Your 15 Minute Transformation

What if you spent 15 minutes with Ann Voskamp every day for one whole month? Just a quick coffee and chat about your favorite things?

What if you followed that with a 15 minute chat with Jillian Michaels? Every day for one month.

How do you think those simple conversations would affect you?

I guarantee you’d have a keener eye for the gifts in your life and you’d put up a stronger fight against that last piece of cheesecake.

Why? Because passion and focus are contagious. Ann is passionate about gratitude. Jillian is passionate about fitness. And when you spend one on one time with someone, when you listen to them and share with them you can’t help but be transformed.

The Lowest Point In My Life

My very first real job crushed me. It required me to work one on one with my boss and I knew from the first week that I did not measure up to expectations. I was constantly corrected. Every meeting involved a little notebook where every wrong thing I did or said was written down. I didn’t have any other peers at that job, so the only input I had was that of my boss.

By the end of that job, my self esteem was lower than it had ever been in my entire life. I was convinced I couldn’t do anything right. The daily negative input from one person crushed me.

How My Dream Job Changed Me

Not long after that, I started working at KSBJ Radio in Houston, Texas. (The best job I could have ever even dreamed of…I love that place!) I was given more and more responsibility until my boss, Tim McDermott, decided that I should start a new offspring company for the station. I had no experience starting a new business, but he gave me the keys and let me drive.

After spending a few years at KSBJ, surrounded by people who believed in me, my perception of my working abilities was absolutely transformed.

What’s Your Soundtrack?

Friends, who do you listen to? Who do you spend time with? What is the soundtrack that plays in your life? There may be seasons in your life when you’re surrounded by wonderful people who lift you up or there may be seasons when you are surrounded by hurting people who bring you down.

I’m A Matchmaker

I spend hours and hours of time on this blog. I don’t to it to make money. I don’t do it to build a “brand.”

I do it because I’m a matchmaker. I know Someone who is perfect for you. He adores you. He knows all about you and is the fulfillment of every need of your heart.

And He wants to spend some time with you.

Can I encourage you…no…can I BEG you to know and be known by the One who wants you to succeed more than anyone else? The One who has plans for you and a hope and a future for you? The One who wants to tell you the EXACT things you need to hear?

If a 15 minute daily conversation with Ann would leave you more grateful, if 15 minutes a day with Jillian would leave you more fit, how truly and deeply will you be transformed by 15 minutes with the God who pieced you together perfectly with a specific plan and purpose for this very day in your life?

Put it on the calendar. A 15 minute coffee date with God.

Listen to what He has to say and let the transformation begin.

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