate exercise into my morning routine. You would think that getting up at 5:30 would be long enough for me to squeeze it in. But it has just not happened—for me. Either I wake up the kids, run out of time, or end up falling asleep if it involves laying on the ground.

I feel as if I have needed every moment of that precious morning time to connect with God through journalling and Bible study. So, I decided to just let it rest—this feeling that I should be able to do it all—and I now enjoy my morning time, just as it is.

Plus, trying to get this body moving out of my comfy morning chair is quite a struggle.

There is always something that can be done.

It seems as if things change so quickly with little ones—and that makes it hard for me to get into a good routine.

So, I’ve just tried to find what works—until it doesn’t.

There was a while there where the double stroller and I were great friends. I had my route, and we we walked it a few days a week. My two youngest enjoyed the free-ride, and it got my heart pumping.

For another stretch of months, I would run/walk one mile after dropping my son off from school. My husband has flexible hours, so he would stay at home a bit later in the mornings a couple days a week while I got in 10-15 minutes of cardio.

I’ve even tried to do sit-ups while I brush my teeth. (That one didn’t stick…)

Focus on desire, not longing.

I tend to envy those who are able run regularly, have a gym with childcare nearby, or can do a real pull-up. (Here’s looking at YOU Kat!) But that usually turns into a pity party of how if this or that were different, I would work out more.

Reality is, I do what I want to do.

If I want to work out, I will make it happen. If I don’t, well, I won’t. (And haven’t.)

My stage of life may one day be such that I can find a running buddy and train for a marathon. God may bring us to a town with a childcare-provided YMCA right around the corner. And, I am certainly hoping that I will soon be able to do a darn pull-up.

Instead of wasting time longing for what others have, I need to focus on what desire I do have to work out, and get moving!

What’s your story?

I am no expert at exercise. I am certain many of you are in much better shape than I am. These are just a few things I have stumbled upon along the way.

I’d love to hear about your journey toward incorporating exercise into your life.

Since the hubs and I will be doing this together, we plan to do our workouts together at night, but there may be some days we try it out while the kids are around. What tips do you have for incorporating your children into your workout? Let us know in the comments.

One thing’s for sure, trying to get a good family picture this past weekend MUST have burned some calories!!

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  • Kat says:

    That family pic is AWESOME!

  • Nicki says:

    LOVE the first family photo!

    Congrats to your family on Chris’ graduation. What a long journey for all of you. Proud of him.

  • Joy says:

    It nice to know that somebody else has the same exercise struggles. I started boxing was doing so good – everyday UNTIL i got sick. I am better now but haven’t touched the gloves and bag in 2+months. I so want that desire back. I lack discipline………

    • Katie Orr says:

      I’ve been there. It seems so hard to get up and get it done. Working out with my husband has made a big difference. On the nights where I might have forgotten, or decided to skip, he is there ready to go!

      Don’t beat yourself up over it. Sometimes we need to just rest.

  • Lindsay says:

    I love p90x! I’m a stay at home mom/beachbody coach and for me, an at home fitness routine is key. It takes away all my excuses! I get up at 5 am and workout before anyone gets up. I’ve been doing Turbofire but am starting Insanity Tuesday! The problem with an at home program is that it lacks accountability and support but that is where a coach comes in… To be on the journey with you! If you need any help, friend me on Facebook and send me a message…I’d live to help you reach your goals…www.facebook.com/lindsayphillipsfitnessmom

  • Love this. I hear you on doing what you really ‘want’ to do. I have found that I have to have external motivators because if it is just because I think it is a good idea, I don’t follow through. Back in 2004 (yes, EIGHT long years ago), I was in good shape because I followed a training schedule to get ready for a 60 mile charity event. Since then – like you, I have found little things here and there, like playing volleyball with my sister, or attempting to do a DVD program. Nothing sticks because it is still just a nice idea and there is no ‘need’ felt by me. Oh, I get that I need it to stay healthy and I’d love to drop about 30 pounds, but it isn’t enough of a motivator for me. SO, on Monday I just signed up to run a 5k in September. I’m raising money for a charity I love and I WILL do this because now I feel that I HAVE to. That is what works for me. 🙂

    • Katie Orr says:

      Fun! I’ve heard having a goal, like a 5K is a great motivator. I think it would be fun to have a group of friends to train with, too.

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Kris says:

    Congrats to you! And I love the family pic too 🙂 I started incorporating exercise the same way I started waking up early…little by little. We purchased an eliptical machine and I started with 10 minutes…then 15 minutes…then 20. I’m up early enough to do 30 minutes in the morning. I also started doing P90x too and then only way I can do that without being interrupted by the kids is to get up super early to get in the full workout. I’ve been doing this since Jan 1 and I’m proud to say that not only am I 15 pounds lighter, but it’s now a habit! Good Luck and keep it up. (PS the fitness board on Pinterest was a huge motivator for me also)

    • Katie Orr says:

      Great job!

      One of these days I’ll get my exercise in, in the morning! So far, working out at night has been fun, but both of us are wired after we are done, so it makes it hard to get to bed on time.

      I would like to look into the 10 minute P90X version for when we are done. I think that will be doable in the morning.

  • Lori says:

    Thanks for this!

    I recently stopped doing Power 90, because I just didn’t like it. I tried. I gave it about a month. But I dreaded every workout, and found it hard to get up because of that.

    I went back, this week, to my usual exercise, which is doing one of Leslie Sansone’s in-home walking DVDs while I listen to an audiobook or podcast. I do want to incorporate more strength work, so instead of changing my entire workout routine, I’m just alternating days where I do a three mile walk with days where I do a two mile walk and fifteen minutes of the strength exercises I learned and liked from Power 90. I really like being able to get moving in the morning without having to leave my house, and having a workout that requires no thought so I can just listen to something and let my mind focus on that.

    Right now, I just want to be moving enough to pick up my mood, give me energy, and provide some health benefits. Walking does that, and so I’m not going to worry right now about all the other stuff I could be doing, workout-wise, or bemoan the fact that I can’t run a marathon or that I stink at push-ups or that my abs totally show that I had a baby nine months ago. The good-enough exercise I’ll actually do is better than the perfect workout I’m not doing.

    • Katie Orr says:

      Sounds like you have a great grasp on WHY you are exercizing! I think even getting in shape can become a distraction and an “idol” in our lives. It can becomes less about taking care of ourselves, to be a good steward of what we’ve been given, as well as to benefit our family, and more about our image.

      I love the sense of freedom it seems you have, to do what works for you!

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Donna says:

    I loved this article, so often I would feel guilty for not taking time to excersise! The reality is, as you know, being a mom of three is demanding, being in the ministry can be just as demanding, and there are seasons when often times we just fall into bed and wonder where the day went! I’ve always tried to lead a healthy lifestyle and teach my kids proper nutrition, but finding time for excersise has been a struggle!

    Three weeks ago, something clicked and I just wanted to make excersising work! I am a much more easy going person when I work out! So here has been my plan and so far it has been working wonderfully, we will see how summer goes, because summers for us are crazy! A couple days a week my husband takes all three kids with him when doing the morning school drop off, and that gives me close to and hour to do my three mile run/walk/collaps! On Tuesdays and Thursdays, when my two oldest are in school, I have one of my homeschooled teens come and watch my youngest and I go to a Zumba class I signed up for! That has been fun and gets me sweating! On the other days I try and throw Ian and Violette into the bike carrier and I ride my bike to the park! Somedays I just try and play a good game of tag with my son in the back yard! Anything to get me moving! In the evenings my husband and I do a 4 minute workout (on my Pinterest, under health) together, this kicks our butt- literally! I try and add in some sit ups and squats where I can! So that’s our plan of action!

    Thanks for your encouragement! Let’s keep it up! :). God bless!

    • Donna – I’d love to see the 4 minute workout, but not sure how to find you on Pinterest. Help?! 🙂

      • Donna says:

        I think if you just type in 4 minute work out, it should pop up, it’s a video with a girl in pink shorts and a trainer with dark hair! It totally gets your heart rate going!

  • Katie says:

    Hello! I just started HelloMornings this week for the very first time!

    Regarding exercise…here is a bit of my story. 75 weeks ago, three friends and I committed to holding each other accountable for 5 workouts a week, 15 minutes each (now our workouts average 30-45 minutes but we wanted to keep it do-able, especially at the beginning). Two of the girls have had pregnancies in there so they took time outs when they needed them, but we have been going strong every since December 2010. (and I have never missed a workout in those 75 weeks!) Sometimes we workout together, sometimes we workout solo. http://theterpblog.blogspot.com/2011/11/52-weeks-later.html

    Last weekend I completed my first 25K race – I was NOT a runner before we started this workout challenge. We have also tried just about every form of exercise under the sun in the name of community, fun, and saying YES. http://theterpblog.blogspot.com/2012/05/running-with-gratitude-25k.html

    I feel incredible now – healthy, strong, whole. Exercise is no longer a chore. I feel empowered. I feel part of an amazing community of women. I feel grateful and blessed.

    On finding time…the biggest key is just to do it. No excuses. I do early morning workouts once or twice a week and fit the rest in during the different parts of the day depending on what we’ve got going on. I have three kiddos, 7, 5 & 2, a part-time job, and a hubby who works long hours. http://theterpblog.blogspot.com/2012/04/on-finding-time.html

    I included some links in case you want to read more. I love sharing our story!

    • Thanks for sharing, Katie. I really wanted to be a runner, but my knee doesn’t let me. I have come to terms with that, but still need motivation to keep moving and walking. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ll have to stop by your blog on how you find time. 🙂 Welcome to your first HMC!

    • Katie Orr says:


      A great testimony to the power of accountability and determination. It really does make a difference to be “in” it with others.

  • linda says:

    I am waiting for my P90x to arrive in a couple of days! I am excited to get started- though I know it will be very tough. I think I have finally figured out that if I don’t get up early and do it,it will never happen…

    Good Luck and Congratulations on your husband’s graduation!

    • Katie Orr says:

      Did you get your package yet? Have you started it? We started week 2 today, and I noticed a big difference in going through the first workout. I still can’t do many of those moves (under the fence!!) but my endurance is already better. I might even attempt a REAL pull up next week…we’ll see. 🙂

      • linda says:

        I got my P90x last Thursday and started that day. So far the only day I didn’t do was Yoga on Sunday. Did you do that and what did you think? I heard it’s a pretty long video. The first day I did back and chest and as I was “trying” to do it I thought ” I don’t really feel it in my back and chest”. Five hours later….. I felt it alright… I could hardly get my bra unhooked. LOL! The next day was Plyometrics… It’s really hard to describe that video, except that by the end of that day my lower body was as sore as my top half! My set came with a resistance band and I tried to use it the first couple of times but I switched to free weights. I was having a hard time getting the correct form and resistance with the bands. I also did the pull ups with a chair… Amazing how much difference the chair makes… And I did the push ups on my knees… So my goal is to be able to do pull ups with no chair and regular push ups. What do you think of AbRipperX? Those people on the video must have abs of steel….. (seated crunchy frog???)

  • Kari says:

    I was so excited when I started reading this message because I just did day 90 of P90X yesterday. It was awesome and you can totally do it. I have 3 kids at home (5, 3 and 10 months) and I was struggling with finding a time to workout, but it’s like you said it was only a struggle because it wasn’t something I really wanted to do. I didn’t want to have to sacrifice other things in order to have the time for it. I finally realized that was my problem and I chose to do my workouts during nap time. I know, I gave up the precious nap time, but that was really the most realistic time for me. Although, it didn’t always work out as one or more of my kids would have a tough time sleeping on some days. So, my kids have quite often joined me in my workouts and yesterday I was doing the downward dog during yoga with the littlest crawling underneath me. 🙂 It has been great to have my kids keep me accountable and asking me when I’m going to do my workout and they try to do some of the moves with me. When they are awake I try to have an activity of some sort (most often computer games which isn’t ideal, but it works) and I try to remember that I can just pause it if I need to get them busy with something else while I finish. Good luck and stick with it. I’m going to take a couple of weeks off, but can’t wait to start it again.

  • Emily says:

    I’ve been running for almost ten years now (TEN!) and I get up before the kids and head out… but I’m lucky that my kids are late sleepers (7:30 or 8) and my husband doesn’t leave for work until closer to 9. But that’s not the point; the point is that I have found a quiet run is a great way to meditate to start the day – I sometimes spend the entire 40 minutes in prayer and listening to worship music on my iPod and it’s a really really refreshing way to start the day. I like to think of it as getting two things done at once – exercise and spending time with God! Love you, Katie!!

  • I’m doing INSANITY. IT’s really hard but I finished week 6. I haven’t started week 7 yet tho because my cat Catherine died on Monday. It’s been very hard to handle it all. I’ve been in tears ever since and I can’t even prioritize exercising.

    I’m in too much emotional pain and I feel like God doesn’t care about it.

    • Katie Orr says:

      Give yourself some grace, Michelle! We all hit rough seasons. You’ll get back to it when you can.

      Cast ALL your cares on Him, because He cares for you! 1 Peter 5:7

  • Tina says:

    Good for you Katie! My husband is on his last week of his 2nd round of P90X. We started with together but I had a knee injury and had to stop… P90X is no “walk in the park” work out, but just keep showing up and pressing play! YOU CAN DO IT!!! As Tony says it “Do your best, and forget the rest!”… I totally agree with you that incorporating exercise is our life is a choice. Since my injury, I’ve been slowly starting to work out again… I’m now doing the Ten Minute Trainer (also from BeachBody). There’s no excuse!! Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we MUST take care of it. (I Cor 6:19-20).

  • Kristi says:

    I’ve just recently gotten serious about exercising in a way that is functional for me…without guilt. I have a 20 month old and am in my third trimester with baby #2, so time and energy are limited. I make it my goal to do 20-30 minutes a day. I either rotate between a prenatal workout video (I love Summer Sander’s prenatal workout…it’s pretty intense) or I do yoga or (like today) I clean the house adn work up a sweat that way.

    Grace and peace to you all!

  • Amy Martin says:

    Congratulations on your husband finishing seminary – that is no easy task! My husband graduated from seminary in 2006 and I was always so amazed at how much he had to read. That’s pretty amazing your hubby graduated with a 4.0!!

    That’s great that you are making an effort to incorporate exercise into your routine. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel and how much energy you’ll have. It’s definitely hard to find the time when you have little ones at home. I have two and are hoping to have another soon. I’m lucky that my husband doesn’t leave early in the morning, so I’m able to make time for exercise. I’ve been the opposite of you in the past – I always made time for exercise first thing in the morning but not time with God. Since doing Hello Mornings in the winter, I’m putting my QT with God first and then exercise. I just get up earlier now!! I love to do workout videos at home, go to the gym sometimes, and run outside. Good luck with P90X!

    • Katie Orr says:

      You know, I’ve heard that over and over, how your energy levels will go UP with consistent exercise. I’ve not REALLY experienced it, until now.

      I feel like it is so much easier to get out of bed in the mornings, and that I sleep much better. Most of the day I feel really good, with loads of energy. I do find that I have an afternoon slump. Not sure if it is diet related, or what.

  • Michelle says:

    Katie, thanks for your encouragement! I enjoyed reading this post. I feel I can relate in so many ways (including the part about your husband finishing up seminary…we are headed into our internship in July…and then GRADUATION in 2013…CANNOT WAIT. I rejoice with you in that accomplishment as a FAMILY. Congrats!) I am struggling to purpose time to exercise…it’s nice to know that my double-stroller in this season of my life is good enough. I’m healthy and I’m moving…all that matters, right?? (I just need to lay off of those ice cream bars…LOL)

    • Katie Orr says:

      “I’m healthy and I’m moving…all that matters, right??” absolutely! Hehehe.

      I think we get so caught up in what others do, that we feel our way needs to look like theirs!

  • Kristy says:

    You are in my stomping grounds! I go there to Lifeway all the time!

    I have gone thru phases of routines over my years…presently, I run a few times a week, in the evenings when my hubby is home with the kids. I just finished a semester of college, so I have WAY more free time than usual, so I may move my runs to mornings, since I think it is so much prettier than evenings!

    • Katie Orr says:

      Kristy! I saw your tweet while we were there, but I didn’t realize you were that close to NOBTS! I just assumed you were somewhere near New Orleans. Our time there was crazy, but it would have been fun to catch coffee. Maybe next time. 🙂

  • Tammy says:

    What great inspiration from everyone! Love the family “portraits”!! My husband and I moved our treadmill to the basement so that I could be on it while waiting for laundry to dry. Of course the piles of laundry in the basement are proof that I haven’t been exercising much, but I’m determined to get back to it, AND the laundry! I do keep a mini-trampoline against the wall in our dining room and grab it to do a few minutes here and there in the kitchen of all places. We have a TV in there that keeps me going (I need entertainment of some kind :D) and I can keep an eye on the kids while they’re in the family room. And if I’m exercising in there, I’m not mindlessly eating food while the kids are in the family room! Great to hear everyone else’s stories for a boost! Agree with Lori about the “perfect” workout. I tend to be gung-ho/perfectionistic for a time and burn myself out, so, slow and steady seem to work a bit better for me too. Slower results, but I stick with it longer. I also recommend the soft hand weights with straps for a little strengthening while on the trampoline. I use low weight so it doesn’t stress my shoulders/back/joints and they’re so comfortable to use. Thanks all!

    • Katie Orr says:

      I’ve thought of doing something like that, but our current place won’t really allow for it, unless we were to put it in the garage. I love to multi-task, so if I can get in some good podcast listening, while I work out, I am more motivated to keep going!

  • Caroline says:

    Congrats to your husband, Katie! And congrats to both of you for doing this together.

    Before we had kids, my husband and I ran, biked, and swam together. Exercise is a GREAT way to spend quality time together.

    I’m not in the shape I want to be in yet after having kids, but I’m getting there. As for incorporating kids, we either let our kids see us exercise (bicep curls while they play in the living room, etc.) or exercise WITH them! Toddlers and above can mimic some movements… walk together… or, as is my son’s current favorite, toddler bench press! We hold him (carefully) and bench press him! He giggles the entire time.

    Have fun doing P90X with your husband!

    • Katie Orr says:

      Sweet boy. I’m sure he loves it!

      Chris does that with the kids sometimes, and they get a kick out of it. Then they look at me, and ask me to do it!. Um, no!

  • stacy buck says:

    girl. PX90 was was too long for me. Husband and I started doing cross fit about 3 years ago (my 3rd child was 5mo old). We bought some equipment (pull-up bars, kettle bells, bumper plates) and we workout at 8:00pm in our garage. We’ve invited other couples to join us! The workout I’m doing in the morning with some girlfriends is 20 min AMRAP (as many rounds possible) of 10 push press, 10 box jumps, 10 kettle bell swings. I promise we will be laid out on the concrete panting like dogs when we are done. Another fun workout if you don’t have an hour for px90 is 15 min AMRAP of 5pushups, 10 sit-ups and 15 squats – get your kids to do this with you. Community has been key to our success – plus working out with Husband keeps our interest the same…our dreams dreaming, our flirting on going and the TV off! We include our kids as often as possible or run them through our workouts but earlier in the day…they love it. http://www.crossfit.com

  • Tammy says:

    Forgot to mention exercise with the kids! Our kids LOVE the mini tramp when I’m not on it and they also love to do “yoga” on their mats while I’m doing floor exercises of any kind. (They think all exercises done on the floor are yoga.) We do have a kid yoga DVD that I do with them sometimes, but they tend to do their own moves. They also like “exercising” on one of my balance balls while I’m using the other one, and they love turning on loud(ish), “fast music” that we dance around the living room to. (We just find music on the computer.) Another thing I like to do with them is go hiking at the park. I take them up and down several big hills that they think are a great adventure, while I get in a bit of a workout. The park days often end in all of us playing tag on the little, empty ampitheater stage there. Wading in creeks is also something we do that is more difficult than it sounds- 😀 Good balance practice!

  • Lorraine says:

    I am a stay at home mom that personal trained at Gold’s Gym up until I was six months pregnant with my 4th child who is now 8 months old. (Also a Beachbody coach.) Staying in shape is a mindset. We need to remember that we were made to move. Our society has become so dependent on the comforts that make life easier. Since we do not need to go hunt for food, build shelter, work hard physically from sun up to sun down for survival our bodies become not-so-lean. On top of that we are eating processed, easy to fix foods. We need to keep it simple – eat whole fresh foods and incorporate movement every single day. I have started to post videos on YouTube of workouts I do with my two littlest with me. My channel is HealthOfIt if anyone is interested. Please “like” and share if you like them 🙂 God bless all of you wonderful ladies for working towards a healthier you and teaching your children to do the same. http://youtu.be/LDaaO1USeoM and http://youtu.be/P64Dw7kHuRc

  • Michelle says:

    I’ve actually been working on total wellness…and the exercise is the final part – I’ll be writing about it this week, but it has been quite a challenge. I was humbled though today…I had been posting about my fitness challenge, making myself very vulnerable…no one wants to admit how sick they’ve been or for how long. Mine was a combination of health issues, grief, and depression. But today, a friend posted on my FB: “Michelle, you have inspired me these last couple of weeks! I am joining today because of your posts! My gym experience begins!” And I’ll I’ve been doing is a morning mile as part of my morning routine (which includes a green smoothie and organic supplement!).

    • Katie Orr says:

      I’ve found that the Lord uses the posts where I am most vulnerable more than the “how-tos” etc. I think we all want to know that we are NORMAL, or at least, not alone in our struggles.

      I’ve struggled with depression as well, and WOW the more I share about it, the more I realize that there are MANY women out there struggling as well…but it is just not talked about much, especially in Christian circles.

      Keep sharing your story! God IS using it!

  • tiffany says:

    I have worked in daily exercise for about a year and a half now….but it wasn’t easy. I battled with fatigue, mild depression and anxiety and laziness. It was a struggle for a long time.

    But I had to face the fact that I was not caring for myself. It was so easy to care for everyone else…but me? That seemed selfish. At first.

    Now I get it in. No matter what. I have two kids at home with me. No gym membership. But I make it work. It takes time to develop a habit of exercise, much like it takes time to develop the discipline of being in God’s word every day. Patience and a little grace is needed…but you make it work. Good for you for starting P90X. It is a tough program, but really great! Keep it up and don’t give up.

  • Magen says:

    I’m in that phase where I am not choosing to seek out routine exercise. My husband’s in law school, I’m involved at my daughters school and I work part-time. It’s too much to think about adding more. But I do make a large effort to eat well and stay active with the kids. Also, when the weather is nice here in Oregon I try to bike us around everywhere which really helps!

    • Magen, I totally know where you’re at. I try to incorporate “exercise” into my day, but I haven’t been able to do a long stretch of anything (mostly lazy)…squats when I brush my teeth, crunches while I wait for the laptop to boot up, push ups and stretches throughout the day….picking up kids is like lifting weights right? 😉 Okay, not really, but I try to remember to just keep moving…taking walks to mail the mail, walking to pick up Daddy at the train station, parking far from the store entrance and walking there, just keep on walking. :p Eating well is a huge part of it too. 🙂

    • Tammy says:

      Hey Magen! I just clicked on your picture for some reason (rarely do this, so, I think it was meant to be) and found your site! I so love your plan for summer with your girls-to remember what it was like to be a kid and do those things with yours. To put away being “the grownup”. That’s totally helped me change my perspective about summer! “Aha!” I was looking forward to, and dreading summer at the same time, hoping to actually get out and do things with the kids this time around. I tend to want to find a way to stay indoors in extreme weather conditions (I am Goldilocks-not too hot, not too cold-just right). So, I have to push myself to get out, and I am forever the responsible grownup (even with “fun”) – but reading your web post has honestly shifted my perspective in minutes-AND I’ll get more exercise that way (back to that)! 😀 Thank you!

      • Magen says:

        Oh Tammy, your welcome! I’m so excited to hear that the post was helpful (totally makes blogging worth it)! I’m really excited about our summer plans and hope others join me. I’m going to be posting more planning sessions very soon so I hope you join us. Yea for summer and being active!

        Also, I totally get the extreme weather condition thing. That’s why I love Oregon…I plan on exploring in the morning when it’s cooler and playing at the pool in the afternoons.

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  • Tammy says:

    Thanks so much for taking time to reply, Magen! This is the first site that I’ve ever made comments on, so, I feel a little conspicuous about it. 🙂 I tend to “go on” when I’m passionate about something.. :/

    I have been looking for the ideal weather state-maybe I should look into Oregon! 😀 I love Ohio, but, the weather is very unpredictable and tends to be extreme. At least fall and spring are usually “just right” for getting outside. Well, I’ll enjoying peeking into your summer and getting inspiration! (And possibly making long comments. :/) I have high hopes that the HelloMornings Challenge will help me get our days started early this summer! Thanks again!

  • Esther says:

    Other than just keep pressing play, as tony says, the biggest factor to successfully finishing p90x (or any workout program) is doing it with or sharing accountability with someone, especially your husband because you can get on the same schedule and enjoy together the benefits of your hard work! :). Like others who have commented, my kids love doing the workouts, and it cracks me up to see them attempting some of the moves! Of course I have to smile at Tony’s “stay in the moment” comment on yoga x. Of course we moms are multitasking or herding kids at the same time! Have fun!

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